Volvo EX90 – The new electric XC90 successor

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On November 9, 2022, Volvo will unveil its new electric SUV, the Volvo EX90. The new, electric successor to the plug-in hybrid XC90.

Volvo sets new standards in safety

Ever since Volvo invented the three-point seat belt, safety has been a top priority. A new era begins with the Volvo EX90. The EX90 will be the safest car Volvo has ever produced.

Some new sensors are combined with new software in the new electric SUV. Volvo claims that this new safety system will result in 9% fewer accidents and 20% fewer accidents involving serious or fatal injuries. So, what will the EX90 look like?

EX90 is reminiscent of the Concept of Recharge

In the summer of 2021, Volvo presented its Concept Recharge concept car. The EX90 should therefore be very reminiscent of this vehicle. The design is said to be very similar to the Concept Recharge. However, the futuristic details will only be reflected in the EX90 to a lesser extent.

Cameras in the interior

Volvo EX90 - The new electric XC90 successor

Inside, cameras monitor the driver. These detect fatigue or distraction and even drunk driving. A driver monitoring system uses two cameras to monitor the driver’s eye behavior. It recognizes whether and for how long the gaze has wandered.

The system reacts accordingly. One is first warned, then with more emphasis. If there is no reaction, the car will slow down or even stop. In addition, the hazard warning lights are automatically activated when the vehicle comes to a standstill.

“Our research shows that just by observing where the driver is looking and how often and for how long their eyes are closed, we can tell a lot about the driver’s condition,” says Volvo’s Emma Tivesten.

This driver monitoring system is explained in more detail in the video

The EX09 has a total of eight cameras, five radars, 16 ultrasonic sensors, and a lidar sensor. As a result, the environment is displayed in a 360-degree real-time view. In addition, the lidar sensor captures the road and detects pedestrians up to 250 m away.

Production and availability

The EX90 will initially go into production at the plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Production in Europe could take place at Volvo’s recently announced new electric car plant in Slovakia. It is not yet known when the EX90 will be available.

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