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Whatsapp extends the time to delete a sent message. Huge change

Whatsapp extends the time to delete a sent message. Huge change

WhatsApp has made a very significant change in the mechanism of deleting already sent messages – the developers decided to extend the time that allows you to delete a previously sent message.

One of the frequently used features by WhatsApp users is the ability to delete a previously sent message. This option was introduced to this messenger in 2017 and could only be used for 7 minutes after sending the message.

Soon after, this time was extended to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds – but now it’s time for another revision of this option. The developers informed about another extension of the period during which we can delete the sent message – now it is as much as 60 hours.

Interestingly, according to reports from one of the websites, the option of extending this time to a week was initially considered – but eventually, a slightly more modest variant was chosen.

In addition, developers have introduced new features to protect the privacy of users – we are talking here about blocking the ability to take screenshots for messages that disappear after viewing, as well as the option to leave the group unnoticed by others.

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