The new version of Android Auto is now available. Introducing a new look

The new version of Android Auto is now available. Introduces a new look

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If you haven’t gotten into the beta version of Android Auto’s new Coolwalk interface, don’t worry. Google is “rolling out” a new version of the application, which means that you will either already or soon see it in your cars.

The debut of the new Android Auto interface called “Coolwalk” has been dragging on for several months now. We recently informed you about the ongoing beta testing, so some of you may have already tested it (with some subtle changes), but now it looks like testing is over.

The new version of Android Auto marked with the number 8.5 is already available for download on the new phones. Recall that the main novelty here is the new interface, presented above. The main novelty is that it has been divided into two parts – on one we see navigation, and on the other, there are other applications or the music player.

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