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Weight Loss Motivation: 17 Tips & Success Stories to Inspire You

Weight Loss Motivation: 17 Tips & Success Stories to Inspire You

People decide to lose weight for all sorts of reasons, and those reasons can be really different from person to person. Figuring out what makes you want to lose weight is like solving a little puzzle: you need to find out exactly why you want to drop those pounds, set goals that make sense, and find people who can cheer you on. Starting and sticking with a healthy weight loss plan can feel pretty overwhelming sometimes. It’s common to struggle with finding the push to get going or the strength to keep at it. But here’s the good news: there are plenty of tricks you can use to stay motivated on your weight loss journey. In this guide, we’re going to walk through 17 effective ways to enhance your self-motivation for weight loss. Plus, we’ve got some real stories from 13 women who’ve triumphed in their weight loss journeys.

So, you’ll get to hear what worked for them and how they reached their goals. And hey, when you’re done here, don’t forget to take a look at the trustworthy medical sources we’ve rounded up at the end. They’ve got even more solid advice to help you out. Keep on reading!

17 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

1. Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight

overweight girl

No doubt about it, it’s super important to really sit down and figure out all the reasons you want to lose weight, and then write them all down. Doing this doesn’t just help you stay committed, it also keeps that fire alive inside you to reach your weight loss goals.

And here’s a neat trick: make it a habit to read through these reasons every single day. They’re like your trusty sidekicks, there to remind you why you’re doing this, especially when those tricky temptations come knocking and try to throw you off track.

Why are you on this journey? Well, it could be a bunch of things. Maybe you want to steer clear of diabetes, or you’re determined to keep up with your grandkids. Perhaps there’s a special event coming up and you want to look and feel your absolute best. Or maybe it’s about boosting your self-confidence, or just fitting into those one pair of jeans you love. Your reasons are unique to you.

While some folks might start their weight loss journey because their doctor said so, research tells us that when your motivation comes from deep inside you, that’s when the real magic happens. It’s like a secret ingredient for long-term success.


If you want this weight loss thing to really stick, take the time to sit down and spell out your goals. Write them down like a promise to yourself. And remember, your motivation has to come from you – that’s the real key to making it last.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

realistic goals

You’ve probably seen lots of diets and products that promise quick and easy weight loss. But it’s really important to remember that most experts actually recommend taking things slow and steady. They suggest aiming to lose around 1 to 2 pounds per week, which is about 0.5 to 1 kg.

Now, here’s the thing: setting goals that make sense is key. Going after goals that are way out of reach can just lead to frustration and might even make you want to give up on your weight loss journey altogether. On the flip side, when you achieve goals that are doable, it feels awesome and pumps up your determination even more.

Furthermore, people who manage to hit the weight loss targets they set for themselves are more likely to keep off that weight in the long run. There was this really interesting study that looked at data from different places where people were losing weight. It found that the women who had super high expectations for how much weight they’d lose were actually more likely to quit the whole program.

Also, even if you manage to lose just a little bit of weight, like 5 to 10% of what you weigh right now, it can make a huge difference to your health. Let’s say you weigh 180 pounds (82 kg). Dropping just 9 to 18 pounds (4 to 8 kg) can bring some pretty noticeable improvements. And if you’re at 250 pounds (113 kg), losing 13 to 25 pounds (6 to 11 kg) can make a big impact.


Keep your weight loss goals real and achievable. Surprisingly, even losing a moderate 5 to 10% of your weight can give your overall health a major boost.

3. Focus on Process Goals

Weight Loss Motivation

A lot of times, when folks are trying to lose weight, they mainly think about the end results they want. These are the big things they’re hoping to achieve by the time their journey wraps up. Usually, that final number on the scale is the outcome goal they’re chasing. But you know what? Focusing only on those big, far-off goals can sometimes make you feel like you’re climbing a mountain that’s way too high.

To really stay motivated and make some good progress, it’s smart to set process goals. These are the little steps you’re going to take to get to your big goal. Think of them as the building blocks that will help you build your success story. For example, instead of just saying you want to lose weight, you could set a process goal like deciding to exercise four times a week.

There was this really cool study that had 126 women who were trying to lose weight. Some of them were all about the end results, while others were into these process goals. Guess what? The women who focused on the smaller steps, those process goals, were more likely to actually hit their weight loss targets. Plus, they found it easier to stick to their eating plans compared to those who were only looking at the final outcome.

Now, here’s a nifty trick to make your goals strong and super effective.

Use the SMART criteria:

  • Make your goals Specific, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for.
  • Make them Measurable, so you can track your progress.
  • Keep them Achievable, so they’re challenging but doable.
  • Make sure they’re Realistic, so you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • And set a Time-based deadline, so you know when you’re going to achieve them.

Here are a few examples of SMART goals you can consider:

  • I’ll take a brisk 30-minute walk five days next week.
  • I’ll make sure to eat four servings of veggies every single day this week.
  • I’ll limit myself to just one soda for the entire week.


When you set smart and manageable process goals, you’re giving your motivation a boost. On the other hand, if you’re only focused on the big outcomes, it might end up bringing you down and making it harder to stay motivated.

4. Pick a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Weight Loss Motivation

To really keep the success going for the long haul, it’s super important to find a weight loss plan that really fits you and is doable for the long run. You want to avoid those plans that would practically be impossible to stick with over time.

With all the different diets out there, most of them are all about cutting down on calories. And yes, when you lower your calorie intake, you can definitely lose weight. But here’s the thing: you’ve got to be careful with diets, especially ones that make you bounce up and down like a yo-yo. Those kinds of diets have been linked to putting on even more weight in the future. Not exactly what you’re going for, right?

So, it’s smart to skip those super strict diets that tell you to never touch certain foods again. Research has shown that people who think it’s all or nothing are actually less likely to reach their weight loss goals.

Instead, think about crafting your very own weight loss plan, something that’s uniquely yours. There are quite a few eating habits that science has shown can really help you lose weight, like:

  • Eating fewer calories
  • Cutting down the sizes of your portions
  • Not snacking as often
  • Going easy on fried foods and sweet treats
  • Making sure you eat a variety of fruits and veggies.


When you’re picking a way to eat, make sure it’s something you can actually keep up with for a long time. Say no to those extreme or quick-fix diets, so you can get results that stick around and last.

5. Keep a Weight Loss Journal

Weight Loss Motivation

Keeping track of what you eat is a big deal when it comes to staying motivated and making your weight loss journey a success. Studies have shown that folks who really pay attention to what they eat, and jot it all down, are more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

To keep an accurate record, you’ve got to be thorough. That means writing down every little thing you put in your mouth, from big meals to those quick snacks. Yep, even that sneaky candy you grabbed from your coworker’s desk needs to make it onto the list. And here’s an extra tip: it can be super helpful to jot down how you’re feeling when you eat. It’s like a window into your habits, helping you figure out what’s behind any overeating and showing you better ways to deal with your emotions.

Making this easier is a piece of cake. You can keep a food journal the old-school way with pen and paper, or you can use websites and apps that are designed to help. They’re all proven to work well and support your efforts to lose weight.


Keeping a food journal is pretty awesome for your weight loss journey. It’s not just about seeing how you’re doing and spotting those triggers, it’s like having a little accountability partner right there with you. And don’t forget, alongside the traditional methods, you can also make use of websites or apps to make tracking your food even more effective.

6. Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate Your Successes

Dropping those pounds can be quite the challenge, and that’s why it’s super important to take a moment to cheer for yourself every time you achieve something – big or small. Giving yourself a pat on the back and recognizing your wins can seriously keep your motivation roaring.

Remember, places like social media or weight loss websites with cool community pages can be awesome spots to share your victories and get some extra love and support. Feeling that pride swell up inside you is like adding rocket fuel to your motivation.

But here’s a neat twist: let’s not just focus on hitting a certain number on the scale. Celebrating the changes you’re making in how you do things is key. Like, let’s say you rocked that goal of working out four times a week – that deserves a reward! Maybe it’s a relaxing bubble bath that’s been calling your name, or maybe you plan a super fun night out with your pals.

And speaking of rewards, they can be a fantastic way to keep that motivation humming. But there’s a trick here: pick rewards that really fit the bill. Skip using food as a treat, and avoid things that are either way too pricey or so small they don’t really light your fire.

Check out these cool reward ideas that can give your motivation an extra boost:

  • Treating yourself to a nice manicure
  • Going out for a fun movie night
  • Splurging on a fresh new top for your workouts
  • Taking a cooking class to up your culinary game.


As you journey through your weight loss adventure, don’t forget to high-five yourself for all those wins along the way. And hey, consider adding in some rewards to really amp up that motivation. You’ve got this!

7. Find Social Support

Weight Loss Motivation

Having a solid backup of support and all those cheers can totally make a difference when it comes to keeping your motivation alive and kicking. So, here’s a plan: let your close family and friends in on your weight loss goals. Sharing with them means you’ve got your own personal cheerleading squad, right by your side.

And guess what? Teaming up with a weight loss buddy can really amp up that encouragement and sense of responsibility. Think about it: you can exercise together, remind each other of your goals, and give each other a boost when things get tough. It’s like having a teammate in this journey.

But here’s a little nugget to keep in mind: while involving your partner is awesome, it’s also smart to mix things up and get support from other folks too. Diversifying your support network can give you different perspectives and even more encouragement.

Here’s a cool idea: consider joining a support group. There are ones you can meet up with in person, and there are others online. Research has shown that both types can give you some serious motivation and help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.


With a bunch of folks cheering you on, you’re setting yourself up for success. Think about hopping into a support group to keep that motivation going strong. This crew can offer you tons of encouragement and guidance as you move towards your weight loss dreams.

8. Make a Commitment

Weight Loss Motivation

Here’s a nifty tidbit from research: when you go ahead and tell everyone about your plans, you’re more likely to stick with them. It’s like you’re putting it out there, and that makes you more likely to actually do it. So, if you’re aiming for weight loss, sharing your goals with others is like giving yourself a boost of accountability and keeping your focus locked in.

Get those close family and friends in the loop about what you’re aiming for. And hey, you might even think about going the extra mile and sharing your goals on social media. It’s like you’re making a big, public promise, and that’s another layer of responsibility. The more folks you involve in your goal-sharing, the stronger that sense of responsibility becomes.

But wait, there’s more! You can take your commitment to a whole new level by investing in it in real, tangible ways. Consider buying a gym membership or signing up for some awesome exercise classes. Maybe even prepay for a cool 5K event. When you’ve already invested in something, you’re way more likely to follow through. It’s like you’re telling yourself, “Hey, I put my money on this, I better make it happen!”


Putting your goals out there for everyone to see is like giving your motivation a turbo boost. It’s like making a promise to yourself and to the world, and that can really light a fire under you.

9. Think and Talk Positively

Weight Loss Motivation

Believing in yourself and having a positive outlook about reaching your weight loss goals can really make a difference. Studies have shown that having confidence in your ability to achieve what you’re aiming for leads to better results in your weight loss journey.

Now, here’s a neat trick: use “change talk.” This is like a secret weapon that can give you that extra push to actually stick with your weight loss plans. Change talk is all about saying out loud how committed you are to making those changes, talking about why you’re doing it, and laying out the steps you’re taking to get there.

So, it’s important to have good conversations about your journey and make sure you’re vocalizing your commitment. But here’s the flip side: spending too much time daydreaming about your dream weight – that’s what they call “mentally indulging” – can actually work against you and make it harder to hit your goals.

Instead, try something called “mental contrasting.” Here’s how it goes: take a moment to imagine reaching your goal weight, and then switch to thinking about the obstacles that might come up along the way. A study with 134 students dug into this, and guess what? The folks who used mental contrasting were more likely to take real action. They did things like cutting back on calories, getting more active, and saying no to high-calorie foods.


When you’re thinking and talking about your weight loss goals, stay positive. But remember, it’s just as important to stay real and focus on the concrete steps you need to take to get there.

10. Plan for Challenges and Setbacks

Life is full of ups and downs, and there’s no avoiding the moments that stress us out. But here’s the thing: finding smart ways to handle those moments and learning how to deal with stress are absolute musts if you want to stay motivated, no matter what life throws at you.

Think about it – holidays, birthdays, parties – these are all part of the deal, just like the everyday stresses that come from work or family. So, what’s the solution? Well, it’s all about thinking ahead and getting your problem-solving game on. By brainstorming and coming up with ways to tackle potential challenges, you’re putting in place a solid plan to keep you on track and to keep that motivation from slipping away.

Now, let’s talk about something that’s pretty common: turning to food for comfort. It’s a tricky path that can mess with your weight loss goals. But guess what? If you work on building the right skills to handle stress, you’re set up for success. Studies have shown that folks who have strong stress management and coping strategies actually do better when it comes to losing weight and staying on that path for the long haul.

Here’s a bunch of stress-busting techniques that might just do the trick for you:

  • Regular exercise to shake off tension
  • Trying square breathing to chill out
  • Soothing yourself with a relaxing bath
  • Getting some fresh air outside
  • Seeking comfort from a friend who’s got your back
  • Knowing when to ask for help.

And here’s another savvy tip: when you’re looking at holidays, social events, or dining out, a little planning goes a long way. Check out menus in advance and scope out the healthier options. You can even bring a wholesome dish or keep your portions in check to stay in the groove of your weight loss journey during those festive times.


If you want your weight loss journey to be a success story, you’ve got to be prepared for bumps along the way and have a toolkit of great coping techniques. If food is your go-to comfort, start practicing new, healthier ways to handle stress.

11. Don’t Aim for Perfection, and Forgive Yourself

Plan for Challenges and Setbacks

Losing weight doesn’t have to start with being perfect right away. If you go all in with an “everything or nothing” mindset, you might run into some roadblocks on your way to your goals.

Being too strict with yourself can actually backfire and make you think things like, “I had a burger and fries for lunch, so I might as well go for pizza at dinner.” Instead, try looking at things positively, like, “I had a big lunch, so I’ll aim for a healthier dinner.”

Remember, don’t beat yourself up or think negatively when you slip up. Those kinds of thoughts can really put a damper on your motivation and progress. Instead, be kind to yourself and understand that one mistake won’t undo all the progress you’ve made.

So, the key is to accept that it’s okay not to be perfect, focus on positive thinking, and be forgiving to yourself. These things will really help you on your journey to a healthier weight.


Trying to be perfect can actually make you lose motivation quickly. But, if you allow yourself to be flexible and practice self-forgiveness, you can keep your motivation strong as you work towards your weight loss goals.

12. Learn to Love and Appreciate Your Body

Appreciate Your Body

Numerous studies consistently show that folks who hold negative thoughts about their bodies tend to have a tougher time achieving success with weight loss.

To make your journey towards shedding those pounds work better, it’s super important to take active steps to improve how you feel about your body. This switch to a positive outlook can really boost your ability to lose weight effectively and keep making progress over time.

On top of that, having a good vibe about your body can even affect the food choices you make. It might steer you towards a diet that suits your lifestyle and can stick around in the long run. Plus, if you’re all about feeling positive about your body, you’re more likely to try out new activities that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

There’s a bunch of things you can do to feel better about your body and give your weight loss mojo a boost:

  • Get into regular exercise, which can help you feel stronger and more in sync with your body.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the awesome things your body can do, highlighting its resilience and power.
  • Treat yourself to acts of self-care, like getting a massage or fixing up your nails, which can really amp up your sense of self-worth and happiness.
  • Hang out with positive people who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself.
  • Skip comparing yourself to others, especially those unattainable standards set by models and media. Just focus on your own journey, ’cause you’re one of a kind.
  • Wear clothes that you genuinely like and that fit you well. It’s amazing how this can boost your body image and how confident you feel about your appearance.
  • Look yourself in the mirror and say out loud the things you genuinely appreciate about yourself. This can seriously strengthen your self-love and positivity.


Feeling good about your body is a big deal when it comes to staying motivated on your weight loss path. Trying out the things I mentioned can really help you get that positive body vibe going, giving your weight loss efforts the boost they need.

13. Find an Exercise You Enjoy

Weight Loss Motivation

Making physical activity a part of your weight loss journey is a must, not just for burning calories but for boosting your overall well-being too.

The trick is to find an exercise that you truly like and can stick to without a hitch. There’s a whole bunch of ways to get moving, so take some time to find the one that feels right for you.

And hey, where you exercise matters too. Figure out if you’re an indoor or outdoor person, and decide if hitting the gym or sweating it out at home suits you better.

Also, think about whether you’re into solo workouts or if you like company. Group classes can really pump up the motivation for some folks, but if they’re not your thing, remember that doing it on your own works just as well.

Here’s a little tip to make things even better: crank up the tunes while you’re at it. Studies show that music can crank up your motivation and make your workouts longer, which means you’ll actually have fun while getting stuff done.


Exercise isn’t just about shedding calories, it’s a double whammy that boosts your overall well-being too. To keep the ball rolling, make sure you pick an exercise routine that you love and can easily slot into your daily routine.

14. Find a Role Model

Weight Loss Motivation
Read Their Weight Loss Success Stories Down Below

Having a role model can seriously light a fire under your motivation as you work on shedding those pounds. But let’s talk about picking the right kind of role model – that’s the key to keeping the inspiration going strong for the long haul.

Sure, slapping a photo of a supermodel on your fridge might give you a quick burst of motivation, but it might not be the best recipe for keeping your weight loss drive burning steady. What really works is finding a role model who feels like a kindred spirit and someone you can connect with on a personal level.

Having a role model who’s down-to-earth and positive can make a world of difference in how you stay motivated and committed. Think about someone you know in real life, maybe a friend who’s triumphed over a big weight loss challenge. They’re the ones who can genuinely inspire you.

Or, you can dive into blogs or stories about folks who’ve conquered their own weight loss journeys. These real-life tales are like gold mines of tips and strategies for success. They can help you stay on track and keep your determination high as you push towards your own weight loss goals.


When you’re on the hunt for motivation, finding the right role model is the game-changer. What really matters is that you can connect with and relate to them. That’s what’s going to make your weight loss journey truly rock.

15. Get a Dog

train with your dog

Having a four-legged friend by your side can really make your weight loss journey something special, and research backs that up.

First off, let’s talk about dogs – they’re like the ultimate companions for your quest to manage your weight. Why? Well, they’re basically built-in motivators that can totally boost your physical activity levels. A study from Canada actually found that folks with dogs were walking around for about 300 minutes every week. Meanwhile, those without a dog were only clocking in about 168 minutes per week.

But that’s not all – dogs bring a level of social support that’s off the charts when it comes to physical activities. They’re like these bundles of energy that are always up for a jog or a game of fetch. Unlike human buddies who might have off days, dogs are consistently excited to get moving, which makes them the perfect workout buddies.

And there’s more good news. Owning a pet, yep, even a dog, is scientifically linked to being healthier overall. Having a furry pal has been tied to lower cholesterol, better blood pressure, and even reduced feelings of loneliness and the blues.

So, when you welcome a furry friend into your life, you’re not just getting a loving companion, you’re also getting a powerful motivator for staying active and living your best, healthiest life.


Having a dog can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey. They do it by getting you moving more and offering that awesome social boost that keeps you going strong.

16. Get Professional Help When Needed

Weight Loss Motivation

When the road to weight loss gets tough, don’t hesitate to bring in the experts. It’s a smart move that can really boost your confidence in what you know and what you can do, which ultimately leads to better results.

Now, when it comes to getting this pro help, you’ve got options. You can chat with a registered dietitian who’s like a food guru, ready to share all those nifty details about what to eat and what to avoid. Or you could team up with an exercise physiologist who’s like your workout sensei, showing you the right moves to make.

And guess what? Having a pro in your corner also means having someone to keep you accountable. That’s a huge plus that lots of folks find super valuable.

But let’s say motivation is slipping through your fingers – that’s okay. Reach out to a psychologist or a dietitian who knows their stuff when it comes to motivation. They’ve got this technique called motivational interviewing, which has a bunch of evidence backing it up. It’s all about helping you hit those weight loss goals. With their support and guidance, you’ll be pumped up and ready to tackle anything that comes your way on the path to a healthier life.


Bringing in the big guns – dietitians, exercise pros, and psychologists – is seriously smart when you’re on the journey to lose weight. They can boost your motivation and load you up with knowledge that propels you straight towards success.

17. Turn to Technology

Weight Loss Motivation

In this day and age, we’re spoiled for choice with free weight-loss apps that can instantly fire up our motivation for a healthier life. All it takes is a tap, and you’re on your way. If you’re struggling to get excited about making dinner, you’ve got options like BigOven. It’s like having a virtual chef that suggests healthy recipes based on what’s already in your pantry.

And hey, if you’re in need of some extra support, check out Fitocracy. It’s like having a workout buddy in your pocket, ready to team up and conquer those fitness goals together.

Feeling like you need a new spin on staying active? Zombies, Run! might be your thing. It’s not just an app – it’s like a game that gets you moving and having fun by mixing in a little zombie action.

Bottom line is, there’s an app out there that’s tailor-made to keep your weight-loss mojo going. No matter what you need – be it meal inspiration, a workout partner, or a unique way to stay active – you’re covered.


We’ve got a bunch of free weight-loss apps at our fingertips, making it easier than ever to stay motivated for a healthier lifestyle. Just remember to pick the ones that fit your goals like a glove.

Now, let’s dive into the incredible success stories of 13 awesome women who’ve crushed their weight loss goals and are here to inspire us all.

13 Women Talk to You About the Most Important Factor in Their Weight-Loss Success Stories

Losing weight isn’t just about doing more cardio and cutting back on sweets. For women who decided to take on the challenge of transforming their bodies and adopting a healthier lifestyle, there’s something more that drives them towards their weight loss goals.

Let’s take a look at some of these incredible women, like Erica Lugo, the trainer from “The Biggest Loser” Season 18. These women have opened up about their personal triumphs in weight loss, revealing the small yet powerful changes they made to truly change their lives for the better.

Their stories aren’t just about shedding pounds; they’re about finding motivation that goes beyond the numbers on the scale. These stories hold valuable lessons that stretch far beyond just wanting a fitter body. By diving into their experiences, you can tap into the deep well of inspiration and practical knowledge that might just help you reach your own weight loss aspirations.

Potentially Triggering Language

As we explore the next section of this article, it’s important to remember that its main aim is to provide inspiration for those who are on the path to losing weight, whether they’re just starting or still going strong. But we also need to understand that some readers might come across subjects and words that could stir up difficult feelings.

1 of 13: Alyssa Greene’s weight loss success story

In the midst of the college whirlwind—packed with stress, late nights, and too much partying—Alyssa Greene found herself in a not-so-healthy relationship with her own body. Despite fitting in some workouts, her eating habits and overall well-being took a back seat, until a pivotal moment shook her awake and nudged her towards change.

Over the next 2.5 years, Alyssa dove headfirst into understanding nutrition, studying up on what to eat, how much to eat, and the magic those choices could work on her body. Armed with this newfound wisdom, she set off on a mission to rewrite her lifestyle for the better, towards something healthier and more harmonious.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Self-Discipline

What really fueled her weight loss journey? Self-discipline, hands down. Alyssa didn’t hesitate to let the world know that she was doing this for herself, no one else. It’s that rock-solid determination that pushed her to drop 25 pounds. Her message is clear: “I’m taking control for me, and no one else.” It’s this resolute attitude that shines a light on how vital personal willpower is when you’re staring down the road of change.

Alyssa’s story zooms in on discipline—something to lean on when life tries to push you off track, whether it’s family, friends, or your own relationships adding pressure. She throws out a thought-provoking question: “How much do you truly want to switch up your life?” Well, that answer is locked in the depths of your resolve, the fuel for growth and well-being that becomes the engine for lasting transformation.

2 of 13: Tanisha Commodore’s weight loss success story

Over time, Tanisha Commodore explored a multitude of weight loss strategies, leaving no stone unturned. She dove into various workout regimens and tried different weight-loss plans like WW and Medifast, determined to find the path that worked for her. Despite her relentless efforts, there came a moment when she hit a wall of frustration. It was at this crossroads that the notion of traveling to Mexico for weight-loss surgery started to creep into her thoughts.

Fate had its say when a friend casually suggested the keto diet to Tanisha during this pivotal juncture. Intrigued by the idea, she decided to give it a shot, and the changes were almost immediate. In just eight months, she waved goodbye to 80 pounds, achieving something truly remarkable. What’s even more extraordinary is that she’s managed to hold onto this achievement, embracing a new, healthier, and more satisfying way of life.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Be Patient

Why did she succeed? Patience played a big role. Tanisha keeps her journey alive on Instagram, sharing her transformation story to inspire and provide helpful resources for anyone considering the keto diet. She gave a nugget of wisdom in an interview with Shape magazine: “You didn’t put it on overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight.” These words of hers act as a gentle guidepost for everyone else, reminding us all to be kind to ourselves and to understand that the journey to weight loss is a process that takes time and care.

3 of 13: Maggie Fierro’s weight loss success story

After giving birth to her third child, fitness blogger Maggie Fierro found herself feeling distant from her own body. She recalls, “I was 4 months postpartum and completely scared to even look at myself in the mirror.” It was at this point that she decided to kickstart her journey to lose weight by diving into the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program.

What drew her in was the idea of working out from the comfort of her own home, coupled with the structure of a disciplined, healthy eating plan. It clicked perfectly with Fierro’s style and ambitions. This new way of life wasn’t just a fit, it was the key that unlocked her success, aligning seamlessly with what she wanted and needed. Fierro believes a big part of her success came from the camaraderie and motivation she found within the BBG community, playing a pivotal role in her transformation.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Find a Community

Her secret sauce? The community itself. “Having that community made all the difference when I was starting out… it’s been a wellspring of inspiration and unwavering support,” she reflects. Understanding the weight of this network, Fierro highlights how it amplified her journey.

Through her journey, she understood that relying solely on motivation might not always cut it. To make those changes stick, cultivating self-discipline and staying committed become vital, especially when motivation takes a back seat. Acknowledging the need for dedication and self-control arms individuals with the resilience to power through tough times, helping them stay on track and reach their weight loss goals with their eyes fixed on success.

4 of 13: Cookie Miller’s weight loss success story

Cookie Miller’s journey to becoming a certified personal trainer was a path laden with weight-related struggles that stretched across years. She faced her heaviest days, tipping the scale at 230 pounds, all while grappling with a diagnosis of acanthosis nigricans—a skin condition that often affects people dealing with excess weight, showing up as dark, velvety patches in places like the armpits, groin, and neck.

That moment of confronting her health condition was a wake-up call for Miller. It was a defining juncture that made her realize she needed to put her well-being front and center. And in that turning point, she found the spark to ignite a profound transformation—committing herself to a healthier lifestyle and sharing her journey as a certified personal trainer with others.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Take Progress Photos

What fueled her journey? The power of progress photos. Over the course of 18 months, Miller went through a breathtaking transformation, saying goodbye to an astonishing 100 pounds through a disciplined regimen of balanced eating and dedicated exercise. But her journey was supercharged by her active involvement with her Instagram community.

Staying true to her goals, Miller made it a habit to post progress photos on her Instagram for all her followers to see. Reflecting on this practice, she vividly remembers sharing her initial before-and-after snapshot on Instagram when she hit the one-year mark of her fitness expedition. This significant moment became a rock-solid commitment, leaving no room for second thoughts. And that commitment has been a cornerstone of her journey—keeping her focused, accountable, and steadfast as she continues to chase a healthier lifestyle.

5 of 13: Irvy’s weight loss success story

At the height of her weight struggles, Irvy, a fitness blogger, reached a daunting 310 pounds. Her journey was a roller coaster of gains and losses, a cycle she rode for years. But then, in 2015, something within her snapped, a fierce determination to turn things around once and for all. Yet, it took time for her to truly understand that for any change to truly stick, the fire had to be ignited from deep within.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Do It For Yourself

What kept Irvy going? The simple truth: “You have to find that motivation within yourself; you’ve got to make the change for your reasons, and yours alone,” she says with conviction. With this newfound inner resolve, Irvy began her voyage toward a healthier life.

Today, her days are structured around a disciplined routine: hitting the gym six times a week and meticulously planning her meals. These small yet life-altering adjustments have propelled her to an astonishing victory—a jaw-dropping weight loss of 132 pounds. It was that unwavering self-motivation, that resolute spark from within, that served as the rocket fuel for her incredible transformation. And it’s a testament to the remarkable power personal dedication holds in sculpting a lasting path toward better health.

6 of 13: Denita Elizabeth’s weight loss success story

weight loss success stories

Once tipping the scales at over 250 pounds, Denita Elizabeth found herself miles away from the sensation of true health. Looking back, she opens up, saying, “I was just tired of feeling constantly exhausted.” Plus, her family history of high blood pressure and diabetes was like a stern reminder of the significance of putting her health front and center. It hit her—her choices now would shape her tomorrow. And that was the call to make a change, a real change.

In her pursuit of a healthier existence, Elizabeth took a leap into SoulCycle and found herself falling head over heels for exercise. That love stuck, unwavering, and it still fuels her fire today. This commitment led her down a new path—she became a personal trainer and an instructor at SLT, guiding others in their journeys.

Beyond exercise, Elizabeth overhauled her diet. She waved goodbye to the empty promise of diet foods and embraced the magic of preparing wholesome, nourishing meals. These changes, paired together, acted as the solid foundation for her achievement, pushing her toward a life of wellness and satisfaction.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Improved Overall Health

It’s not all about the numbers on the scale. Even with an incredible loss of 100 pounds, Elizabeth tells us that what matters most isn’t the digits—it’s her holistic health. While shedding weight brought about wonderful transformations, she stresses that the core of her journey was aiming for total well-being. This pursuit of vitality and an all-around sense of thriving became the heartbeat behind her life-altering voyage.

7 of 13: Erica Lugo’s weight loss success story

Balancing the demands of motherhood, Erica Lugo found herself laden with a pile of responsibilities. But her weight threw a wrench in the works, sapping her energy and leaving her with little to offer in playtime with her son. Recognizing the urgent need for change, she took a step towards transformation with a clear-cut plan.

Her journey kicked off with joining Planet Fitness, setting her sights on two pivotal points: slashing her calorie intake and amping up her activity levels. The changes she began to see in her body were like tiny sparks of motivation, igniting the truth within her. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she penned, “The toughest workout isn’t led by a trainer or some fitness expert—it’s within you. That moment when your mind begs you to quit, but the fire in your soul fights back.”

In just one year, Lugo waved goodbye to an astonishing 122 pounds. But she wasn’t content with stopping there; she kept on for another two years to hit her remarkable 150-pound weight loss goal. Her journey was more than a personal triumph; it was a launchpad. Inspired by her own transformation, she stepped into the role of a fitness trainer and wellness coach, equipping her to empower others on their own fitness ventures. Armed with the same simple but potent approach that worked wonders for her, she shared her know-how as a trainer on Season 18 of The Biggest Loser.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: You’re Stronger Than You Think

The wisdom she carries now goes beyond appearances. Lugo shared her insights with Shape magazine, making it clear that her commitment to workouts and wholesome eating isn’t skin-deep. Her new mission is to uplift others, to help them see beyond sickness or weight, and to recognize their inherent value. She’s all about unearthing inner strength, about digging deep and realizing that we’re all capable of far more than we initially believe.

8 of 13: Alice Fields’ weight loss success story

For years, Alice Fields poured her heart and soul into her workouts, focusing on cardio exercises, convinced they held the secret to shedding those extra pounds. She also rigorously stuck to a strict eating plan, hoping it would bring her the results she yearned for. But, despite her unwavering dedication, the progress she so desperately sought remained frustratingly out of reach.

It wasn’t until Fields decided to make a major change in her approach that the tides started to turn, revealing the transformation she had been striving for. Embracing powerlifting as her fresh workout routine and embracing a more nourishing and wholesome diet marked the turning point in her journey towards weight loss. These adjustments acted as the catalyst for her success, finally propelling her towards her long-awaited goals.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: How You Feel Is Most Important

With newfound clarity, she began to realize that the real significance of her journey lay not in the numbers displayed on the scale, but rather in how she felt about herself. “I used to think that focusing only on lifting weights would actually make me gain more weight,” she reminisces, “but I soon discovered that having more muscle actually revved up my body’s fat-burning engine.” This epiphany opened her eyes to the myriad benefits of incorporating weight training into her routine.

Beyond the advantage of burning fat more efficiently, she also uncovered the secret to achieving that coveted “toned look” that countless women aspire to achieve. This shift in perspective proved to be the pivotal moment that pushed her towards a more satisfying and gratifying path on her journey towards weight loss and overall fitness.

9 of 13: Kassidy Riekens’s weight loss success story

Kassidy Riekens

When Kassidy Riekens reached 25 years old, she found herself carrying a weight of 260 pounds and grappling with a fading sense of self-confidence. However, her unwavering determination to regain control of her life became the driving force behind her commitment to making positive changes. Realizing the need to confront her unhealthy habits, she set out on a transformative journey.

In her quest for a healthier lifestyle, Riekens introduced regular cardio workouts into her routine, engaging in them three to five times each week. The unshakeable encouragement she received from her friends and family played a pivotal role in boosting her motivation and fortitude throughout her journey. Through sheer resolve and the unwavering support of her loved ones, she started taking constructive steps towards attaining her weight loss and overall well-being objectives.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Find Creative Ways to Stay on Track

As time went by, she embraced the wisdom of balance and uncovered innovative methods to sustain her motivation. One such strategy was regularly capturing progress pictures to document her body’s transformation. “I don’t think people fully realize the importance of snapping pictures of yourself while you’re in the midst of reshaping your body,” she conveys, underscoring the value of chronicling her progress. In this process, she stumbled upon a profound insight: it was the sight of her former self that served as a potent wellspring of inspiration for the version of herself she was tirelessly working to become.

This fresh perspective not only empowered her to persevere but also enabled her to remain wholeheartedly dedicated to her pursuit of weight loss and personal growth.

10 of 13: Katie Bolden’s weight loss success story

Despite trying out numerous diets and exercise programs, Katie Bolden faced an ongoing struggle to witness any significant changes in her weight. The diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 2010 added an extra layer of difficulty to her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Every step felt like an uphill battle. But life has a way of reshaping our priorities, and for Katie, that moment arrived in a way she never anticipated.

Picture this: partial blindness and the diagnosis of early symptoms of multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurological condition. Suddenly, the importance of self-care surged to the forefront. “It was when I started falling ill and grappling with these neurological symptoms that I realized the urgency of looking after myself,” Katie recalls, her voice infused with the gravity of the realization. The experience was a wake-up call, an unignorable nudge to make enduring changes.

But that’s not all. There was another dream that fueled her transformation, a dream many would have dismissed as a lofty aspiration given her struggles with PCOS-related infertility. Katie’s desire to start a family held unwavering strength. These were the building blocks of her metamorphosis.

With determination as her guide, Katie embraced the MyFitnessPal app, meticulously tracking her nutritional intake while overhauling her eating habits. And she didn’t stop there. She dipped her toes into various physical activities, beginning with serene swims and invigorating hikes, eventually embracing the rush of running and the empowering lift of weightlifting. Her resilience became her secret weapon, propelling her toward an improved sense of well-being and the victory of weight loss.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: A Supportive Family

Amidst her journey, a powerful motivator emerged – her family. Over three and a half years, Katie shed an astonishing 150 pounds. But it wasn’t merely a solitary feat; it was a collective triumph. She opens up, her voice softening, “My husband and the kids I hadn’t even brought into this world yet, they were the ones who lit the fire of transformation within me. It wasn’t just my health that changed; my entire existence underwent a beautiful revolution.” Their unwavering support was her guiding light, their belief in her acting as the wind beneath her wings.

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that this is more than a tale of weight loss. It’s a story of resilience, of family, of embracing one’s vulnerabilities, and harnessing them to create a remarkable life shift. Katie Bolden’s journey is a testament to the fact that transformation is fueled by more than just numbers on a scale; it’s nurtured by the human spirit’s unyielding capacity to evolve, guided by love, and ignited by a desire to craft a better, healthier life.

11 of 13: Misty Mitchell’s weight loss success story

In the midst of battling a herniated disk in her lower back, Misty Mitchell found herself facing an uphill struggle. This challenging period led to a series of unfortunate events, including the loss of both her job and her home. Struggling to navigate through these overwhelming circumstances, she turned to alcohol as a way to cope, although this only served to further damage her well-being.

A pivotal moment arrived when, on February 19, 2015, Mitchell braved stepping onto a scale. The numbers that stared back at her painted a stark picture – she was nearly 300 pounds in weight. This realization hit hard, driving home the harsh reality of her situation. Not only was she carrying excess weight, but she was also grappling with alcoholism and battling a smoking habit.

In the face of these harsh truths about her health, Mitchell reached a turning point. The gravity of her predicament could no longer be ignored. It was in this moment that she understood the need for a profound transformation in her life.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Documenting Weight Loss on Social Media

“I didn’t like where my life was headed, and I was just tired of feeling so unhappy,” Mitchell opens up, looking back on her incredible journey. Driven by unwavering resolve, she took that crucial step to revolutionize her entire lifestyle. Almost overnight, she said her goodbyes to alcohol and swapped out those unhealthy food choices for nourishing options like fish and veggies.

Through unwavering dedication, she managed to shed a remarkable 137 pounds in just a little over a year, bringing her weight down to a balanced 159 pounds. With open arms, Mitchell embraced the influence of social media. She decided to chronicle her incredible weight-loss voyage on Instagram. Surprisingly, this platform turned into a powerful ally, a source of motivation that kept her spirits high and her determination unshaken, propelling her forward on this transformative journey.

12 of 13: Rebecca Grafton Bardwell’s weight loss success story

Rebecca Grafton Bardwell had grappled with her weight for as far back as her memory reached. But one day, she decided it was time for a real change, a change that would shape the course of her life. Yet, let’s not paint this journey as a walk in the park. No, it was anything but easy. It spanned two years, marked by Rebecca’s relentless commitment to understanding portion control and hitting the gym regularly. She didn’t let anyone’s opinions deter her – not even a bit.

Her persistence paid off in ways that words can hardly capture – a jaw-dropping 100-pound weight loss. And with this transformation came a renewed sense of vitality and joy, a happiness she had never experienced quite like this.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: Stick to a Healthy Living Plan

According to Rebecca, there’s no secret scroll of wisdom hidden away. It’s simply about eating right and consistently embracing exercise. This isn’t an overnight miracle, mind you. It’s about showing up day after day, sticking to the plan, and letting the power of consistency work its magic.

13 of 13: Karmen Chenelle Orr’s weight loss success story

Karmen Chenelle Orr

Back in 2015, life took an unexpected turn for Karmen and her family. A hit-and-run accident left her husband paralyzed, and the impact was profound. The trauma cast a heavy shadow, plunging Karmen into a deep state of depression. Coping became a struggle, and she found herself seeking solace in all the wrong places – unhealthy eating patterns, no restraint on portion sizes, and daily bouts with alcohol.

This tumultuous period exacted its toll, as her weight started to climb, hitting an all-time high of 19 stone. Then, three years ago, something changed within Karmen. A photo of herself, so unrecognizable, stared back at her from a social media post. That moment marked a turning point.

Determination ignited within her, fueling a decision to take charge of her destiny. But unlike those fleeting “diets” that promise the moon, Karmen opted for a different path. She chose a lifestyle shift. She confronted the culprits head-on – alcohol, fizzy drinks, and the onslaught of processed foods. Instead, she embraced a bounty of healthier choices, crafting recipes that nourished her body.

An integral piece of this transformation was Karmen’s newfound love for crafting fruit and veggie-packed smoothies. These vibrant concoctions became her daily companions, instrumental in her journey toward weight loss. Through unwavering determination and these lifestyle changes, Karmen’s health was reclaimed, and those extra pounds started to fade away. Her life underwent an astonishing transformation, a testament to her resilience and the power of embracing positive change.

Weight Loss Motivation Factor: No alcohol, More Water, and exercising her family

Once Karmen took that brave step to bid farewell to alcohol, a whole new world unfurled before her. It was as if she’d unlocked a vault of time and energy, and she knew she had to channel it into something meaningful. That’s when the spotlight shifted to her fitness venture – a platform brimming with positivity and influence, designed to uplift women from all walks of life, regardless of their shapes, colors, or sizes.

But it didn’t end there. Karmen grasped the essence of weaving exercise into her family’s daily tapestry. It wasn’t just about hitting the gym; it was about infusing each day with movement and vitality. From Monday to Sunday, they championed staying active.

Water, the elixir of life, became another cornerstone of their newfound lifestyle. Karmen and her family embraced hydration like it was their secret weapon. They recognized that maintaining a well-hydrated body is like tending to a cherished garden – the results are undeniable.

And as the days flowed into one another, these changes bore fruit. Karmen wasn’t the only one transformed; her whole family embarked on this journey. Together, they etched healthier, more vibrant lives. Karmen’s decision echoed like a pebble’s ripple in a pond, touching the lives of those she held dear and those she inspired through her platform. In her choices and actions, a symphony of transformation played out – one that resonated far beyond the realm of individual change.

Final Thoughts

The drive to achieve weight loss isn’t just a side note – it’s the heart and soul of your journey. Think of it like the North Star guiding your ship through uncharted waters. But here’s the thing: what sparks that motivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, unique to you and only you.

So, while you’re sailing toward your weight loss destination, give yourself permission to bend a little. Flexibility is key – it keeps you from snapping like a taut bowstring. And oh, those little wins! Don’t ever brush them aside. They’re like golden breadcrumbs marking your path. Celebrate them like confetti raining down on your progress.

You’re no lone ranger on this journey. That’s where the magic of support steps in. Don’t be shy about asking for a hand when you need it. It’s like having a team of cheerleaders on your side – they can push you through those tough patches.

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