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Next-level audio recordings with Maono dynamic mic

Next-level audio recordings with Maono dynamic mic

Soon, the Maono brand will launch a brand new dynamic microphone, the MAONO PD400X. It promises particularly good audio quality and wants to optimally meet the needs of content creators and streamers.

Exceptional quality for every voice application

The PD400X promises an exceptionally good sound quality. From live streams to podcasts to professional vocal recordings: Thanks to the dynamic capsule, the microphone can pick up the smallest details and gives the recording sufficient depth.

A microphone that listens

The narrow cardioid characteristic ensures that background noise is optimally suppressed. With the high-pass filter switch, annoying noises can be further reduced. Edit the sound again in the appropriate app to achieve the ideal result for you. This puts your own voice in the limelight.

Convenient and fast operation

With the 3-in-1 digital button, you can operate the microphone quickly and easily. It makes settings like gain and monitor mix a breeze. Unmissable: Just above the main button is a mute button. Very handy when you need to be quick because muting only requires a tap of your finger. The current status is indicated by a small light.

Flexible thanks to dual mode

The PD400X has USB-C and XLR connections at the same time. If you want to connect to an audio interface or other audio devices, you can use XLR. With USB, you connect the microphone to other systems or devices such as a PC, mobile phone, or iPad. mono pd400x

Easy editing via the app

In the Maono Link desktop app, you can tweak your results by adjusting things like EQ, tone, and limiters. This is a quick and easy way to get the audio you want.

Product video for the MAONO PD400X

Maono’s new microphone not only looks good, but it also performs great too. Any streamer or podcaster should definitely consider buying this mic. For those of you still looking for the right chair to complete your streaming gear, check out our top 10 gaming chairs.

The MAONO PD400X can currently only be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

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