What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo Special

Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as a legendary figure in the world of football. This Portuguese striker’s career has spanned continents, elevating him to international fame. He boasts the highest number of followers on Instagram and a trophy cabinet rivaled by very few. You might wonder, what makes Ronaldo such an exceptional player?

Dive into our latest CityRyde piece for an insightful examination into what makes Ronaldo excel on the pitch. We’ll delve into his impressive physical attributes, his unshakeable mindset, his masterful technical skills, and his remarkable consistency. For those curious to learn about the secrets behind Ronaldo’s success, this article is tailor-made for you.

Mental And Emotional Fortitude

A key factor in Ronaldo’s football prowess is his mental and emotional resilience. He takes great pride in his elite mindset, which has been honed over years to propel him to greatness.

The mental aspect of football cannot be overstated—it’s often what distinguishes the good players from the truly elite. Let’s take a closer look at why Cristiano Ronaldo’s mentality stands out as particularly robust.

Ronaldo’s Mindset And Determination

Ronaldo realized early on that he had the potential to be among the world’s best, and from that moment, his mind was focused on a singular goal – to become the greatest footballer of all time.

The forward has been quoted as saying, “I know that if I set my mind to something, even if people are saying I can’t do it, I will achieve it.” He holds a strong conviction that belief is the cornerstone of accomplishment, and this philosophy has been a driving force in his ascent to the pinnacle of football.

Physical Attributes

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Abilities

Cristiano Ronaldo’s prowess on the football field can be largely attributed to his remarkable physicality and athleticism. His strength, speed, and agility are complemented by superb coordination and balance, making him a formidable opponent.

His ability to jump high and dominate in the air adds to his threat level during crosses and set pieces, making him nearly unstoppable for defenders. Witness the magic as Ronaldo defies gravity with a spectacular header for Juventus:

During his golden years, particularly at Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s skills were at their peak, marking the most successful period of his career. His knack for scoring was a constant challenge for opposing defenders.

Remarkably, Ronaldo continues to play professionally well into his late thirties, an age when many forwards hang up their boots. The demanding role of a forward often leads to injuries, like frequent hamstring issues due to the need for explosive power. Yet, Ronaldo’s sustained presence on the pitch is a testament to his exceptional physical attributes.

Nutrition And Recovery

Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional physique is no accident. The Portuguese superstar has often highlighted in interviews the importance he places on training, nutrition, and recovery.

While most footballers maintain a solid nutritional regimen, Ronaldo has elevated his approach throughout his career. His gym discipline, elite-level diet, and commitment to proper recovery have distinguished him from others. It’s this unwavering dedication that has allowed him to perform at the pinnacle of the sport for over twenty years, continuing to compete at the highest levels into his late thirties.

How It Contributes To His Success On The Field

Ronaldo’s physical prowess plays a significant role in his on-field success. His superior strength and speed compared to many competitors have allowed him to generate numerous scoring chances throughout his career.

He has the capability to outmaneuver defenders with ease, a skill he has used time and again to net goals. Additionally, his impressive jumping ability gives him an edge, increasing his likelihood of scoring from headers off crosses more than many forwards.

With Ronaldo consistently creating more opportunities to score during games, it’s no surprise that he finds the back of the net more often than many of his peers. This consistent scoring record is what propels him to the top of football statistic charts and cements his status as a football great.

Ronaldo’s Technical Skills

When pondering the question, ‘Why is Ronaldo so good?’ it’s essential to consider his remarkable technical abilities. Ronaldo’s technical prowess is a standout trait that differentiates him from others. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo’s skill set places him among the elite echelon of players in the history of the sport.

Ronaldo’s Style Of Play

Ronaldo’s reputation for powerful strikes and precise finishing is well-founded, along with his flair for effortlessly dribbling past defenders. He’s synonymous with skillful play, often dazzling spectators with his showmanship. It’s a rare game where he doesn’t execute a series of step-overs to the delight of fans.

In his formative years and at the peak of his career, Ronaldo was predominantly a winger, excelling in one-on-one situations on the flanks. He had an unshakeable confidence in his ability to outplay his marker, using a blend of finesse, speed, or strength.

As with many seasoned footballers, Ronaldo has evolved his style of play over time. Shifting to a more central role as a forward, he now leverages his movement in the box to carve out scoring chances. From this position, he capitalizes on his exceptional finishing skills to score a diverse array of goals, further solidifying the reasons behind his footballing excellence.

Consistency And Longevity

A crucial aspect of Ronaldo’s greatness is his sustained performance at the highest level over an extended period. While many footballers experience brief spells of top form, or perhaps a standout season, Ronaldo’s exceptional phase has endured much longer than most. His ability to maintain such high standards year after year sets him apart in the world of football.

Ronaldo’s Ability To Maintain High Performance Levels For Over A Decade

Cristiano Ronaldo’s skill set has enabled him to keep his performance levels incredibly high for more than a decade. From 2007 to around 2021, Ronaldo’s statistics reflect a consistently high standard of play. During this impressive span, there were only two seasons where he netted fewer than 30 goals across all competitions: in 2008/09 with Manchester United, scoring 26 goals in 53 appearances, and in 2018/19 with Juventus, tallying 28 goals in 43 appearances.

Even by the highest standards, these seasons can hardly be considered as lacking success, but compared to the other twelve seasons, his goal-scoring record was nothing short of phenomenal.

2007/09Manchester United4942
2008/09Manchester United5326
2009/10Real Madrid3533
2010/11Real Madrid5453
2011/12Real Madrid5560
2012/13Real Madrid5555
2013/14Real Madrid4751
2014/15Real Madrid5461
2015/16Real Madrid4851
2016/17Real Madrid4642
2017/18Real Madrid4444
2021/22Manchester United3824

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goalscoring record from 2007-2022

The statistics on our table are quite telling. It’s truly remarkable how Ronaldo has managed to consistently produce such impressive numbers year after year throughout his career.

Reasons For His Longevity And Continued Success

Cristiano Ronaldo’s enduring and prosperous football career can’t be attributed to a single factor. It’s the culmination of multiple elements that have synergized to enable him to excel and secure his place among the all-time greats. Here are some key factors contributing to his success:

  • Mental resilience
  • Exceptional dedication to his craft
  • Peak physical condition
  • Technical prowess
  • The ability to evolve with the game
  • A steadfast professional approach.

Legacy And Impact On The Game

Ronaldo’s Place Among The Greatest Footballers Of All Time

Ronaldo has undoubtedly secured his status as one of the greatest footballers in history. While discussions about the top players ever can stir up diverse viewpoints, it’s a fair assessment to place Ronaldo within the top 3–5 of all time.

His statistical achievements are nearly unmatched, and his success across various leagues around the globe only adds to his impressive resume. Unlike some other legends who spent their careers with fewer clubs, Ronaldo has demonstrated time and again his ability to excel at the summit of the sport with multiple teams.

His Influence On The Sport And Future Generations

Ronaldo has become a true icon in the world of football, captivating fans and inspiring countless individuals throughout his illustrious career. His influence extends to nurturing the dreams of the next generation, with his iconic ‘Siu celebration’ being emulated by young players in local parks as well as by professionals on the grand stage.

A testament to Ronaldo’s impact is his mentorship of the young Argentine talent, Alejandro Garnacho. At just 18 years old, Garnacho, who grew up idolizing Ronaldo, found himself sharing the pitch with his hero at Manchester United. Reports suggest that Ronaldo took Garnacho under his wing, offering guidance and advice during their time together in Manchester. Such an opportunity is invaluable, providing Garnacho with firsthand insights from one of football’s all-time greats, shaping him into a promising player with a bright future ahead.

Final Words

The question of why Ronaldo is so exceptional doesn’t require much elaboration. The reasons behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s ascent to the pinnacle of football are evident. His relentless ambition and technical skills, which rank him among the elite 1% of players, have enabled him to maintain a consistent presence at the apex of the sport for more than ten years.


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