Movie About Mountain Biking: Best 30 Films to Watch Right Now

If you’re looking for some real inspiration to hit the outdoors and improve your mountain biking skills, just tune in to a great movie about mountain biking where the pros are tearing up those challenging trails and conquering unbelievable obstacles. They pull off some really wild stuff.

But, hey, I’m not saying you should watch these flicks and then rush outside to try launching off your roof – definitely NOT that. What I’m saying is, spending some cozy time on your couch watching these skilled athletes can help you understand the sport better and maybe even up your own biking game.

So, here’s the deal: I’ve gathered up the finest freeride and downhill mountain biking movies that are out there. These films will leave you excited and, I bet, a little awestruck. So, grab your popcorn and your favorite drink, and get ready to enjoy these 30 amazing mountain biking movies that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

#1st Movie About Mountain Biking: *The Collective*

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Way back in 2004, when mountain biking was really catching on, The Collective burst onto the scene as one of the very first mountain bike movies ever made. This film tracks the journey of freeride mountain biking and the riders who boldly pushed its limits to shape the sport we know today. It’s a true classic, no doubt about that!

While you won’t witness the massive tricks and incredible features that today’s pros are tackling, you will come away with a richer understanding and a deepened admiration for how the sport has transformed over time.

This 42-minute film features many riders: Geoff Gulevich, Darren Berrecloth, Matt Hunter, Ryan Leech, Tyler Klassen, Jordie Lunn, Steve Romaniuk, Tyler Morland, Andrew Shandro, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons, and Dave Watson – all taking the spotlight.

#2nd: *ROAM*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Back in 2006, something big happened – The Collective unveiled ROAM, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. What they pulled off in that film was like nothing anyone had seen before – seriously, some of those tricks and features were beyond imagination. And you know what? It gave mountain biking a brand new dimension.

Sure, times have changed. Nowadays, the features might be even more massive, and riders might be pushing their limits even further. But you know what hasn’t changed? ROAM’s status as a true classic. It’s still right up there, holding its ground.

This 44-minute film features many riders: Andrew Shandro, Darren Berrecloth, Thomas Vanderham, Tyler Klassen, Wade Simmons, Jordie Lunn, Ryan Leech, Steve Romaniuk, Matt Hunter, Geoff Gulevich, Cam McCaul, Tyler Morland, Nathan Rennie, Steve Peat, and Ryder Kasprick.

#3rd: *Seasons*


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Now, let’s chat about The Collective’s third big mountain bike adventure – Seasons. It’s every bit as awesome as those first two films (remember them?). This time, they take us on a ride with seven of the planet’s best riders, showing us what it’s like to pedal through all four seasons as a full-time pro rider.

They’ve got it all covered – from freeriders gearing up for the epic Red Bull Rampage to downhill riders aiming to clinch that gold at the world cup. Seasons is a real journey through the highs and lows of being a top rider, and it’s a story you won’t want to miss.

This 1-hour movie from 2008 features many riders: Andrew Shandro, Darren Berrecloth, Thomas Vanderham, Steve Peat, Matt Hunter, Steve Smith, and Cam McCaul.

#4th Movie About Mountain Biking: *Three Minute Gaps*

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Have you ever stopped to think about what it really means to be a pro downhill mountain bike racer? Well, this here is a whole movie that spills the beans. It’s like a deep dive into the world of top-notch DH racers and just how intense the competition can get.

The story takes us right into the 2010 DH World Series, shadowing these racers as they tear down the tracks. Now, fair warning, it might not have that same “destination” allure like some other films, but if the names Gee Atherton, Greg Minnaar, and Sam Hill ring a bell, I’m willing to bet you’re in for quite the captivating ride.

This 79-minute film from 2011 features many riders: Gee Atherton, Aaron Gwin, Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough, Sam Blenkinsop, Greg Minnaar, Danny Hart, Andrew Neethling, Matti Lehikoinen, Josh Bryceland, and Ben Reid.

#5th: *Won’t Back Down*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Won’t Back Down Is all about Steve Peat, a true legend in downhill mountain biking. The film takes you through his entire journey, the ups, the downs – everything that shaped his life and career. And let me tell you, his story is something else.

What’s even more amazing is that during the tough times of the pandemic, when we were all cooped up at home, Steve Peat decided to do something awesome. He actually released this very documentary for free! Can you believe it? It’s like he wanted to spread some positivity and keep us entertained while we were stuck indoors.

He even said, “To make your time in isolation a bit better and to hopefully keep you smiling at home, we’re putting ‘Won’t Back Down’ up online without any charge.” That’s not just the story of his mountain biking journey, it’s a lesson in the history of downhill biking and our wonderful sport overall. So, go ahead and enjoy it, everyone. Cheers.”

This 114-minutes movie from 2014 features many riders: Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Gee Atherton, Jason McRoy, Sam Hill, Greg Minnaar, Rob Warner, and Nicholas Vouilloz.

#6th: *Return to Earth*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Return to Earth is like a movie adventure, showing skilled bikers having a blast on their bikes all over the world. It’s kind of artistic, like those shows where David Attenborough talks about our planet. But trust me, it’s worth your time if you’re itching for a bit of travel excitement. It might even make you think about ditching your job and setting off on an amazing biking journey across the globe.

“[Time] is something we’ve got, right? Until suddenly, we don’t. But what truly counts is how we spend it.” – From Return to Earth

This 47-minute film from 2019 features many riders: Brett Rheeder, Casey Brown, Ryan Howard, Brandon Semenuk, Matt Hunter Jackson Goldstone, Thomas Vanderham, Dane Jewett, Jakob Jewett, Tahnee Seagrave, Kade Edwards, Kaos Seagrave, Joey Schusler, Emil Johansson, Thomas Genon, Carson Storch, and Reed Boggs.

#7th Movie About Mountain Biking: *UnReal*

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This mountain bike movie is seriously one of my favorites. You absolutely can’t miss the epic part in UnReal where Brandon Semenuk pulls off this incredible scene on his bike. And get this, there are no fancy film cuts in it – it’s all one continuous shot. Trust me, once you watch it, you’ll totally know which part I’m talking about. But wait, there’s more! The rest of the movie is just as awe-inspiring and uplifting.

This 45-minute film from 2015 features many riders: Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk, and Brett Rheeder.

#8th: *North of Nightfall*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Imagine this: five riders embarking on a journey up to the Arctic Circle, all set to uncover these huge mountain bike trails on the isolated and empty island of Axel Heiberg. Let me be real with you, North of Nightfall isn’t exactly my top pick when it comes to mountain bike videos (even though the way it’s filmed is seriously impressive). But hey, it’s still worth giving it a go, especially if you’ve already checked out most of those iconic ones.

This 63-minute film from 2018 features many riders: Darren BerreclothTom Van Steenbergen, Carson Storch, and Cam Zink.

#9th: *Life Cycles*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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This incredible mountain bike film takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes. Using mountain bikes as a tool, it delves into the concepts of creation and destruction in the most exquisite, dramatic, and unforgiving corners of nature.

This 45-minute film from 2010 features many riders:

Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, Mike Hopkins, Cameron McCaul, Thomas Sanderham, Brandon Semenuk, Evan Schwartz, Graham Tracey, and Riley McIntosh.

#10th Movie About Mountain Biking: *Accomplice*

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Come along with some of the finest riders as they embark on a global adventure, exploring our world on one of humanity’s most remarkable creations: the bicycle.

This 52-minute film from 2020 features many riders: Graham Agassiz, Kurt Sorge, Nico Vink, Garett Buehler, Hannah Bergemann, Andreu Lacondeguy, Cameron Zink, Veronique Sandler, Tom van Steenbergen, Jaxson Riddle, Ethan Nell, Paul Basagoitia, Carson Storch, Tyler McCaul, Cam McCaul, Brandon Semenuk, and Erik Fedko.

#11th: *VISION*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Guess what, folks? We’ve got a treat in store, especially for all you wonderful ladies out there! Can you believe that it’s only in the recent years that women have truly stepped into the world of mountain biking? But hey, the time has arrived to shine that spotlight on them, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Just think about it – we now have incredible female riders making waves in the mountain biking scene. Names like Rachel Atherton, Tahnée Seagrave, Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto, and Veronique Sandler (and so many more talented women) are taking the stage and giving us jaw-dropping performances. And trust me, there’s a whole lot of amazing footage waiting to be captured.

This 52-minute film from 2019 features many riders: Veronique Sandler, Tahnée Seagrave, and Brendan Fairclough.

#12th: *Follow Me*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Back in 2010, Anthill Films, which used to go by The Collective, released a film called Follow Me. And let me tell you, with every passing year, the filming, the riding, and the excitement just kept getting more awesome. This film was a real gem, no doubt about it. But here’s the twist that makes me raise an eyebrow: the whole idea behind the movie is all about “no one rides alone.” They really drove home the point that our best biking moments are when we’re out there with our pals, having a blast.

But you know what’s a tad ironic? Not a single female rider in sight throughout the entire film. I totally understand that it’s been a decade since it came out, but still, it leaves you thinking…

This 44-minute film features many riders: Sam Hill, Brandon Semenuk, Gee Atherton, Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter, Thomas Vanderham, Ben Boyko, Kurt Sorge, Geoff Gulevich, and Steve Smith.

#13th Movie About Mountain Biking: *8600FT*

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If you’ve ever taken on The Whole Enchilada in Moab on a bike, you’ll understand the sheer craziness of even thinking about pedaling your way up. But guess what? The incredible pro-rider Braydon Bringhurst went ahead and did just that.

In the captivating film “8600FT,” Bringhurst takes on the daunting challenge of scaling all 8600 feet of The Whole Enchilada, right from its base to the very top. The movie captures his journey beautifully, and I have to admit, it’s incredibly inspiring. Yet, I’ll be honest, it’s definitely not something I’ll ever be attempting myself.

This 2022 movie lasts roughly 92 minutes.

#14th: *Esperanto*


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In 2022, a film called Esperanto was put out by Teton Gravity Research. This film takes us into the world of mountain biking and introduces us to riders who come from different corners of the globe. What’s amazing is that regardless of where they’re from, their gender, the language they speak, or even where they live, there’s a language that unites them all: the language of two wheels.

This 59-minute film features many riders: Alma Wiggberg, Blake Hansen, and Andreu Lacondeguy.

#15th: *Where the Trail Ends*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the early days of freeriding. “Where The Trail Ends” stands as a heartfelt tribute to those riders who kickstarted the whole freeride revolution. Imagine a film that shadows twelve amazing mountain bikers, all at the top of their freeriding game. They’re on a mission, scouring the globe from China to Argentina and even farther, all in pursuit of untouched, untamed terrain that’s perfect for their daring rides.

This 81-minute film from 2012 features many riders: Darren Berrecloth, Garett Buehler, Robbie Bourdon, James Doerfling, Jack Ho, Doug Green, Andreu Lacondeguy, Mike Kinrade, Cam McCaul, Mingmar Sherpa, Tyler McCaul, Cam Zink, and Kurt Sorge.

#16th Movie About Mountain Biking: *One at A Time*

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There’s no denying Brett Rheeder’s incredible talent. Picture this: he’s clinched gold medal after gold medal in freestyle mountain bike contests across the globe, and those Red Bull Rampage victories? They’re like precious gems in his crown.

Now, let me introduce you to “One at a Time.” This film is a journey through Brett’s 2018 season, capturing every high and low, each triumph and setback along the way. It’s a story that paints the picture of a dedicated athlete’s rollercoaster ride.

This 59-minute film from 2019 features Brett Rheeder.

#17th: *Reverence*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Venturing into the realm of fear. Have you ever wondered what drives professional mountain bike athletes to embark on their daring feats? Whether it’s hurtling down a steep Downhill trail at speeds that boggle the mind or launching themselves off enormous jumps, relying on nothing but hope and determination, this film takes a deep dive into the minds of these exceptional athletes. Its aim? To grasp the reasons behind their fearless pursuits and unravel the methods they employ to conquer their inner demons.

This 60-minute film from 2018 features many riders: Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Dan Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Tyler McCaul, Gee Atherton, Matt McDuff, and James Doerfling.

#18th: *Builder*


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Curious about the magic behind creating those speedy, smooth, and enjoyable mountain bike trails? Well, this film is here to uncover the secrets (yep, pun intended) behind the craftsmanship and science of planning, designing, and constructing trails. You’ll be captivated as top-tier mountain bikers from around the globe share their insights on the intricate process of shaping the ultimate trail. Prepare to be amazed – it’s quite the captivating journey!

This 49-minute film from 2015 features many riders: Aaron Chase, Brian Lopes, Adam Hauck, Chris Kovarik, Garett Buehler, Darren Barrecloth, Jackson Goldstone, Geoff Gulevich, James Doerfling, Matt MacDuff, Mark Matthews, Mike Kinrade

#19th Movie About Mountain Biking: *Biketown*

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Biketown, a 40-minute film released in 2022, is all about some pretty surprising friendships. You’ve got these mountain bikers, right? They’re all about finding these super cool trails to ride on. But here’s the twist: as they have their fun, they’re also changing up whole communities where they do their biking thing.

This film takes you on a journey to four different towns in the US. There’s Chisholm, Minnesota, then Bellingham, Washington, also Snowshoe, West Virginia, and oh, not to forget Pacific City, Oregon. In each of these spots, Biketown shows you the history of how trails were built, how people spoke up for them, and of course, all the awesome riding action.

Now, what’s really neat is how this movie tells the tale of mountain bikers teaming up with regular folks who own land and the government folks who take care of public lands. All of them are changing these communities in some really cool ways.

#20th: *Riding the Tatshenshini*

Mountain Biking movies

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Join Darren Berrecloth, a local mountain biking legend, and his group of friends as they embark on an incredible adventure in the heart of Canada’s Yukon territory. If you’re a fan of thrilling rides combined with daring escapades, this is the film that will captivate you.

Imagine cycling through untamed paths with the majestic Tatshenshini river as your guide, covering a jaw-dropping distance of 260km while towing your bikes along. The journey takes them across Canada’s rugged terrain, revealing unseen vistas and unexplored trails.

As the sun sets, they set up camp under the vast expanse of stars, occasionally sharing their space with curious bears. The backdrop is nothing short of breathtaking, with towering mountains and expansive landscapes. The excitement of this grand expedition, filled with highs and lows, unfolds before your eyes without any of the inconveniences of camping or surviving on canned food. It’s a triumph all around. So, if you’re ready for a mountain biking odyssey that blends adrenaline with nature’s beauty, this is the ultimate winner for you.

#21st: *Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Greatness*

Mountain Biking movies

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In this film, MacAskill teams up with mountain biking legends Gerhard Czerner and Hans Rey. Their mission? To conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing at a whopping 5,895 meters, the challenge isn’t just the rugged volcanic terrain, but also the high altitude. The air up there is so thin that even skilled riders like MacAskill find it incredibly tough.

It’s a test unlike any other these three have faced. Can they push through the effects of altitude and the scarcity of oxygen to make it to the mountain’s peak? And once they’re at the top, will the thrill of the descent match up to the grueling journey upwards?

Exciting, isn’t it? This adventure is a whole new kind of challenge for MacAskill, Rey, and Czerner.

#22nd Movie About Mountain Biking: *Motive*

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What makes you hop on a bike and go for a ride? That’s exactly what this movie aims to find out. Meet Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, Matty Miles, Finn Iles, Garret Mecham, and Matt Hunter – they’re the ones who step up with answers.

If you’re someone who enjoys bike films that pull you in and showcases some of the planet’s greatest all-around riders, then this movie is crafted just for you. You’ll practically sense the rich soil of the Sunshine Coast slipping away beneath your bike’s tires, or feel the rush of wind as you take flight off a Californian dirt jump. By the time the credits roll, you’ll find yourself craving a two-wheeled adventure like never before.

#23rd: *EMIL – The Next Chapter*

EMIL – The Next Chapter

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Just imagine, one moment you’re out there pushing your limits, conquering slopestyle competitions all around the globe, and proudly wearing the title of FMB world champion. But then, in what feels like the blink of an eye, you find yourself grappling with an autoimmune ailment. This jeopardizes your well-being and puts your dreams of scaling those heights and experiencing the thrill of riding again in jeopardy.

This very scenario was the reality that Emil Johansson, the slopestyle sensation, encountered back in 2018. And now, “The Next Chapter” beautifully captures the saga of his relentless battle to reclaim his former glory. It’s a direct continuation of the 2019 documentary, “Every Mystery I’ve Lived.” If there ever existed a film that truly makes you value all that you hold dear, well, this right here is the one.

#24th: *Gamble*

Mountain Biking movies

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Get ready to witness the true champions of downhill mountain bike racing as they steal the spotlight in Gamble. This film puts the spotlight on incredible riders like:

  • Greg Minnaar;
  • Brook Macdonald;
  • Loïc Bruni;
  • Mark Wallace;
  • Connor Fearon;
  • Sam Blenkinsop;
  • and Finn Iles.

They’re breaking free from the narrow confines of the race track to dominate various spots across the globe such as:

  • New Zealand;
  • Argentina;
  • South Africa;
  • and Canada.

Gamble is all about embracing the wild, embracing the need for speed, and a touch of unbridled madness.

#25th Movie About Mountain Biking: *Lars Forster: Way to the Top*

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The ups and downs, they’re all just part and parcel of bike racing, something anyone can relate to. In “Way to the Top,” these very dynamics take center stage. The documentary delves into Lars Forster’s 2019 journey through the Mercedes-Benz UCI Cross-country Mountain Bike World Cup season, laying bare the entire experience.

When 2019 kicked off, Forster was at the peak of his game, boasting an array of impressive victories on the global circuit. He even clinched a triumph at South Africa’s Cape Epic alongside Nino Schurter. But then, a wrench was thrown into the works – a leg injury during the inaugural World Cup in Albstadt cast a shadow over his season. The question loomed: Could Forster bounce back from both the physical and mental hurdles of that injury to once again rise to the zenith of his sport? The answer lies in watching, waiting to see if he’ll conquer it all.

#26th: *Way Back Home*

Mountain Biking movies

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Here’s a treat for all you fans of amazing bike tricks – it’s the latest video featuring the beloved Scottish trials rider, Danny MacAskill. In “Way Back Home,” join Danny as he takes us on a journey from the bustling city of Edinburgh to his cozy family spot in Dunvegan, nestled on the breathtaking Isle of Skye.

From grand castles to rugged coastal defenses, benches to old phone boxes, he gracefully flips and expertly whips his way through the stunning and untamed landscapes. But this film is more than just a showcase of his incredible skills – it’s a heartfelt tribute to the Scottish scenery itself, showcasing how this rider makes art out of its unique contours and features. By the time the credits roll, you might just find yourself sketching out plans for your own adventure, be it amidst Scotland’s rugged terrain or in some distant corner of the world.

#27th: *Originate: Formation*


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Originate isn’t your typical film series. It’s like this: Michelle Parker, the fearless backcountry freestyle skier, is its star. But here’s the twist – it’s showing up in a lineup meant for MTB films. How does that add up? The story leads us to the vast Utah desert in the USA.

Now, let’s talk about Formation. You might’ve caught wind of it before – an event dreamed up by freeride mountain biker Katie Holden. She wanted to see what could unfold if she gathered the crème de la crème of female riders in the mountain biking realm and set them loose to explore an old Red Bull Rampage spot.

Think about it: Tahnée Seagrave, Casey Brown, Veronique Sandler, Micayla Gatto, Vaea Verbeeck, and Hannah Bergemann. They’re the architects, carving out lines and unleashing seriously awesome rides. Just like in Rampage, it’s all about the camaraderie, backing each other up, and showcasing pure skill. And this is where Michelle Parker, no stranger to taking daring dives down mountainsides, steps into the picture.

This film is your ticket to uncovering the remarkable tale of what went down during what many folks are labeling as Year 0 – the very beginning of a women’s Rampage event. It’s a story that’s been long-awaited, and now it’s time to experience it firsthand.

#28th Movie About Mountain Biking: *The Moment*

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Freeride mountain biking traces its roots back to Canada’s British Columbia region. This is pretty much where the whole thing kicked off. Imagine a bunch of riders who decided they were done with the usual mountain bike races. They craved something more – the freedom to tear down trails that were crazy fast, loaded with technical challenges.

The folks we’re talking about, the trailblazers, names like Brett Tippie, Graham Agassiz, Richie Schley, and Wade Simmons, they’re the ones we’re celebrating. The Moment, well, that’s the story of how gutsy these riders were. They didn’t settle for what was already out there. No, they dared to craft their own trails, put up obstacles that make you think twice, and even jump over mind-bogglingly large gaps in the wild areas like the Kootenays, Vancouver’s North Shore, and Kamloops.

And get this – they didn’t stop at building. They actually rode those lines they created. Can you believe the nerve? The film lets you in on the whole risky business. Maybe, just maybe, after you’ve watched it, you’ll be inspired to head out and create your very own trails. Who knows, right?

#29th: *Going In*

Movie About Mountain Biking

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Who hasn’t dreamt of living the pro mountain biking life, especially if you’ve got even a hint of talent? But hang on, there’s a whole lot more to being a pro racer than just showing up on race day.

“Going In” is a captivating documentary brought to us by Trek Bikes. It’s like a backstage pass into the lives of the Trek Factory Racing crew. These mountain biking pros, like Reece Wilson, Emily Batty, Kade Edwards, Jolanda Neff, Pedro Burns, and Evie Richards let us in on the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows that come with intense training and battling it out on the track.

#30th: *Nino the Movie*

Nino the Movie

[Watch This Mountain Biking Movie]

In the world of cross-country mountain biking, there’s a guy who’s been the reigning champ for the better part of the last ten years. And that guy? Well, that’s none other than Nino Schurter. Now, imagine this: there’s a film that shadows Schurter’s journey as the Rio 2016 Olympics draw near, a time when he’s got his sights firmly set on snagging that shiny gold medal.

But this film is more than just biking and medals. It gives us a peek into Schurter’s life away from the tracks, where he’s simply a family man. It shows that, even with all the drive and ambition, what truly fuels his fire are the people he holds closest to his heart.

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