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Optimo 2 – Sonos’ best speaker yet?

Optimo 2 – Sonos’ best speaker yet?

The manufacturer, Sonos is currently working on a new speaker, the Optimo 2. It is intended to be the flagship model par excellence and, thus, the best speaker Sonos has ever released.

Better than ever before

Sonos is currently working on a new high-end speaker, codenamed the Optimo 2. According to the technology portal The Verge, this could become Sonos’ new flagship model. It will probably come onto the market with two other models, the Optimo 1 and the Optimo 1 SL. Before this trio, however, the “Sub Mini” is to be released.

The Optimo 2 can do all that

It should be able to reproduce the sound in almost all directions, according to The Verge. This should be possible thanks to an arsenal of drivers between the front speaker grille and the backplate. In addition, the Optimo 2 is said to contain twice as much RAM and almost eight times as much flash memory as any other released Sonos speaker. Music can be played via Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Sonos is currently considering whether there will also be a USB-C line-in functionIn addition, microphones are built into the speaker, through which an automatic sound tuning is made possible. These should probably also support Sonos Voice Control.

According to The Verge, the model could look something like this :

Optimo 2 – Sonos' best speaker yet?

The slightly lighter, rectangular box is intended to represent the space for the Sonos logo. The model is shown here in bronze, but Sonos will probably stick with its traditional black and white colors.

The final design, the final equipment, and the price for the Optimo 2 are unfortunately not yet known. However, we are very excited about the final product and excited to learn more about the model.

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