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Top smartphone for little money – the new Vivo Y02s

Top smartphone for little money – the new Vivo Y02s

Smartphone maker Vivo recently launched its new model, the Y02s. It’s relatively cheap but has a lot to offer.

Equipment that convinces

The Vivo Y02s features a 6.51-inch Halo FullView Display that automatically adjusts brightness and prevents digital eye strain with blue light protection. The classic USB Type-C connector system allows the cell phone to be easily charged and connected. If it is fully charged, it has a long runtime. According to Vivo, this corresponds to around 18 hours of online video streaming or 7 hours of intensive cell phone gaming. The storage is 32 GB. The latest Vivo also has a gaming mode, which ensures that you are not disturbed or interrupted by notifications or the like while playing.

High-quality photos

With the outdoor camera, shooting razor-sharp and detailed pictures should be possible. Thanks to the AI ​​algorithm that adjusts the shape and color of the face, portraits, in particular, become particularly good. Moreover, with the many effects offered, you can edit the photos afterward. The front camera is also said to be excellent, as the Aura Screen Light comes on in poor light, enabling high-quality selfies even in the dark.

The design is very trendy

The phone is available in two different colors, namely ‘Fluorite Black’ and ‘Vibrant Blue,’ to quote the manufacturer. The black model is kept very classic and simple, which gives it a timeless look. On the other hand, the lighter model is a bit more conspicuous. The shimmering blue surface is meant to be reminiscent of dancing waves. The exterior of both versions is resistant to scratches and smudges from fingerprints, which always keeps the phone looking clean and elegant.

Top smartphone for little money - the new Vivo Y02s

Great value for money

On the Vivo product page, you can currently find the Y02s for 6499 Philippine pesos, which is the equivalent of only around USD 121That would be very cheap compared to the latest Apple and Samsung phones and, therefore, certainly a great alternative if you don’t like spending your money on expensive cell phones.

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