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NVIDIA’s new driver will implement asynchronous computing

NVIDIA’s new driver will implement asynchronous computing

After the controversy caused by the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark, NVIDIA is working on implementing asynchronous computing in a new driver for its graphics cards. Oxide Games studio will help with this.

NVIDIA has responded in a flash to the controversy over the lack of support for an important DirectX 12 feature, asynchronous shading, in its graphics cards – which are, after all, the market majority. However, it looks like asynchronous computing will be implemented in the latest “Green” driver, and it will be helped by Oxide studio – developers of the upcoming game Ashes of the Singularity, on which a benchmark was created to test the performance of the new version of the libraries.

This information was confirmed on the forum by user Kollock from the mentioned Oxide Games team. At the end of his long post, one can read: “We’ve been talking to NVIDIA about asynchronous computing, which the latest driver hasn’t fully implemented yet – but it works just about right. We will be working closely with them on this issue.”

This is great news for owners of graphics cards from the “Greens” – and not long ago, there was nothing to indicate such a development. After all, NVIDIA accused the flawed benchmark of reduced performance, while its developers openly stated that the fault lay with the drivers. Now the two companies have apparently come to an agreement, which in turn will not please AMD – the biggest competitors of the “Greens,” who, on the occasion of the Ashes of the Singularity tests, performed better than their opponents for the first time in a long time.

DirectX 12 has so far received very favorable reviews from the press, and it looks like those who will switch to Windows 10 because of it, make no mistake. In tests conducted in mid-August, the new versions of the libraries provided a sizable increase in frame rates. At the same time, AMD’s Robert Hallock recently stated that none of the graphics cards currently on the market take full advantage of DirectX 12 – meaning it could soon be even better.

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