10 Best Movies About Poker on Netflix

Many top-notch poker movies have graced Netflix at some point. Here’s a list of 10 highly recommended movies about poker on Netflix that you should definitely check out:

Curling up with a movie on Netflix has become the go-to relaxation plan for many, especially since more folks are opting to spend their evenings indoors. This trend has caused streaming service subscriptions, like Netflix’s, to soar. To meet their viewers’ ever-growing appetites, these services have expanded their libraries to include a wider array of TV series, documentaries, and movies for their subscribers.

Choosing the perfect movie can be quite challenging, especially when trying to agree on something that suits everyone’s taste, whether it’s with family or roommates. One film genre that often strikes a chord is centered around gambling and poker.

Poker-themed movies are a real treat for those who love playing poker online or are just intrigued by the game. These films ramp up the suspense and showcase the strategic prowess of characters, offering viewers a thrilling escape from reality.

Top 10 Movies About Poker on Netflix

#1 All In: The Poker Movie

best poker movies

While it may not have the same fame as blockbusters like “Molly’s Game,” the documentary “All In: The Poker Movie” on Netflix has caught the eye of many for its deep dive into the essentials of poker. This film explores the allure of poker, the potential to win big, and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Tune in to “All In: The Poker Movie” for an insightful look at the surge in poker’s popularity, the world of online poker games, and the reasons behind Texas Hold’em Poker’s widespread appeal. Douglas Tirola is the creative mind behind the direction of this engaging documentary.

#2 KidPoker (2015)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

Daniel Negreanu, hailing from Canada, is a master of the poker table with two World Poker Tour (WPT) championships and six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets to his name.

If you’re curious about Negreanu’s impressive poker career, “KidPoker” is a Netflix documentary that offers a window into the world of this poker giant. The film delves into Negreanu’s journey, showcasing his talents and strategic thinking. It captures the essence of what makes him one of the finest players in the poker realm.

Negreanu’s belief in his inevitable success, regardless of the path he chooses, serves as a powerful motivation for viewers. “KidPoker” charts his evolution from a game-loving teen in Toronto to clinching his first major victory at a Las Vegas tournament.

#3 Mississippi Grind (2015)

Mississippi Grind

Curious about the impact of gambling addiction on people’s lives? Check out “Mississippi Grind,” a 2015 American film available on Netflix.

The story revolves around Gerry, a real estate agent who believes he can strike it rich through poker. He crosses paths with Curtis, a younger gambler, at a casino, and they quickly hit it off. Dissatisfied with his day job, Gerry decides to join forces with Curtis and gamble full-time.

Initially, they rake in some serious cash, but it isn’t long before Gerry is overwhelmed by gambling debts, forcing him to sell his car. Gerry resorts to theft as his situation worsens, spiraling further into chaos. In a last-ditch effort, the duo bets all they have left and astonishingly nets half a million dollars. This stroke of luck allows Gerry to reclaim the life he had lost and even purchase a new car.

Beyond the thrills of high-stakes gambling, the movie touches on the emotional turmoil of a father-daughter relationship. While it paints a stark picture of gambling addiction’s dangers, “Mississippi Grind” also offers a glimmer of hope, illustrating how Gerry manages to break free from his gambling chains and rebuild his dream life. This is one of the best movies about poker on Netflix.

#4 Casino (1995)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

If you’re in the mood for a gripping poker film on Netflix, “Casino” is a thrilling choice, based on the real-life account from the book “Casino: Love and Horror in Las Vegas.”

The story follows Sam “Ace” Rothstein, who lands in Las Vegas at the behest of the Chicago mob to oversee the operations of the Tangiers Casino. Under Sam’s leadership, the casino flourishes and sees its profits soar.

Sam’s life takes a turn when he meets and marries Ginger, and they welcome their daughter, Amy. However, bliss turns to chaos as Ginger spirals into alcohol and drug addiction. Sam’s efforts to end the marriage only lead to more turmoil. Eventually, the Tangiers Casino closed down due to illicit activities.

To get a sense of the underworld’s grip on casino businesses, watch “Casino” on Netflix. Despite its 1995 release date, the movie boasts stunning visuals and an engaging storyline that will captivate you for hours. Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, this classic features a stellar cast.

#5 The Ocean’s Trilogy (2001 – 2007)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

The Ocean’s trilogy might not be pure poker films, but they’re a rollercoaster ride of thrilling casino heists that you can stream on Netflix.

In “Ocean’s Eleven,” the 2001 hit, we meet Danny Ocean, an infamous thief with a plan to rob three casinos as a grand gesture to win back his ex-wife. He assembles a crew of ten skilled criminals and pulls off a heist that nets them a cool $160 million.

The adventure continues in “Ocean’s Twelve” from 2004, where the casino owner from the first heist demands the return of his money within two weeks. The team jets off to Europe, aiming to execute three additional casino heists to gather the funds.

Wrapping up the series is “Ocean’s Thirteen” in 2007, where a casino mogul coerces one of Ocean’s own. In response, the crew comes together to sabotage the grand opening night of the casino owner’s new establishment as payback.

Dive into the Ocean Trilogy on Netflix for a peek into the high-stakes world of gambling and the art of the con.

#6 Casino Royale (2006)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

Casino Royale,” which hit the screens in 2006, quickly captured the hearts of James Bond enthusiasts. If you’re a fan, you’ll love seeing Bond on the chase inside a casino setting. His mission involves joining a high-stakes poker match.

During the intense game, Bond must decipher his opponents’ poker ‘tells’—the subtle physical or behavioral signs that can give away a player’s bluff or true intentions—all while striving to rid the casino of criminal activity. Curious to see how Bond fares? You can catch all the action on Netflix and watch as he tackles his daring mission.

#7 Croupier (1998)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

In the poker-themed movie “Croupier” from the Nineties, Clive Owen stars as Jack Manfred, a man who turns to casino work in order to make ends meet when his writing career doesn’t take off. Before long, Jack finds himself getting too caught up in the casino world and entangled in a heist.

This British film from 1998 was made on a modest budget of £3 million and really started turning heads after it premiered in the US.

To discover Jack’s fate, you can stream “Croupier” on Netflix and get wrapped up in the suspenseful tale.

#8 Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game

Are you a fan of films based on real-life events? “Molly’s Game,” the 2017 American crime drama, takes its inspiration from the 2014 memoir penned by Molly Bloom.

Golden Globe Award recipient Jessica Chastain steps into the shoes of Molly Bloom, who finds herself in hot water with the FBI over her role in running high-stakes poker games underground. These games were rumored to attract a clientele of affluent individuals, including business magnates and A-list celebrities.

Before becoming embroiled in the world of illicit poker, Molly was on track as a promising Olympic skier until an accident abruptly ended her sports career. She relocates to Los Angeles, lands a job at a club, and begins organizing these secret poker matches. After being let go by her employer, she doesn’t miss a beat and sets up her own games, drawing in the rich and famous. Her move to New York and subsequent drug addiction eventually put her on the FBI’s radar.

The film was a box office hit, grossing over $59 million, and garnered heaps of praise, with many citing it as one of Chastain’s finest performances. Idris Elba portrayed Molly’s lawyer, Michael Cera took on the role of Player X, and Kevin Costner played Molly’s father. Netflix has also recently revealed plans to produce a new documentary focusing on Molly Bloom’s life and challenges.

#9 Lay the Favorite (2012)

Movies About Poker on Netflix

Drawing from the 2010 memoir by American journalist and author Beth Raymer, “Lay the Favorite” is a 2012 comedy that’s sure to entertain.

Beth shares her journey from the humdrum life in Florida to the buzzing energy of Las Vegas in her book. In Vegas, she starts off as a cocktail waitress at a motel. It’s there that her colleague Holly introduces her to Dink, a seasoned gambler. Discovering her knack for numbers, Beth begins working with Dink.

Her path takes a turn when she parted ways with Dink and crossed paths with Jeremy, an up-and-coming journalist, at a casino in Las Vegas. Eventually, she heads off to New York with Jeremy.

To see how Beth, along with Dink and Jeremy, tackle their gambling debts, give “Lay the Favorite” a watch on Netflix. The fact that it’s rooted in real-life events adds an extra layer of intrigue to the film.

#10 Win It All (2017)

Win It All (2017)

Interested in the tale of a gambling addict?

Win It All,” the 2017 American comedy, delves into the destructive path of gambling addiction.

Meet Eddie Garrette, a parking attendant grappling with his compulsive gambling habits. He agrees to safeguard a duffle bag for an acquaintance who’s off to serve time in prison for six months. Despite being cautioned against peeking inside, Eddie’s curiosity wins, and he opens the bag.

To his surprise, it’s filled with cash. Temptation gets the better of him, and he starts dipping into the funds for gambling. Initially, Eddie sees some winnings, but his good fortune is fleeting, and he soon finds himself $21,000 in the hole.

Will Eddie manage to pay back the money? Can he break free from the grip of gambling? Stream “Win It All” on Netflix to uncover Eddie’s fate.

Final Thoughts on the Best Movies About Poker on Netflix

Well, there you go, everyone! Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or craving some intense drama, you don’t need to step foot in a casino. Just fire up Netflix and choose from the fantastic selection of poker and gambling movies they’ve got lined up for you.

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