7 Best Poker Documentaries To Watch

If you’re new to poker, you might think that tuning into tournaments and big championships is the way to go for picking up the game. However, there’s a whole other world of learning out there! Just like in any field, documentaries can be an incredible wellspring of insights. Nowadays, there’s a growing library of films about some of the legendary figures in poker history. To help you dive into this treasure trove, we’ve put together a list showcasing some of the finest poker documentaries out there. These picks have earned high praise from both critics and viewers on various streaming services. Ready to explore? Here are the current top 7 poker documentaries, along with where you can stream them to ensure you’re in the loop!

The Best Poker Documentaries Right Now

Poker’s recent surge in popularity has sparked a wave of legislative changes, especially in big players like the United States, where laws are being updated to embrace online poker and clarify its legal standing. This growing interest isn’t just influencing the rules of the game; it’s also fueling a boom in poker documentaries across various media channels.

Most of these documentaries zoom in on iconic poker personalities, some of whom have reached legendary status. But they’re not just about the people; many delve into different playing strategies, offering valuable tips and insights that can really up the game for newcomers. Whether you’re looking to learn or just be entertained, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting in these films.

1. Drawing Dead: The Highs & Lows of Online Poker

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The 2013 documentary “Drawing Dead,” directed by Mike Weeks, kicks off with the story of Chris Moneymaker’s 2003 WSOP triumph and takes a unique dive into the less glamorous side of online poker. Previously only available in English, it has now reached a wider audience with a Spanish version aired on RTVE’s “Noche Temática” since the start of the year.

What sets “Drawing Dead” apart is its dual narrative. It contrasts the experiences of Dusty Schmidt “Leatherass,” a would-be professional golfer who finds wealth through poker, with Michael Korpi Jr., whose gambling addiction leads to personal ruin. The documentary weaves these real-life stories to present a cautionary tale, prompting viewers to ponder the dangers of not being cautious when learning the game. It underscores the significance of discipline and self-control, virtues upheld by many successful poker professionals in their journeys.

2. Moon Game

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“Moon Game,” despite being a Spanish-language film, unfolds the tale of a young woman climbing the ladder in the world of competitive poker, and it does so with a flair that closely resembles a documentary. This storytelling approach invites viewers to step into the shoes of an amateur player as she ascends through the ranks, mingling with more seasoned competitors.

The narrative lets us feel the thrill and perils of transitioning from a novice to a professional player in a distinctive and immersive way. Directed by Mónica Laguna, this film may have debuted two decades ago, yet it continues to shine brightly in the constellation of Spanish cinema.

3. Life of Cards

Life of Cards

Featuring poker heavyweights like Joe Hachem, Liv Boeree, Daniel Negreanu, and Antonio Esfandiari, “Life of Cards” is a collection of ten short documentaries that offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the most prominent figures in the poker world.

This series is an excellent gateway to understanding the diverse inspirations that propel these players to stay in the game, hone their skills, and it authentically mirrors the everyday lives of these poker luminaries. You can catch this insightful series on the Insight Television website, ready for streaming at your convenience. So, if you’re eager to get a behind-the-scenes look at what drives poker’s best, the net is your go-to destination.

4. That’s Poker: Dans la Peau d’un Joueur

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Looking for a documentary that paints a comprehensive picture of the poker scene? This one’s a top pick. It stars Joseph Hachem, Fabrice Soulier, Luca Pagano, and Isabelle Mercier. The beauty of this film lies in how these four prominent figures represent vastly different approaches and segments within the poker world, offering viewers a panoramic view of the game.

Thanks to its broad perspective, this piece by Hervé Martin-Delpierre stands out as one of the finest poker documentaries available today, even nearly 15 years after its initial release. And the good news? Its vintage status means it’s readily accessible on various free video streaming platforms.

5. Behind the High Roller

Behind the High Roller

This documentary puts the spotlight on Dominik Nitsche, a leading figure in Germany’s poker scene. Filmed in an intimate, off-the-record style, it offers a peek behind the curtain to reveal how he prepares, lives, and experiences the intense adrenaline of playing for some of the highest stakes around.

Despite its shorter duration compared to similar works, this documentary packs a punch with its content. It’s also an invaluable resource for anyone curious about the mindset needed when facing the possibility of winning a million-dollar pot. Both for its candid approach and the richness of its insights, this film has become a favorite among the poker community and enthusiasts alike.

6. KidPoker

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Daniel Negreanu stands out as a titan in the contemporary poker world, and there’s no shortage of documentaries that delve into his background and distinctive approach to the game. Yet, “KidPoker” emerges as the definitive chronicle on the Canadian pro. It’s an essential well of knowledge for anyone looking to understand his perspective on poker, his strategic gameplay, his analytical skills at the table, and his knack for assessing risks.

Crafted by directors Gary Davis and Francine Watson, this documentary has graced platforms like Netflix and has garnered heaps of positive feedback across various sites that specialize in critiquing films, series, and documentaries.

7. Nosebleed

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Among the myriad of poker documentaries with a focus on the online realm, “Nosebleed” stands out as a fan favorite. It’s renowned for debunking myths about online poker and those who play at high stakes. Originating from France, the title refers to the most intense online games that rake in colossal pots, suited only for those who thrive on heart-pounding excitement.

The documentary features Alex Leneau, better known by his online moniker Alexonmoon, and Sebastien Sebic, known in the poker world as Seb86. Both are acclaimed virtuosos of the virtual felt. You can easily find “Nosebleed” on major video streaming platforms like YouTube, complete with English subtitles for a global audience.

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