Lighter but more expensive – the new models of the PS5

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The manufacturer Sony has now released a lighter version of the PS5 for the second time, which was launched in 2020 and is one of the most popular game consoles in the world.

As easy as never before

The PS5 was released for the first time at 4.5 kg in the Disc Drive Edition and 3.9 kg in the Digital Edition, making it one of the largest and heaviest game consoles ever. However, the new models are said to be around 13% lighter than the original.

A second try

The two models of the PS5 were already released in a lighter version in 2021. The Disc Edition weighed 4.2 kg, and the Digital Edition weighed 3.6 kg. The 2021 versions, as well as the new ones, first appeared in stores in Australia. Therefore, they should already be available with the appropriate manuals, in which they are listed with a weight of 3.9 kg for the disc edition and 3.4 kg for the digital edition.

Lighter but more expensive - the new models of the PS5

Not just benefits

Unfortunately, the news about the PS5 isn’t all positive. According to the manufacturers, the PS5 is expected to be up to 13% more expensive. This depends on the country, and it is likely due to inflation. Interestingly, no price increase is known for the USAInstead, Europe, Japan, and China will probably be hit the hardest.

Despite the price increase, we are happy about the new, lighter models. 

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