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Nissan Sakura: Mini electric car for 12,000 euros

Nissan Sakura: Mini electric car for 12,000 euros

Nissan launches the cheapest electric car on the market. The mini electric car has a range of 180 kilometers and costs just €12,000.

So far, the cheapest electric car has been the Dacia Spring with a reserve price of €22,000. But this one has to take first place now because the Nissan Sakura is available in the basic version from €12,000.

For the time being, the Sakura will only be available in Japan. However, after the Nissan Leaf and Nissan Ariya, the Sakura will be the brand’s third and most affordable electric car.

What can the little e-racer do?

Nissan Sakura: Mini electric car for 12,000 euros

The mini e-car is said to have an output of 64 hp (47 kW) and a maximum torque of 195 Nm. The range of the 20 kWh battery is 180 kilometers.

The lithium-ion battery comes from the Leaf model. However, the assembly of the individual cells will be different. As a result, the Sakura offers a lot of space in the interior.

There are three driving modes. For a pleasant driving experience, you can choose between Eco, Standard, or Sport modes.

Special battery technology

The Nissan Sakura has a vehicle-to-load functionIn addition, regenerative braking allows it to store electricity while driving and use it to supply external sources. At the same time, however, the battery is recharged.

The battery capacity is becoming more and more important, so there are already battery concepts of the future that should enable a service life of 100 years.

The mini speedster has one disadvantage

Due to its size, it belongs to a subcategory of small cars with a maximum length of 3.40 m. The Sakura is, therefore, a so-called Kei car.

It is questionable whether this mini e-car is not too small for European habits. Therefore, no introduction is planned in this country.


The basic version of the Nissan Sakura is available for €12,000. However, with all the extras such as 360-degree cameras, assistants for semi-autonomous driving, etc., you have to reckon with € 21,000. Competitors like VW or Audi can’t even match this price with their entry-level models in the basic configuration.

An introduction in Europe is not planned. But if you are still interested in an electric car from Nissan, you can take a look at the other two electric models, the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Ariya.


With a range of 180 kilometers, it is not exactly suitable for long distances. In addition, with its relatively small size, it is not intended for everyone. However, if you are looking for a compact electric car for the city, the Sakura is just the thing for you.

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