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Welcome to cityryde !!

I know you might have some questions about who we are and what we do here. So instead of answering questions individually, I decided to prepare a FAQ section where you will get to know more about us and our job as a website owner.

So first, what we do –

We do a lot of things. I recommend you read this about page for more info.

This domain used to be for a service related to bike sharing. But now the ownership has changed but we decide to make it an interesting project and helpful resources for cycling/ bike owners. So we do product reviews, guides, tips and more.

What is a bike sharing program?

Well, in definition, a bike sharing (also known as community bicycle programs) program means a form of environmentally friendly public transportation service. This type of stuff incorporates information technology with shared bicycles to allow for an alternative form of one-way transit that can be used by locals and visitors alike.

It does help a lot of people. For example, many people nowadays like to rent it instead of buying a new one and they enjoy using a bike as a go-to vehicle for office and other moving destination.

In recent years, it has been extremely popular as they give citizens the convenience of using a bike without all the hassles of storing, maintaining or transporting it.

What is possible outcome of using a program like this?

Well, as I said, it has many benefits such as a greater health, creating a better environment, Reduces carbon emissions, inexpensive traveling etc, etc..

Where Can I find Such program?

If you need such a program, I would recommend to do a search on google; you will be amazed of the leads you can get. As per my knowledge, there are 300 + such program actively available at this moment.

What Is Cityryde Going To Cover Now?

We are cyclist enthusiastic people. We go the extra mile, We ride together and committed to bringing an environment-friendly system through cycling. Therefore, you will get to see lots of tips, guides, product reviews etc on this site. From BIKE GPS (cycling software) to heart monitors, Cycling accessories to actual bike reviews, you will see it all.