Women Cricket Movie: Top 6 Films About Female Cricketers

The love for women’s cricket is growing so much these days, and more folks are discovering this awesome sport. It’s amazing to see how this interest has even inspired the creation of some incredible films centered around women’s cricket – truly among the best movies out there. An example is the newly released women cricket movie Chakda Xpress.

We often get asked by cricket enthusiasts, “Hey, which films are mainly about hot women cricketers?” Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to delve into in this piece. We’re going to share a bunch of fantastic films that revolve around women’s cricket. But hey, here’s a heads up: sometimes, depending on where you are, certain movies or stuff like that might be off-limits.

But worry not! To enjoy these movies without any hiccups, having a nifty website unblocker is key. We’ll also touch on how you can effortlessly access these blocked websites to catch your favorite cricket-themed films. So, if you’re a fellow cricket fan curious about which flicks hit it out of the park with cricket vibes, just keep on reading this guide – it’s all here for you!

Women cricket movie: 6 Best films based on lead females of this great sports

Chakda Xpress (the latest women cricket movie, releases in 2023)

women cricket movie

Anushka Sharma, the talented actor we last saw in the 2018 movie “Zero,” is back in a new interesting movie: “Chakda Xpress.” And let me tell you, it’s quite the fascinating one.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, this film dives into the life story of none other than the former Indian captain, Jhulan Goswami. And guess who’s stepping into her shoes? Yep, Anushka Sharma herself! She’s taking on the lead role in this exciting venture.

Anushka sais about her new movie: “This one’s truly close to my heart. It’s all about incredible sacrifices and dedication.” You see, “Chakda Xpress” takes inspiration from the awe-inspiring journey of Jhulan Goswami, the former Indian captain. And trust me, it’s going to open our eyes to the world of women’s cricket like never before.

Imagine this: back in the day when Jhulan decided to conquer the cricket field and make her nation proud on the global stage, it was like climbing a mountain without ropes. Women playing cricket? Unthinkable! But this movie, oh, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, narrating the moments that molded her life, and in turn, transformed women’s cricket.

So, if you’re into gripping stories of determination and gutsy spirits, mark your calendar for “Chakda Xpress.” With Anushka Sharma embodying Jhulan’s journey, you’re in for a ride that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat!

Dil Bole Hadippa!

Dil Bole Hadippa!

There’ve been quite a few movies centered around the game of cricket, but not many have focused solely on women’s cricket. One example that stands out is “Dil Bole Hadippa.” It’s a heartwarming tale about Veera (played by Rani Mukerji), a woman with a big dream—to play cricket for India.

However, there’s a twist: Veera’s father isn’t keen on her cricket aspirations. Undeterred, she takes on a bold move. She transforms herself into a boy and joins an all-male cricket squad, all to chase her cricket dreams. The journey is far from easy, with many obstacles testing her determination. But in the end, she conquers the challenges and becomes a true national hero.

The movie is a delightful blend of humor, inspiration, and great storytelling. It skillfully captures the exhilaration and fire of competitive cricket. If you’re in the mood for an uplifting film centered on women’s sports, “Dil Bole Hadippa” is a definite must-watch. And if you’re facing region restrictions, remember that a VPN can help you access it on Netflix. We’ll delve into this topic shortly!

Not Out/ Kanaa

women cricket movie

Back in 2018, a special Indian Tamil movie came out. It’s all about Kousalya, a young and talented girl, and her journey into the world of cricket. She faces so many tough challenges, yet she never lets go of her dreams.

Slowly but surely, she climbs her way up to international cricket, and guess who’s there by her side? Her father, a farmer, supports her every step of the way. This movie, “Not Out” or “Kanaa,” isn’t just a movie. It’s a story that lifts your spirit, showing the amazing things determination and hard work can achieve, especially for female athletes.

They really did a great job with this film. The actors give their all, and you can feel it. The story feels real, like something that could happen to anyone.

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The Zoya Factor

women cricket movie

The Zoya Factor is a movie that came out in India back in September 2019. It’s actually based on a novel by Anuja Chauhan with the same name, a book she wrote back in 2008. You’ve got Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan as the main actors, and they’re really the heart of the story.

The whole movie revolves around this young woman who somehow becomes a good luck charm for the Indian cricket team right when they need it – during the Cricket World Cup, no less! It’s a tale of luck, destiny, and how one person can make a big difference, even in something as huge as a cricket championship.

People who review movies, you know, the critics, they actually liked it quite a bit. They said the film was pretty darn good. In fact, some even said it was one of the better Indian films to have come out in the last few years. That’s definitely saying something!



If you’re looking for another sports movie to enjoy during your free time, I’d recommend checking out “Stumped.” It made its way to the screens in May 2003 and was directed by Gaurav Pandey. What’s cool is that some really famous Indian stars like Salman Khan and Raveena Tandon were part of this flick, along with quite a few cricket superstars.

The film takes us back to the cricket World Cup in 1999, a time when everyone was totally pumped up and passionate, crossing their fingers for an India victory. Meanwhile, Reena (played by Raveena) had her heart somewhere else, worrying about her husband who was out there bravely facing the challenges in Kargil.

I’d say it’s a movie worth your time, but hey, sometimes regional limitations can be a downer. If you’re stuck in that situation, there’s a trick – a VPN can help you out. It’s like a magic key that can unlock access to all those blocked websites. So, no worries if you can’t catch it right away!

Shabaash Mithu

women cricket movie

Shabaash Mithu, a heartwarming Indian film, is all set to grace the screens in July 2022. This movie revolves around the incredible journey of the present captain of the Indian women’s cricket team for Tests and ODIs, Mithali Raj. Through this film, we get to witness the challenges and hardships that Mithali Raj overcame while pursuing her dreams in the world of international cricket.

The Best Women Cricket Movie: Final Thoughts

To sum it up, even though there aren’t too many movies about women’s cricket, the ones that are out there are truly worth your time. If you’re curious to know more about women’s cricket or simply looking for some enjoyable films, make sure you give the movies on this list a watch!

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