Faith Based Movies: 10 Best Films Set in Modern Times

In recent years, Christian films have experienced a surge in popularity. The silver screen has been graced by a fresh wave of these faith based movies. Many of these gems originate from independent creators, far from the glitz of Hollywood. They not only embrace the timeless teachings of the Christian faith but also capture the triumph of the human spirit, demonstrating that unwavering faith and determination can conquer even the most formidable challenges.

While most Christian films share common values, they tend to fall into two main categories: those that retell biblical stories and those that unfold in contemporary settings. The former includes well-known titles such as “The Passion of The Christ,” “Risen,” “Ben Hur,” and “Samson.” On the other hand, modern-day Christian films delve into the application of Christian principles in the lives of present-day characters. Today, we’ll shine a spotlight on the finest examples from this latter category.

1. *Beyond the Mask*

Faith Based Movies

The Burns Family Studios presents a grand adventure, “Beyond the Mask.” The story revolves around William Reynolds (played by Andrew Cheney), a former mercenary now leading the life of a vicar, striving to redeem his troubled past to win the heart of the woman he loves, Charlotte Holloway (portrayed by Kara Killmer). His path to love takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that Charlotte’s uncle is none other than his former boss, Charles Kemp (depicted by John Rhys-Davies), who harbors ill will towards Will. To clear his name and make amends, Will embarks on a journey, protecting the innocent and fighting for American freedom.

This period action-adventure film boasts breathtaking sets and costumes, bringing historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to life with exceptional portrayals. While the story unfolds in the distant past, some 1700 years after the events of the New Testament, it’s a unique historical drama that weaves Christian messages into its narrative.

2. *Breakthrough*


Derived from Grant Nieporte’s real-life account in “The Impossible,” the 2019 Christian drama “Breakthrough” boasts an exceptional ensemble cast. Leading the way is Chrissy Metz, known for her role in “This Is Us,” alongside Josh Lucas, Topher Grace, and Mike Colter. The story’s heart revolves around 14-year-old John, who falls through the ice on a lake and remains submerged for a harrowing 15 minutes, leading to a medically induced coma. In this dire situation, John’s parents, Brian (played by Lucas) and Joyce (portrayed by Metz), cling to their faith and the power of prayer, hoping for their beloved son’s miraculous recovery.

The film’s song, “I’m Standing With You,” achieved recognition with an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. Furthermore, it earned the prestigious title of “Inspirational Film of the Year” at the GMA Dove Awards, an event that celebrates the Christian music industry. In a heartfelt review, the San Francisco Chronicle even declared that “Breakthrough” may be the first faith-based Hollywood film with broad, universal appeal.

3. *God’s Not Dead*

Faith Based Movies

Imagine a scenario where college freshman Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper) finds himself facing an unusual demand from his philosophy professor, Professor Radisson (portrayed by Kevin Sorbo). The request: write “God is Dead” on a piece of paper and renounce his faith. Instead of backing down, Josh Wheaton takes up Professor Radisson’s challenge. He agrees to defend the opposing viewpoint, aiming to prove that, as the movie’s title suggests, “God’s Not Dead.”

In embracing this daunting task, Josh risks his academic standing as he goes head-to-head with his uncompromising professor. Against all odds, Josh emerges victorious in the classroom debate, affirming that God is indeed very much alive. The success of “God’s Not Dead” gave rise to three compelling sequels, each exploring different facets of perceived challenges within the Christian community.

4. *I Can Only Imagine*

christian movies

“I Can Only Imagine” is another remarkable film, taking its name and inspiration from a profoundly successful Christian song that even found its way into mainstream popularity. This cinematic experience allows audiences to delve into the real-life narrative behind MercyMe’s iconic song, “I Can Only Imagine.” The story revolves around Bart Millard, MercyMe’s lead singer, who endured both physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father, Arthur.

Despite the hardships, Bart refused to give up on his relationship with his father. As fate would have it, when Arthur becomes seriously ill, Bart seizes the opportunity to reconnect with him, eventually reconciling before his father’s passing. This deeply personal journey serves as the catalyst for Bart to create and compose the song that has touched the hearts of so many.

5. *Soul Surfer*

Faith Based Movies

Soul Surfer is an amazing movie that shares the real-life journey of surfer Bethany Hamilton, played by Anna Sophia Robb. She faced a tough challenge after a tiger shark took her left arm, but she was determined to get back in the water. This 2011 film is based on her book, ‘Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Fight to Return to the Surfboard,’ written in 2004.

In the story, Bethany confronts the shark attack and realizes her calling to positively impact the lives of those around her. Even with the painful memories of the shark’s bite, Bethany comes back to the waves, revealing the incredible strength of bravery and faith to the world.

6. *Heaven Is for Real*

Faith Based Movies

The deeply moving 2014 film “Heaven Is for Real” narrates the touching tale of a four-year-old boy who insists he visited Heaven after a near-death experience that landed him in the hospital. The story also follows his parents’ struggle as they grapple with their child’s profound knowledge and spiritual journey. It stars Greg Kinnear in a prominent role and features Kelly Reilly from “Yellowstone,” who portrays the boy’s skeptical and bewildered parents. They set out on their own personal journeys to understand their son’s seemingly impossible claims.

This movie is based on the best-selling New York Times novel and achieved significant success at the box office. It became the second highest-grossing Christian film of all time and earned an A CinemaScore from audiences. Critics were captivated by the powerful performances and thought-provoking theological discussions in the film, which encouraged dialogue about faith and the concept of Heaven. This remains one of the most heartwarming faith based movies.

7. *I Still Believe*

Faith Based Movies

Jeremy Camp, the Christian rock artist, is a firm believer in the enduring presence of hope, even when faced with overwhelming loss. He conveys this unwavering belief in his widely recognized song with lyrics that say, “I still believe in Your faithfulness, ’cause I still believe in Your truth, even when I don’t see, I still believe.”

His life story is brought to the screen in an autobiographical film bearing the same title, “I Still Believe.” The film delves into Jeremy’s personal journey of faith and courage, a journey marked by profound loss as he watched his wife battle and succumb to cancer. In those moments of apparent despair, Jeremy found the inner strength to persevere.

“I Still Believe” boasts emotionally charged and compelling performances from its two leading stars, KJ Apa and Britt Robertson, who deliver powerful portrayals. Additionally, Shania Twain makes a notable appearance in the film, adding to its allure.

8. *Fireproof*

Faith Based Movies

“Fireproof” marked the breakthrough success for the filmmaking duo, the Kendrick brothers, who both authored and directed this impactful movie. The story revolves around firefighter Caleb Holt, portrayed by Kirk Cameron, a man skilled at extinguishing blazes but struggling to quell the flames of discord between himself and his wife, Catherine, played by Erin Bethea.

Instead of watching their marriage go up in smoke, Caleb resolves to salvage it, clutching a lifeline in the form of “The Love Dare,” a Christian self-help book gifted to him by his father. Although initially hesitant, Caleb embarks on a 40-day journey to reignite the passion in his marriage.

In addition to “Fireproof,” the Kendrick brothers have crafted numerous other successful Christian films, such as “Facing the Giants,” “War Room,” and “Overcomer,” solidifying their reputation as influential filmmakers in this genre.

9. *I’m Not Ashamed*

I’m Not Ashamed

Prepare to have your tissues at the ready as you watch this upcoming film, which delves into the tragic events of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, a dark chapter in American history. On April 20, 1999, in Colorado, this notorious incident became one of the earliest mass school shootings.

Among the students at Columbine High School was Rachel Joy Scott, whose unwavering faith inspired those around her. Despite her challenges on her faith journey, she held a steadfast belief that God remained in control, even during her final moments. Tragically, she became the first victim of the shooters.

Today, Rachel’s legacy endures through an organization called Rachel’s Challenge. It is a non-religious, non-profit, and non-political group dedicated to preventing gun violence in schools, founded by Rachel’s parents, Darrell and Sandy Scott.

10. *Miracles from Heaven*

Miracles from Heaven

With unwavering faith and remarkable courage, the Beam family experienced an extraordinary miracle through their daughter, Anna. The upcoming movie is inspired by the heartfelt memoir, “Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing.”

This inspiring film narrates the life of Anna Beam, portrayed by the talented Kylie Rogers, who battles a rare, incurable condition. Her illness prevents her from digesting food and offers a grim prognosis. However, her life takes an astounding turn when she accidentally tumbles from a tree. Instead, what should have been a fatal fall appears to cure her, leaving everyone astounded. Jennifer Garner delivers a stellar performance in this emotionally charged movie.

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