49 Best Disney Movies of All-time

Whether you see Disney as a beloved creator of dreams, a powerful corporation with world-spanning ambitions, or a big conspiracy pushing a modern ideology, the fact remains that almost everyone has a cherished Disney-branded favorite. Regardless of your stance on Disney movies, it’s hard to deny their legacy of incredible animated classics and some pretty good live-action films, too.

However, not everything the House of Mouse puts out is worth your time. In fact, for every timeless classic, there are at least five little-known direct-to-video sequels, a few forgettable missteps, and, lately, a slew of unnecessary remakes. This can make navigating a vast streaming platform like Disney+ feel quite overwhelming. To assist you in distinguishing the gems like “Wall-E” and “Dumbo” from the less impressive titles like “Mars Needs Moms,” we dove headfirst into Disney’s extensive catalog. We picked out 50 must-see options for your next family movie night, just like Scrooge McDuck diving into his money bin.

Best Disney movies

1. *Pinocchio* (1940)

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Our movie experts have crowned “Pinocchio” as the ultimate animated film ever made. Still, you don’t have to be a history buff to understand why this story of a wooden boy’s quest to become real is Disney’s finest achievement. With Pinocchio’s nose that grows and the unforgettable showdown with a giant whale, the enchanting Blue Fairy, and the heartwarming melody of Jiminy Cricket singing ‘When You Wish upon a Star,’ every moment in this film is truly iconic and breathtaking. It’s suitable for all ages with a G rating.

2. *Toy Story* (1995)

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The sequels amped up the humor, deepened the emotions, and heightened the sense of adventure while enhancing the CGI, but when it comes to pure joy and charm, nothing can surpass the original. To be honest, Andy’s assortment of quirky toys has been a part of our lives for so long that it’s challenging to remember a time when we didn’t know them, as well as some of our closest friends and family. This speaks to the exceptional character development, from the major players to the supporting comedic relief, which was spot-on right from the start.

It’s even more astonishing to think there was a time when Woody and Buzz weren’t the best friends, but that’s indeed the case here. Initially, they had their differences, but they united to tackle their true foe: the toy-wrecking troublemaker, Sid. This heartwarming tale is suitable for all audiences with a G rating.

3. *The Incredibles* (2004)

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Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl find themselves in a tight spot when the government puts the brakes on superhero deeds. While a break might seem like the perfect time to relax and recharge, the itch to thwart evildoers remains strong. Before long, they’re back in action, answering the call of duty.

This is superhero storytelling at its finest, deserving its place alongside the best of Marvel and DC. It’s a family-friendly adventure with a PG rating.

4. *Dumbo* (1941)

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Dumbo stands out as the most unusual member of the circus. This poor elephant with enormous ears endures constant teasing, making life under the big top quite tough. But a remarkable twist reveals that Dumbo’s ears are his ticket to the skies – he can fly! Be prepared for some heartfelt moments and tears, especially whenever you hear the touching ‘Baby Mine’ song, which will surely tug at your heartstrings forever. It’s a family-friendly film with a G rating.

5. *Snow White and the Seven Dwarves* (1937)

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Disney’s initial animated masterpiece revolutionized the world of cinema, and even in today’s era of breathtaking computer-generated imagery, it stands as a remarkable accomplishment. It offers a perfect blend of excitement, spookiness, humor, and enchantment. Few films have endured as magnificently as “Snow White,” and the countless ho-hum remakes, reboots, and adaptations over the years only emphasize the true brilliance of Disney’s creation.

Much like the timeless fairy tale that served as its inspiration, this movie is an enduring source of entertainment. It’s suitable for all audiences with a G rating.

6. *Ratatouille* (2007)

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The rat’s a culinary maestro! This delightfully absurd film revolves around Remy, an aspiring and kind-hearted rodent (given a charming voice by Patton Oswalt) who dreams of becoming a culinary virtuoso. It’s a smart, witty, morally uplifting tale with a captivating storyline.

Who can resist the charm of Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano), a well-meaning yet hapless human under the skillful guidance of Remy? The big question remains: can they win over the Snow White-esque villain, Anton Ego, a power-hungry food critic brought to life by Peter O’Toole? We won’t spoil the enjoyment, particularly for those few who are yet to uncover the delightful ending of this unexpectedly wonderful Pixar masterpiece. It’s a family-friendly film with a G rating.

7. *Up* (2009)

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“Up” surpasses its renowned opening sequence, which can bring even the toughest of hearts to tears. It’s truly a lesson in evoking emotions through storytelling. After the widowed Carl’s house takes flight, the film transforms into a lively adventure filled with far-off places, talking (and flying!) dogs, vibrant birds, and an incredibly determined young scout.

If you’re hungry for more after the movie ends, Disney+ has recently unveiled a collection of short episodes centered on canines titled “Dug Days.” It’s suitable for a general audience with a PG rating.

8. *101 Dalmatians* (1961)

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The legendary baddie, Cruella De Vil, received a makeover thanks to Emma Stone. Yet in this unique tale, she truly lives up to her wicked reputation, fixated on crafting coats from Pongo and Perdita’s adorable pups. The villains in this story are utterly entertaining, just like the charming old-timey London settings. And fear not, since this is a Disney movie – no puppies will part with their fur. It’s a G-rated treat!

9. *Wall-E* (2008)

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Wall-E, an elderly robot, remains Earth’s solitary mechanical inhabitant. Coping with solitude can be tough, but then EVE comes into his life. Pixar demonstrated that a captivating story can be told without big-name voices or extensive dialogue, showcasing the journey of isolated beings, whether they’re humans or computer programs, finding warmth in the chilliest of places. As soon as the humans make their entrance, Wall-E transforms into an uproarious sci-fi comedy. Rated PG for all to enjoy!

10. *The Jungle Book* (1967)

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Mowgli is on a journey to discover his role in the world. Disney’s adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s tale follows this orphaned youngster as he embarks on a quest to uncover his true identity, guided by his animal friends, while also facing the formidable Shere Khan. It’s a G-rated adventure that all can enjoy!

11. *Mary Poppins Returns* (2018)

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Disney’s daring follow-up – 54 years after the original fantasy – pays off wonderfully in Mary Poppins Returns, an anachronistic musical set in gaslit 1930s London. Still, audiences of all ages will enjoy this movie with flashes of humor, such as Emily Blunt’s side-eye wink of an acting performance and her stunning pronunciation skills. Mary (Martha Stewart) takes great pleasure in playing Nanny when, after many years have passed since her nannying days are needed once again. Mary’s umbrella-assisted descent from heaven is sure to win applause; also notable is an appearance by 92-year-old Dick Van Dyke as an unexpected cameo appearance and an energetic dance number by Mary herself (Rated PG).

12. *Toy Story 2* (1999)

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Creating successful sequels is challenging, as the Cars franchise can attest. However, Pixar has consistently worked magic with their beloved characters. The original Toy Story 2 was originally planned as a direct-to-video release, but it expanded the universe of Buzz and Woody. It told a groundbreaking tale of obsessive fandom and perfected Pixar’s trademark mix of humor and heartfelt moments. You’ll have a hard time holding back tears during bubbly cowgirl Jessie’s heart-wrenching backstory. It’s a family-friendly movie with a G rating.

13. *Finding Nemo* (2003)

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Much like other youngsters, Nemo tends to be a bit rebellious. His dad cautions him to stay nearby, but he’s always eager for freedom. However, when Nemo gets lost in the ocean and meets a big, great white shark named Bruce, he starts to see that his father’s advice might have some wisdom. It turns out that sometimes, it’s a good idea to heed your old man’s guidance. This movie is suitable for a family audience with a PG rating.

14. *Bambi* (1942)

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Bambi is a heartwarming and touching tale about an adorable deer finding his way with the support of his forest family and friends. While Bambi’s mother’s tragic fate still tugs at the heartstrings, the moments with Thumper, Flower, and Bambi discovering the ups and downs of love add a delightful touch to the story. It’s a movie suitable for all ages, with a G rating.

15. *Inside Out* (2015)

Inside Out

In Inside Out, a studio known for its ability to stir emotions, creates a movie where emotions come to life. Pixar delves into the thoughts of a teenage girl, turning what could have been a tear-jerker into a funny and enchanting tribute to the human experience (and sometimes, the feline one). Rest assured, you’ll shed tears during the movie, but a lot of those will be tears of laughter. It’s a family-friendly film with a PG rating.

16. *Toy Story 3* (2010)

disney movies

Sequels often fall short of the original, but Toy Story breaks that trend by consistently expanding its magic. While not as deep as Toy Story 4, this touching third installment explores the journey from childhood to adulthood and confronting the realities of life. The final 15 minutes capture Pixar’s heartfelt essence like never before, which is truly remarkable. It’s a family-friendly movie with a G rating.

17. *Cinderella* (1955)

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Cinderella stands out as one of Disney’s most patient princesses. Despite her tough luck and the trials her wicked stepmother and stepsisters put her through, she keeps her hope alive. In the end, her patience pays off when her fairy godmother aids her in meeting a charming prince at the royal ball. You’ll want to watch this classic repeatedly, just as quickly as you can say ‘bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!’ It’s a family-friendly movie with a G rating.

18. *The Little Mermaid* (1989)

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It might be challenging to picture a time when Disney needed a ‘revival,’ but their famous Renaissance era began with this free-spirited retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. Ariel is an idealistic young mermaid who strikes a risky deal with a wicked sea witch to make her dream of marrying a human prince come true. What lingers in everyone’s memory are the enchanting songs. Even if you haven’t watched it since the VHS days, you can still sing ‘Under the Sea’ perfectly. It’s a family-friendly film with a G rating.

19. *Sleeping Beauty* (1959)

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Is Maleficent Disney’s most terrifying villain? While the live-action films with Angelina Jolie may have added some depth to The Horned Queen, the animated version remains the gold standard for animated villains. This timeless classic stands as one of Disney’s most beautifully hand-drawn creations, showcasing a significant advancement in animation artistry. It further cements Disney’s reputation as the top destination for enchanting fairy tales. It’s a movie suitable for all ages with a G rating.

20. *The Lion King* (1994)

disney movies

With all due respect to Willy Shakespeare, this version of Hamlet is in a league of its own. Fans might still debate which of the three major films from the Disney Renaissance is the finest, but The Lion King has undeniably made the most significant impact. It’s no surprise, really; it boasts the best tunes, the most captivating storyline, and the deepest emotional connection. Many of us are still haunted by the emotional intensity of Mufasa’s death. Indeed, ‘Hakuna Matata’ is an unforgettable earworm, and the 2019 ‘live-action’ remake felt unnecessary, but nothing can diminish the lasting impression of the original animated classic in the hearts of ’90s kids. It’s a family-friendly film with a G rating.

21. *Coco* (2017)

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Similar to Inside Out, Coco sees Pixar tiptoeing into the realm of emotional storytelling. In this story, a young boy embarks on a journey to the Land of the Dead to seek his musical idol from the past. But, despite its potentially heavy theme, the movie weaves a vibrant, humorous, and heartwarming tale that explores Mexican culture and the importance of family traditions. It’s accompanied by memorable songs and enchanting creatures. It’s a film that brings the concept of death to life like never before. Suitable for all ages.

22. *The Lady and the Tramp* (1955)

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In this heartwarming canine love story, a refined cocker spaniel and a street-smart pup find love, creating a tale of puppy romance that’s simply irresistible. Even after many years, we can’t help but fall in love all over again when we watch the iconic spaghetti-sharing moment between these two adorable doggos. Suitable for all ages.

23. *Moana* (2016)

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Embark on an incredible oceanic journey with Moana, a spirited Polynesian princess, as she sets sail on a raft with her comical pet chicken to rescue her island from a dreadful curse. This vibrant Disney tale features enchanting songs crafted by Lin Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s remarkable voice acting as a confident demigod called upon to aid her quest. It’s one of Disney’s most energetic recent films, offering a distinctive atmosphere and captivating visuals that set it apart from its other contemporary stories. Suitable for all ages.

24. *The Princess and the Frog* (2009)

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Disney’s modern take on The Frog Prince marked both an end and a beginning: it was their final hand-drawn feature and their first to showcase a Black princess. But beyond these milestones, The Princess and the Frog is an absolute delight. It blends the soulful jazz music of New Orleans with thrilling river-based escapades, endearing characters, and one of Disney’s more formidable villains. It represented the conclusion of one era and the start of another, making it a gem often overlooked in Disney’s treasure trove. Suitable for all ages.

25. *Enchanted* (2007)

disney movies

In a whimsical, self-aware take on the Disney Princess tradition, the charming Amy Adams takes the lead as a royal songbird who gets transported to the real world. The fish-out-of-water humor shines as Princess Giselle discovers that New York City is a far cry from her fairy tale kingdom. It’s even more special with a surprise appearance by the future Elsa, Idina Menzel, in a smaller role, and the beloved Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews, as the narrator.

26. *Tangled* (2010)

disney movies

In this fresh take on the Rapunzel tale, our princess faces a familiar dilemma: trapped in a tower with seemingly never-ending, shampoo-commercial-worthy hair. She’s on the verge of losing hope when an attractive prince arrives on the scene. It’s a new era for Disney, yet the playful humor and catchy songs make a delightful connection between classic fairy tales and contemporary sensibilities. Suitable for all ages.

27. *Mary Poppins* (1964)

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The Banks family could definitely use a bit of relaxation. With the arrival of their enchanting and kind-hearted nanny, Mary Poppins, the children are hopeful that her optimism will rub off on them. This movie had a significant impact by blending the charm of traditional musicals with animation, cementing its status as a timeless classic. The sequel, starring Emily Blunt 54 years later, also managed to hold its own! Suitable for all ages.

28. *Peter Pan* (1953)

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Eternal youth might sound like a dream for Wendy and her two brothers. Their curiosity is piqued when the enchanting Peter Pan and Tinkerbell pay them a visit, sharing tales of their never-ending youth in Neverland. Naturally, Wendy and her siblings decide to explore this intriguing world. However, their adventure takes an unexpected twist, largely due to the presence of the notorious Captain Hook. Suitable for all ages.

29. *Aladdin* (1992)

disney movies

While some of the character portrayals in Aladdin may seem outdated today, the Arabian Nights tale of a clever young lad granted three wishes continues to be one of Disney’s most delightful creations from the ’90s. A significant factor behind its charm is Robin Williams’ rapid-fire portrayal of the genie. Still, beyond the humor, Aladdin’s action sequences, memorable songs, and heartfelt moments make it truly stand out. This film ushered in a whole new world for Disney and animation as a whole, thanks to its use of celebrity voices and computer-assisted art. Suitable for all ages.

30. *Frozen* (2013)

disney movies

In case you’re not acquainted with Disney’s most famous sisters, let’s catch you up: Anna and Elsa became a sensation in 2013, warming even the frostiest hearts. In Frozen, Elsa grapples with her extraordinary icy powers, accidentally plunging her kingdom into an endless winter. Oops! Can her little sister come to the rescue and restore things to normal? Oh, and good luck trying to shake off the film’s unforgettable song, ‘Let It Go’! Suitable for all ages.

31. *Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl* (2003)

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The act of Jack Sparrow is starting to feel a bit tired, but Disney’s inaugural quirky take on their beloved theme-park attraction still provides a lively and enjoyable experience. Ghosts, pirates, daring adventurers, and phantom monkeys all come together in a movie that’s impossible to replicate, no matter how many Disney follow-ups there are. Jungle Cruise might have borrowed the formula, but the original Pirates remains the reigning champion of Disneyland on the silver screen.

32. *Zootopia* (2016)

disney movies

Judy Hopps yearns to be a part of the police force. She leaves her family and farm behind for the lively city of Zootopia, eager to make her dream come true. However, being the first rabbit on the force, her colleagues don’t take her seriously. Fed up with issuing parking tickets, Judy takes on a missing persons case to show her worth.

In her quest, she ropes in the reluctant assistance of sly fox Nick Wilde. Together, they dive into a whirlwind of clues, scandals, near misses, and an unexpectedly profound exploration of issues like racism. This film is rated PG.

33. *Mulan* (1998)

disney movies

Mulan is determined to protect her ailing father from the impending military draft. To achieve this, she hatches a bold plan: disguising herself as a man, an act strictly forbidden. In classic Disney style, there’s a touch of romance in the mix. But beyond that, it’s a remarkable showcase of the action-packed magic that old-school Disney was capable of. This movie is rated G.

34. *Encanto* (2021)

disney movies

Disney’s most recent animation is a lively tribute to the importance of family, featuring a medley of songs crafted by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind Hamilton and Moana. The plot revolves around Mirabel, a young woman grappling with being the sole ‘ordinary’ member in a family brimming with magical talents. Set in the enchanting backdrop of Colombia, where adorable capybaras make an appearance, the movie is a burst of vivid colors and a heartfelt celebration of uniqueness.

35. *The Parent Trap* (1998)

disney movies

Just one summer managed to throw Nick and Elizabeth’s whole plan into chaos. Following a bitter breakup, they each choose different paths, even parting with their twin daughters. Unbelievably, these girls reunite at a sleepaway camp 11 years later.

The red-haired sisters, intrigued by their parents’ history, concoct a scheme to trade places. Can their daring plan lead to a heartwarming family reunion? This film is rated PG.

36. *Raya and the Last Dragon* (2020)

Raya and the Last Dragon

Long ago, dragons roamed the land, but not anymore. This story kicks off a delightful journey, introducing Disney’s very first Southeast Asian princess, Raya, portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran from Star Wars. She embarks on a mission to bring back peace to a kingdom tainted by negativity. Joining her is the spirited dragon Sisu, the last of its kind, brought to life by Awkwafina. This movie, rated PG, promises a joyful adventure, much like Sarah Silverman’s vibrant Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph.

37. *Pete’s Dragon* (2016)

Pete’s Dragon

Disney’s live-action remakes often fall short of the originals, but “Pete’s Dragon” takes a different path. It significantly elevates the uneven original by dropping the musical numbers and embracing a more sincere approach to the story of an orphan and his dragon companion. Surprisingly, this refreshing twist is courtesy of David Lowery, known for directing adult-themed films like “The Green Knight” and “A Ghost Story.” His creative visuals and emotional depth appear to fit perfectly within this Disney reimagining.

38. *Big Hero 6* (2014)

disney movies

No doubt about it: your kids will be bugging you for an adorable inflatable healthcare robot after catching this action-packed yet unexpectedly heartwarming film. Inspired by Marvel comics with the same title, it traces the journey of Hiro Hamada, a young genius in robotics. He joins forces with his late brother’s healthcare robot, Baymax, and a crew of super-smart kids to create a superhero squad. Together, they’re on a mission to bring justice to the villains who caused Hiro’s brother’s demise. This movie is rated PG.

39. *Alice in Wonderland* (1951)

Alice in Wonderland

Before Tim Burton turned it into a billion-dollar live-action spectacle, Lewis Carroll’s increasingly intriguing story of a daydreaming young girl venturing down the rabbit hole into a realm of conversing caterpillars, irritable queens, and anxious hares was truly Disney’s domain. The narrative has a somewhat episodic structure inherent to its essence, yet it continues to captivate with each frame, unveiling something fresh and magnificent at every turn.

40. *Lilo & Stitch* (2002)

Lilo & Stitch

Stitch belongs to Lilo, or at least that’s what Lilo believes. The young girl from Hawaii confuses an extraterrestrial visitor with a cute puppy. Small mix-up, right? But maybe this amusing confusion had a purpose. Stitch starts to grasp the importance of family, also known as “ohana.” It’s quite a departure from Disney’s usual style, but it’s an enjoyable adventure from start to finish. Suitable for all ages.

41. *Fantasia* (1940)

disney movies

It’s the magical blend of fantasy and classical tunes that truly made Mickey famous (with utmost respect for Steamboat Willy, of course). Fantasia stands out as one of Disney’s most innovative movies, where our favorite mouse plays a magician who’s a bit clumsy. Just a heads up: this classic from the 1940s is timeless, but some of its spooky scenes might be a bit intense for the little ones. It’s a G-rated gem.

42. *Monsters, Inc.* (2001)

Monsters, Inc.

Disney and Pixar have had a ton of fun with the adorable working-class monsters Mike and Sully. They’ve taken us through their college days in a successful prequel and even added a spinoff series on Disney+. But their initial journey still shines as the top choice in Monstropolis, filled with hearty chuckles and a warm, fuzzy feeling. You might have a monster’s heart if your eyes stay dry when Boo and Mike bid farewell.

43. *The Muppets* (2011)

The Muppets

Disney acquired the rights to Jim Henson’s zany puppet crew in 2004, long after they were considered trendy. It was Jason Segel, a devoted fan, who gave them a fresh dose of coolness. You could call their first movie in more than a decade a comeback, but it’s not a complete reboot. These are the same beloved Muppets from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, with a plot that’s there just to set the stage for wacky jokes, side-splitting musical numbers (thanks to Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords), and a few touching moments that remind us that amidst all the changes in pop culture, there’s always a spot for these lovable misfits. Perfect for all ages.

44. *Honey, I Shrunk The Kids* (1989)

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Wayne Szalinski firmly believes his inventions are useless. He tosses his shrink ray, unaware that it actually did its job – turning a couple of kids into tiny versions of themselves. You’ll enjoy the enormous ants, but it’s the wonderfully quirky acting of Rick Moranis that’ll make you stick around. Suitable for all ages.

45. *Pocahontas* (1995)


Disney embarks on a captivating journey to the past, introducing us to a historical figure through the enchanting lens of a musical romance. Step back in time to the 17th century, where we meet the spirited Pocahontas, a Native American heroine with a heart full of courage. Her world turns unexpectedly when she crosses paths with Captain John Smith, a colonist. Their love story, forbidden by her disapproving father, adds a layer of drama to the tale.

Although this movie takes creative liberties with the true historical events, it doesn’t shy away from delivering important messages. It encourages acceptance and highlights the significance of environmentalism. These timeless themes resonate deeply with audiences of all ages. As a family-friendly film, it’s rated G, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy.

46. *The Incredibles 2* (2018)

The Incredibles 2

The beloved super-powered Parr family is back in action in this exciting sequel, with a spotlight on Elastigirl. A mission takes a troublesome turn, leading the government to close the Superhero Relocation Program, leaving our heroes in financial turmoil.

Elastigirl gets an offer from a media and telecoms corporation to make ends meet and restore the superhero’s reputation. However, as you might guess, not everything is as it appears. It’s up to the rest of the family to step in and help. This thrilling adventure is suitable for all ages and carries a PG rating.

47. *Brave* (2012)


Brave takes us on a journey, blending tradition with modern storytelling. The setting is medieval Scotland, a realm where a spirited young princess named Merida leads the way. Here, you’ll encounter witches, venture into mysterious forests, and even meet some incredibly expressive bears.

Yet, it’s a world that defies the traditional fairy tales we know. No Prince Charmings in sight; every potential suitor for Merida is a bit of a square. Instead, this film delves into Scottish folklore, exploring the intricate dynamics of mother-daughter relationships.

The animation is a testament to the 21st century, with Merida’s fiery red hair alone being a sight to behold. This cinematic adventure, suitable for all ages, carries a PG rating.

48. *Wreck-It Ralph* (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph

Take a thrilling journey into the world of an imagined arcade game universe where nostalgia meets ingenuity. Meet Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, who may break buildings in an old-school 8-bit game reminiscent of ‘Donkey Kong,’ but he dreams of being a hero.

Venturing deep into the arcade’s inner workings, Ralph seeks a new game that will give him a different role. Yet, he gets stuck in the pink and peppy realm of Sugar Rush Speedway, a girl-dominated go-kart race. Here, he teams up with the charming Vanellope, played by Sarah Silverman, both outcasts looking to beat the system at its own game.

This fun-filled adventure is suitable for all ages and carries a PG rating.

49. *Hercules* (1997)


Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and featuring a lively gospel-infused soundtrack, Hercules weaves the tale of a unique young man born of both humanity and divinity. This rare blend of heritage cost him his immortality, but the opportunity to reclaim it and secure a spot among the revered gods of Mount Olympus beckons.

Hercules stands out as late-period Disney at its quirkiest, a gem hidden in the treasure trove of the world’s most prolific animation studio. Its charm often goes unnoticed, making it an underrated classic. The film is suitable for all audiences, earning a G rating.

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