iPhone 14 only with eSIM. Apple gave up the SIM slot in one market

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iPhone 14 has a slot for a physical SIM card and supports eSIM. This is the case in most markets. However, in one country, Apple decided to abandon the older solution and deprived it of support for new iOS phones. This is the United States, where iPhone 14 only supports eSIM.

Apple presented four smartphones from the iPhone 14 series during a special conference held on Wednesday. The company, along with new models of iOS phones, decided to make a rather bold decision. This is the resignation from the slot for the physical SIM card.

Apple decided to make such a move in the United States. As a result, iPhone 14 smartphones from the local distribution will not have a SIM card slot and will only support eSIM. However, this only applies to phones for this specific market. All others will support both solutions.

Apple introduced eSIM support to iPhones a few years ago. This came with the launch of the Xs and Xs Max models. It is very possible that the company will go a step further next year and start giving up the SIM card slot in other markets. This may already be the case with next year’s iPhone 15.

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