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ROCCAT Vulcan II Max – optical highlight among gaming keyboards

ROCCAT Vulcan II Max – optical highlight among gaming keyboards

ROCCAT’s latest gaming keyboard has only recently become available on the market. ROCCAT combined the typical design, optimal performance, and optical aesthetics – according to the brand’s founder, it is the fastest and most beautiful keyboard that they have developed to date.

A complete package that convinces

The Vulcan II has been on the market for a while in the mini version, but now it’s finally available in full size. It is an optical-mechanical gaming keyboard that not only looks great but also has a lot to offer. With the presentation video, ROCCAT has already staged the new model in a great way:

Equipment and design

The new keyboard has the Titan II optical-mechanical switches for a high optical actuation speed – these should have a service life of around 100 million clicks. It’s also the world’s first keyboard to feature dual LED smart keys. They help to more easily recognize the activity of the secondary functions. A second level can be programmed by combining it with ROCCAT’s EasyShift.

ROCCAT Vulcan II Max - optical highlight among gaming keyboards

4 MB of onboard memory is also offered, so you can save four individually designed profiles directly on the keyboard. The anodized aluminum plate and a translucent palm rest should not be missing. With the help of the lighting technology AIMO (by ROCCAT), you can set up your setup as you wish. In order to get the best possible result, the Vulcan II Max can be paired and synchronized with other AIMO-enabled products – for a ” light show ” of your own taste.

An example of an AIMO-compatible product would be the ROCCAT Kone gaming mouse:

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