YouTube on Smart TV has new animations and sounds

YouTube on Smart TV gets news. It has new animations and sounds

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YouTube version for Smart TV gets the expected changes. These are the new animation and sound accompanying the launch of the application. By the way, Google has also prepared other news. We know that YouTube on TVs is expected to get them in the next few months.

The YouTube app is also available on TVs. We know that it has recently been adapted for Shorts launched on Smart TV screens. Now Google has announced more news. This time there are new animations and sounds that accompany the software launch.

YouTube on Smart TV gets a new animation and sound that accompanies the launch of the application. I have to admit that this change is quite interesting and you may like it. You can watch it in the video below.

The YouTube team says they were looking for something fun, recognizable, and interesting when designing these changes. Whether this effect hits the spot or not, you have to judge for yourself. Google has also prepared other animations and sounds. We know they will be rolled out to the Smart TV app in the next few weeks and months.

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