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Finally, VR without an annoying headset – Dimenco SR-Pro-Display

Finally, VR without an annoying headset – Dimenco SR-Pro-Display

Dimenco has brought a display onto the market with which virtual reality should finally be possible without an annoying headset. A practical and innovative solution for all gamers and designers. After all, Dimenco was also able to win a CES 2022 Innovation Award in the “Virtual and Augmented Reality” category with this display.

What the display can do

With the SR-Pro, Dimenco wants to visualize every spatial form like never before and without VR glasses or a headset. The new light field display, therefore, has the following features:

It has a size of 32 inches and a resolution of up to 8K. For the first time, 3D visuals should be able to be displayed extremely realistically and with an incredible amount of depth on a screen.

Breakthrough Technologies

The display works with eye-tracking technology, which enables a view of the object from all angles and without any additional wearables. Furthermore, by aligning the grooves in the so-called liquid crystal lens technology, you can easily switch back and forth between 2D and 3D views.

Finally, VR without an annoying headset - Dimenco SR-Pro-Display

Quality has its price

In addition to the extraordinary 3D view, the model also has a modern but simple design. The housing is made of lightly brushed solid aluminum, which creates a slight mirror effect and thus blends in well with the surroundings.

The Dimenco SR Pro display is currently available from Dimenco for a whopping USD 10455 or USD 12234. The model is definitely not a bargain, but it could make the world a little (or at least a big) bit more beautiful for one or the other gamer. After all, it’s worth a lot if you don’t have to wear oversized glasses on your head all the time.

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