Luxury at the highest level – The new Lincoln L100

Luxury at the highest level - The new Lincoln L100

On Thursday, August 18, 2022, Lincoln released the concept of the new L100 model. The new concept car aims to take luxury to a whole other level.

Far from reality

The L100 serves as a pure concept vehicle that was proudly displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The design of the car is inspired by the 1922 Design L, but not much of that remains today. With its futuristic look and features, such as rear-opening doors or the modern glass roof, the Lincoln L100 is only a model for the time being, but this could become a reality in the future. The only question is how well the electric car will be received in society. After all, a car without a steering wheel is not for everyone.

Luxury at the highest level - The new Lincoln L100
The futuristic interior

A design from the future

The design of the L100 definitely takes some getting used to, but it’s still totally exciting. It features rear-opening doors, as well as a glass roof that rises to make it easier to get in and out. The steering wheel and pedals are not included. Instead, there is a miniature model of the car, Lincoln calls it a chess piece, that sits on a modern-day screen (the chess board). The vehicle can be steered and stopped via this console.

Exceptional equipment

The entire interior is equipped with lighting elements, and even the floor is digital. The two rows of seats can be adjusted so that either both passengers face forward in a classic way, and the front seat can be turned around for optimal face-to-face conversations. The car looks just as special from the outside as it does from the inside, with a slightly more realistic design. The whole car is long and low, and the surface of the body panels is particularly flat. Lincoln kept it simple and avoided a lot of frills.

The exterior design comes into its own in this picture:

Luxury at the highest level - The new Lincoln L100

The question now naturally arises as to when the implementation of such a design will be possible. Some features will probably not be available in the next few years. Still, for Lincoln, we hope the L100 will resonate with society. After all, this is about our future.

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