Top 10 Female Youtubers Gamers Worth Following

The world of gaming and everything related to it has frequently been a realm largely occupied by men. Nevertheless, there have been remarkable advancements in featuring women in games and gaming content. Many influential female youtubers gamers have taken the lead, with a few even achieving unprecedented popularity, captivating audiences like never before.

10 female youtubers gamers to follow

SSSniperwolf – The most popular of all female youtubers gamers

SSSniperwolf stands tall among the YouTube elite, commanding a devoted following of 33.5 million subscribers. Her journey began in the realm of gaming content, but she’s since diversified into reaction videos and other engaging content that leverages her well-deserved celebrity status. It was her Fortnite gameplay videos that first catapulted her into the spotlight, introducing her to a vast and captivated audience.

Aphmau – 2nd most popular of Female youtubers gamers

Jess, who goes by the name Aphmau on YouTube, spends her time diving into the pixelated realms of Minecraft and Roblox. She’s all about crafting experiences that’ll tickle your funny bone, make you ponder, or just leave you chuckling at their wackiness. Her storytelling skills add an intriguing twist to her game escapades, and it’s no wonder she’s captured the hearts of almost 17 million subscribers.

ItsFunneh – 3rd most popular of Female youtubers gamers

ItsFunneh is a content creator who crafts videos in collaboration with a team of fellow gamers and creators. Their videos take on exciting journeys through a diverse array of roleplay and adventure video games. Together, ItsFunneh and their gaming crew have accumulated an impressive following of over 10 million subscribers.


Tiffany, who goes by the YouTube alias iHasCupquake, has garnered a huge YouTube fanbase thanks to her imaginative gameplay in titles like Minecraft, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. Tiffany’s channel boasts nearly 7 million subscribers, a testament to her gaming prowess and engaging content.


LDShadowLady is a true Minecraft enthusiast, venturing into the game’s endless realms of creativity. With over 7 million subscribers, she’s been weaving her YouTube magic since 2010. Her channel features captivating Minecraft series like Empires and Shadowcraft, captivating her audience with each episode.


Pokimane shines as a leading figure on both YouTube and Twitch, where her star power is truly colossal. Her YouTube channel boasts a staggering 6.65 million subscribers. Beyond the gaming world, Imane Anys, her real name, has elevated herself to a celebrity status, sharing numerous videos that offer glimpses into her personal life.


Meet Jen, the creative mind behind the GamingWithJen channel, a passionate Roblox aficionado. Her gameplay videos not only entertain but also allow subscribers to connect with her captivating personality. Beyond gaming, Jen has ventured into the world of literature, penning a graphic novel titled “Into the Overworld,” an exhilarating tale of adventure set in a wonderfully imaginative new realm.


Rachel is the creative force behind the YouTube channel ValkyRae. She’s not just a streamer and content creator, but a gaming dynamo who dives into Fortnite, Among Us, and a host of other exciting games. In addition to her gaming adventures, Rachel shares a slice of her life, from globetrotting journeys to thrilling collaborations with fellow creators. Moreover, she proudly serves as a co-owner of 100 Thieves, a prominent gaming organization.


Stacyplays is quite the hit in the Minecraft community, boasting over 2.3 million subscribers to her name. She takes her audience on thrilling adventures through the blocky landscapes of Minecraft, bringing each video to life with her infectious excitement. Plus, Stacy’s fondness for dogs shines through in many of her videos, as she often includes furry companions in her virtual escapades, whether it’s in Minecraft or other games.


Meet Kathleen, or as you might know her, Loserfruit. This English content creator dives into the world of gaming, tackling titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, LEGO 2K Drive, and Among Us. Kathleen’s a master at conjuring up fresh gameplay ideas, and she even dabbles in some cosplay content from time to time. With over 3.4 million subscribers, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.


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