Top 10 Biggest Video Game Companies Worldwide

Gaming nowadays is a major hit, outshining other entertainment giants like films and tunes. Game developers are dishing out experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else, making it a pretty sweet spot for raking in the dough. Seriously, the top dogs in gaming are banking billions every year in sales.

Even though the pace has slowed a bit, the gaming world kept on expanding last year. We’re talking a whopping value of over 150 billion bucks in the global games market. The leaderboard for 2023’s heavyweight game makers hasn’t changed much from before.

So, here’s the scoop on the big players – a list of the Top 10 heaviest hitters in the gaming industry for 2023, ranked by their gaming revenue from the last lap around the sun.

Remember, we’re only counting the cash they made from games. Money from other biz? Not part of this game. And even though these companies are tech wizards, we’re not tossing non-gaming software sales into the mix.

1. Sony

Biggest Video Game Companies

In 2023, Sony is still at the top of the gaming world. This Japanese powerhouse pulled in a hefty $28.2 billion from games last year, largely thanks to the PlayStation 5. Launched in 2020, this console quickly became the go-to choice for next-gen gaming fans. But it’s not just about the hardware; Sony’s got some killer games, too. Hits like “God of War” and the “Spider-Man” series come straight from their own studios, Santa Monica Studio and Insomniac Games. Plus, the PlayStation Vita, their portable gaming device, also played a big role in keeping Sony on the throne in the gaming arena.

2. Microsoft

Biggest Video Game Companies

Sitting pretty as the second-biggest name in gaming, the world’s top software maker, Microsoft, bagged about $16.2 billion through its gaming division, Xbox Game Studios. A big chunk of that cash came from the sales of their latest consoles, the Xbox Series X and S. But that’s not all – they’re also in the business of making games themselves or owning the studios that whip them up. Take Mojang, for example. Under Microsoft’s wing, this Swedish studio is the brain behind Minecraft, which has recently clinched the title of the most beloved video game ever.

Back in 2022, Microsoft dropped some major news – they planned to snap up Activision Blizzard for a cool $68.7 billion, setting the record for the priciest deal the video game industry has ever seen.

3. Tencent

Biggest Video Game Companies

The Chinese tech titan Tencent is making waves in the gaming scene, too, raking in a cool $13.9 billion from their gaming ventures. They’ve got a knack for online and mobile games, with hits like PUGB: Mobile and Honor of Kings leading the charge on smartphones everywhere. But it’s not just about the small screen – thanks to the array of game studios they own globally, Tencent’s also a heavyweight in the console and PC gaming market.

One of their crown jewels is Riot Games, the American studio behind the wildly popular League of Legends, with a massive following of gamers playing casually and competitively worldwide. Plus, Tencent’s got its fingers in many other gaming pies, holding stakes in big names like Epic Games and Activision Blizzard from the US, Krafton Game Union from South Korea, and even a slice of the French gaming outfit Ubisoft.

4. Nintendo

Biggest Video Game Companies

Sliding into the number four spot on the list of 2023’s top ten gaming giants is none other than the granddaddy of them all, Nintendo – the longest-running player in the video game industry. They’re not just old school; they’re also the biggest game developer focused solely on video games out there. Last year, Nintendo brought home a hefty $13.8 billion, largely thanks to the ever-popular Nintendo Switch and their legendary Pokemon series. The newest Pokemon game turned out to be yet another chart-topper for them, keeping up its streak as Nintendo’s hottest seller over the past twelve months.

5. Activision Blizzard

Biggest Video Game Companies

Activision Blizzard ranks fifth in 2023’s lineup of video game industry leaders. This powerhouse came to life in 2008 when two American gaming legends, Activision and Blizzard Entertainment, joined forces. With a cool $7.4 billion in revenue last year, this California-based studio continues to bank on its most iconic franchise, Call of Duty. The latest release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, didn’t disappoint, once again fueling the company’s impressive sales figures.

6. Electronic Arts

Biggest Video Game Companies

Electronic Arts, fondly known as EA, is definitely up there with the big names in the gaming world. When it comes to sports games, they’re the undisputed champs. Their heavy hitters like FIFA and Madden are not just the top dogs in the sports gaming scene but also some of the most triumphant video game series out there. But EA isn’t all about sports – they’ve got a bunch of other popular titles too, including life-simulation favorite The Sims, action-packed Battlefield, the classic Medal of Honor, and the high-octane racer Need for Speed.

7. Epic Games

Biggest Video Game Companies

Epic Games grabs the seventh spot among the world’s gaming elite. They’ve been in the game since the ’90s, originally rocking the name “Epic MegaGames.” But in recent years, they’ve really shot up to become a titan in the worldwide gaming market. Their star player is Fortnite, the online battle royale sensation that’s been a hit globally since its debut in 2017. Both Tencent and Sony have a piece of the action, holding minority shares in Epic Games.

8. Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive

Sitting at number eight in the global gaming company rankings, Take-Two Interactive also scores a spot in the top five when it comes to companies focused purely on video games. This outfit is set up as a holding company, with a bunch of game studios under its umbrella that churn out various games across different labels. For instance, their 2K studio is the talent behind the hit NBA 2K series. Meanwhile, blockbuster titles like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption – both heavyweights in the gaming hall of fame – come from Rockstar Games, which is one of Take-Two Interactive’s prized subsidiaries.

9. Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco might be famous for creating toys and all sorts of children’s goodies, but they’ve also been a big name in the video game industry for many years. Ever since Bandai and Namco joined forces in 2005, they’ve carved out a spot for themselves among the gaming giants. They’re the masterminds behind timeless classics like Pac-Man and have had their hand in the Sonic the Hedgehog and Tekken series. This Japanese company has won hearts with its extensive collection of anime-based games, including those from the Dragon Ball universe. And let’s not forget, they’ve recently made waves with their own smash-hit, the Action RPG Elden Ring.

10. Ubisoft


Ubisoft is not just a big player on the global gaming stage; it’s also the top dog among European video game companies. They were trailblazers in taking their games to the world stage. Nowadays, Ubisoft boasts a roster of hit series that gamers can’t get enough of, like the thrilling action-adventure sagas Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, as well as the tactical shooter lineup Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. The French powerhouse has caught the eye of Tencent, which holds a minority stake in the company, too.

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