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Quality headphones for a low price – Anker Soundcore Space Q45

Quality headphones for a low price – Anker Soundcore Space Q45

Recently, Anker‘s new headphones, the new Soundcore Space Q45, have been released. For a very reasonable price, the new headphones are said to be very good and have surprisingly great features.

Can the new model keep up with the others?

The new Soundcore Space Q45 has hit the market with a fairly low price tag of just under $150. Compared to the numerous other listeners, this is an offer that is impressive.

Commendable design and great features

The headphones should be particularly soft and skin-friendly, so they are still comfortable to wear even after several hours. The underside of the headband and the ear pads are lined with synthetic leather, which creates a very positive wearing experience. Dynamic 40 mm drivers are integrated into the headphones, which enable a frequency range of 20 Hz to 40 kHz. They are Bluetooth 5.3 compatible, but you can also connect them using the 3.5mm audio cable.

This is what the foldable headphones look like:

Quality headphones for a low price - Anker Soundcore Space Q45

On the side of the left earcup is a power button and a button to toggle between ANC, Normal, and Transparency modes. On the right are controls for playback and calls. Holding the button down for about two seconds mutes the device. If you press it twice in a row, the voice assistant will be activated. According to Anker, the battery life is around 50 hours with ANC or 65 hours without. However, the running time varies depending on the volume. The full charge time is approximately 2 hours.

Easy setting via app

The Soundcore app is available for Android and iOS and offers many additional features in addition to the standard settings. In it, you can optimally adjust ambient noise, volume, and sound effects. Adaptive noise cancellation automatically adjusts different levels of ANC based on the environment. By the way, you can also activate the talk mode, which perfectly emphasizes the human voice. The “Safe Volume” activates a fader whose level can be set between 75 dB and 100 dB. With the help of the app, you can adjust your headphones in the best possible way at any time.

There’s definitely nothing to complain about the Soundcore headphones for this price point. They offer a full-bodied audio experience with rich bass and very good noise cancellation for on-ear headphones. In addition to the Q45, Anker also released the A40 headphones. But these are in-ear headphones.

Here is a picture of the Soundcore Space A40 :

Quality headphones for a low price - Anker Soundcore Space Q45

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