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More desk space: The new gaming monitors from Dell

More desk space: The new gaming monitors from Dell

The Dell brand will launch two new Alienware gaming monitors this fall. Once the AW2723DF and the AW2523HF.

One idea, two models

Both monitors should be a good investment for all gamers who want to expand their setup. They look not only good thanks to their sleek, modern design but also offer additional storage space for the headset that would otherwise be lying around somewhere on the table between the keyboard and gaming mouse. Now it can be stowed on a retractable hanger attached to the monitor. However, the monitors have a lot more up their sleeves than a simple hanger.

Alienware 25

The AW2523HF is specially designed for e-sports. It is a 24.5-inch IPS monitor that offers 99 percent sRGB coverage for a special color experience and HDR10 support. The display has a refresh rate of 360 Hz. The whole stands on a futuristic-looking 6-edged base.

More desk space: The new gaming monitors from Dell

Alien ware 27

The second model is the AW2723DF. Its display is 27 inches with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 and AlienFX lighting. The stand that holds the display is height and tilt adjustable and features Alienware’s Lunar Light design.

More desk space: The new gaming monitors from Dell

The hook isn’t everything

Both models have a hook that you can use to hang up your headphones. At first glance, this does not seem to be a special invention. However, up to now, hardly any manufacturers have come up with the idea of ​​tinkering with a hanger on their monitors. That’s why Dell wants to emphasize this feature and is quite proud of it. Nevertheless, when buying monitors, you should also focus more closely on the rest of the equipment. After all, these two models also have much more to offer.

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