The super smartwatch: Huawei Watch D with blood pressure measurement

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Huawei presents the first smartwatch with integrated physical blood pressure measurement and ECG recording. The Huawei Watch D has processed these two functions directly in the bracelet, which other smartwatches do not have.

Apple and Samsung focus their smartwatch development on health functions. One function, in particular, has been worked on for years: blood pressure measurement. Huawei has now succeeded.

Blood pressure measurement on the wrist

The Huawei Watch D is capable of real-time blood pressure measurement and ECG recording. The smartwatch works with a high-performance micro-pump and an Ergonomics Arc Airbag. In addition, the smartwatch can permanently monitor body temperature.

With conventional smartwatches, blood pressure measurement is affected by the way the watch is worn and the position in which it is worn. With the Huawei Watch D, this problem is history, thanks to a high-resolution pressure sensor and a breathable membrane. The bracelet swells up and can therefore measure very precisely.

The super smartwatch: Huawei Watch D with blood pressure measurement

Features and displays

The Huawei Watch D is equipped with a 1.64-inch AMOLED touchscreenWLAN, and Bluetooth 5.1. The Watch D has an IP68 certification, making it waterproof.

Thanks to the TruSeen sensor 5.0 on the back, the smartwatch offers a sleep tracker, a stress level monitor24-hour blood oxygen tracking, and a temperature sensor.

Battery lasts a week

The Watch D has a battery life of up to seven days. This is a clear difference from the smartwatches of the competition. However, Huawei does not provide more detailed information about the battery capacity.

Release date

The Huawei Watch D will be available in black from November 2022

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