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Welcome To Cityryde.com

Welcome to Cityryde. Cityryde was born as a bike sharing experts. We used to be one of the most known websites in the cycling industry.

Now, as we re-branded our site, we decided to make it a reader friendly and content oriented site. This site is like my second home. I bike, run and swim, and above all, I canicross occasionally with my beloved husky Fidji. Then, when I am free, I enjoy writing about all that stuff to help cyclists & sports enthusiasts like you to explore more.

CityRyde gives you all the tools you need to develop strength, learn more about a few popular sports that you might enjoy; join the cycling & other sports community, and get better.

We have lots of sections where we went deep and wrote some of the most thorough guides on various sports' topics. All of them can be found with a simple click.

But let’s recap what you will find here:

  • Bikes - We will bring you the top products that goes along with cycling.
  • Running - We will bring you some of the most desired and searched topics that goes along with running.
  • Similar activities - We will also tackle similar activities like Canicross, for instance, which is becoming more popular across our country.

Cityryde is a home for everyone who has an affection for staying in good shape through sports. We don’t talk about the boys only. We’re women friendly too. We are going to add women section soon in the coming months & we hope our female readers will find it useful.

Last but not the least!! If you have anything to ask or any suggestions – Please feel free to contact me. I am always looking to connect with my readers.