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About Cityryde

What Is Cityryde

City Ryde started as a bike sharing company (Bike sharing experts – Bike share sustainable, transportation, consultant.) The business was a huge success at that time and helped hundreds of people. In short –

“CityRyde was the defined, trusted and influential name in the bike share movement who boast a team of credible leaders and subject matter experts well connected to key thought leaders in sustainable transportation worldwide.”

But now Cityryde has changed it’s mission & Owner.

What Cityryde is Now?

CityRyde is now going to become a resources for cycling enthusiastic. We now decided to completely revamp this site where we will be sharing cycling related tips, cycling software, accessories & bike reviews. We also focus a lot on Peloton (new, products, guides, etc.) In short, It now a complete A to Z solution for learning, product reviews and much more.

We also have two editorial teams that will handle technology and gaming related content; we will offer you the best informational articles to help you achieve your goals.

We have helped hundreds of people so far. Now, we are on a mission to help thousands. Join us and let CytyRyde become a worldwide phenomenon.

What I will be sharing?

Why is it worth visiting us? There are at least 7 good reasons:

1. Every day we publish a portion of fresh news from the world of Peloton, sports, technology and gaming.

2. We present proven guides:

  •    tutorials for popular computer programs
  •    hardware guides
  •    online guides
  •    guides for buyers

We show pictures that illustrate the use at each stage. We describe everything in simple language and step by step.

3. We present both single product and comparative tests

  •    program tests
  •    hardware tests
  •    online service tests

4. An excellent source of knowledge is the Opinions section. Here, from different perspectives, they describe current events related to technology.

Like what I share so far?

Don’t forget to connect with me in case you have a suggestion or for business inquiries:

Who Am I?

Hi, My name is Paul & I am the new owner of this site. This is my home and I enjoy helping people as much as I like riding with my bike. I have a healthy obsession to ride hard all the way and sharing my knowledge. I have taken countless of road trip (small to medium) with my bicycle, joined lots of communities, met hundreds of people along the way and moreover, bought hundreds of products to fuel my goal.

This blog is a journey and documentary of what I have experienced so far & what I will be doing in future.

Note: The domain is no more associated with the previous owners.

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