Gifts for Digital Artists: Best 11 Creative Ideas

Want to amaze your creative pals and dear ones? No worries, we’ve got just the thing for you! From handy drawing tablets to stylish graphic pens, the ultimate gifts for digital artists are here to ignite their artistic flair. Whether they’re all about digital drawing or graphic design, these fantastic choices are sure to hit the mark! Dive into this specially crafted collection of the top 12 gifts for digital artists in 2023:

1. *Drawing Software*

gifts for digital artists

Numerous digital artists rely on drawing software applications for their daily creative endeavors. A thoughtful gift idea could be a subscription or purchasing their preferred program, considering that many top-notch drawing programs come with a price tag. Here are some well-regarded options:

  1. Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop stands out as a widely used drawing program favored by digital artists for its comprehensive set of tools. Renowned for its adaptability, it excels in handling intricate designs.
  2. Clip Studio Paint: Ideal for digital artists with a penchant for creating comics or manga, Clip Studio Paint offers a cost-effective alternative to Photoshop. It provides all the necessary capabilities for producing stunning artwork.
  3. Procreate: Tailored exclusively for iPads, Procreate is a fantastic digital painting program. A perfect gift for those who enjoy digital drawing and painting, it boasts a broad array of brushes, customizable settings, and a user-friendly interface for swiftly creating outstanding digital art.
  4. Krita: Embraced by digital artists, Krita is a popular free and open-source drawing software. It encompasses essential tools such as brushes, layers, and masks, facilitating the creation of remarkable digital art.
  5. Affinity Designer: Particularly favored by graphic designers and illustrators, Affinity Designer is a vector-based drawing program. With an assortment of vector tools, it empowers artists to craft precise and scalable artwork.
  6. Autodesk Sketchbook: Autodesk Sketchbook fits the bill for those seeking an easy-to-use sketching program. Offering a variety of brushes and tools, it boasts a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to produce sketches, illustrations, and concept art.

2. *Digital Drawing Tablets*

gifts for digital artists

A drawing tablet stands as a vital instrument in the toolkit of digital artists, and selecting the perfect one as a gift is a splendid notion. This device empowers individuals to create digital art with precision, making it an indispensable asset for any digital artist.

The finest drawing tablet for digital artists serves as a gadget, enabling them to wield a pen for drawing or painting directly on their computer, facilitating the creation of intricately detailed sketches.

Picking the right brand holds significance, too. Opt for reputable names like XPPen, recognized as industry leaders in digital drawing tablets, ensuring top-notch quality and exceptional performance.

Explore these stellar XPPen drawing tablets tailored for artists in the year 2023:

Artist 22R Pro

The 22R Pro Artist brings you a vivid 21.5-inch screen in stunning 1080p clarity. Dive into your artistic endeavors, sketch, design, mold, and bring your creations to life directly on the 22R Pro’s smooth surface. Boost your workflow with 20 handy shortcut keys for swift actions. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with the added safeguard of a protective film to keep your screen in top-notch condition.

Artist Pro 16TP

The XPPen Artist Pro 16TP’s striking 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) boasts not just one but two versatile USB-C ports, allowing seamless connectivity from USB-C to USB-C. Revel in outstanding color precision and a seamless, lifelike transition between hues, bringing your creations to life with a touch of natural brilliance.

Deco MW

Meet the budget-friendly wonder of drawing displays—Deco MW. Despite its affordable price tag, this gem is packed with incredible features. The tablet boasts an elegant yet straightforward design, offering a choice of four trendy colors: classic black, serene blue, vibrant green, and charming pink. Its lightweight build ensures effortless use, whether on your lap or at your desk. Take control of your creative space with eight customizable shortcut keys, allowing you to tailor everything to your unique routines and interests.

Deco Pro (Gen2)

Deco Pro (Gen2) seamlessly blends a sleek charcoal gray work surface with a sophisticated metal rear panel, creating the perfect backdrop for your artistic masterpieces. This drawing tablet is a visual delight and incredibly lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry your creative haven wherever inspiration strikes. Compatible with renowned digital art programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CDR, GIMP, SAI, Krita, MediBang, Toonboom, FireAlpaca, Maya, Blender 3D, and more, it ensures your artistic journey is boundless and full of possibilities.

3. *High-Quality Stylus*

gifts for digital artists

A fantastic gift for digital artists is a quality stylus. This tool allows them to sketch and create art with precision and accuracy, much like using traditional pens and pencils in their daily work.

Choosing the perfect digital pen for your artist friends can significantly enhance their artistic abilities. A stylus is a crucial accessory to pair with drawing tablets. When selecting the ideal stylus to gift, consider factors like compatibility, pressure sensitivity, tip material, responsiveness, and the brand’s reputation.

Opting for a trustworthy brand, such as XPPen, ensures a reliable stylus experience. Here are some recommended styluses for digital artists:

  1. X3 Elite Plus: The X3 Elite Plus delivers reliable and durable performance. It’s designed to withstand electromagnetic interference, and the X3 Smart Chip design allows for significant internal configuration optimization by removing the consumable spring response component. This stylus can be the perfect digital pen for artists.
  2. X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus: The X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus boasts the world’s first application of 16K pressure levels. With an initial response rate of 90ms* and super accuracy, it brings out every art creation with precision. Consider this stylus when searching for the best digital pen for artists.
  3. PA2 Battery-Free Stylus: The PA2 stylus is battery-free, allowing for extended periods of use. It enables up to 60 degrees of tilt function and eliminates the need to repeatedly modify the brush direction in the software.
  4. PH2 Battery-Free Stylus: The PH2 Battery-Free Stylus offers a familiar writing and drawing experience with its 60-degree tilt function. With 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels, this stylus naturally displays lines of varying widths.

Selecting the right stylus can make a significant difference in how artists create, and these recommendations from XPPen ensure a top-notch digital pen experience.

4. *Two-Finger Glove*

gifts for digital artists

Wondering what makes a thoughtful gift for a digital artist? Consider a two-finger glove – a perfect present for those immersed in digital projects. This unique glove allows artists to glide their hand across the screen smoothly without their hand’s edge or ring and pinky fingers getting in the way.

Check out these XPPen two-finger gloves for some great options:

  1. Artist Anti-fouling Glove SE: This accessory is a digital artist’s best friend, minimizing friction between the hand and the tablet’s surface. It ensures that resting fingers don’t disrupt work on touch-sensitive tablets.
  2. AC Series 01 Glove: Comfortable and elegant, this glove is a fantastic gift for digital artists. Suitable for both right and left hands, it adds a touch of style to the creative process.
  3. AC Series 08 Glove: Crafted from high-quality lycra, this glove is the perfect companion for XPPen drawing tablets and stylus pens. Don’t hesitate to invest in this top-notch digital artist glove for a seamless creative experience.

Finding the right gift for a digital artist just got easier with these XPPen two-finger gloves, each designed to enhance their creative journey.

5. *Art Books or Art Magazines*

gifts for digital artists

A guide or class centered on digital art tricks and tips can be a priceless help for digital artists aiming to boost their careers. Think about giving an art magazine subscription as a gift, as it might spark inspiration for digital artists in traditional creative areas. Seek out magazines that delve into topics like graphic design, digital art, and illustration.

6. *Online Art Course*

art courses

Numerous digital artists consistently seek ways to enhance their skills and learn fresh techniques. Providing them with a membership to an art learning platform or an online art course could assist them in refining their craft.

7. *External Hard Drive*

gifts for digital artists

Digital artists often deal with hefty files demanding substantial storage. An external hard drive becomes a reliable ally, ensuring secure storage and backup for their creations and safeguarding against the loss of vital files. Opt for an external hard drive boasting swift writing speeds to streamline the process of transferring files effortlessly.

8. *Desk Lamp*

Desk Lamp

Every digital artist spending extended hours at their computer needs a reliable desk lamp. Opt for one with adjustable brightness and color temperature to minimize eye strain. Consider high-quality desk lamps as thoughtful gifts for digital artists.

9. *Artist’s Desk*

gifts for digital artists

Consider an art desk a fantastic gift for someone who lacks a studio or sufficient space for their creative work. Every artist benefits from a dedicated workspace, making an artist’s desk a thoughtful present. Pick one with ample work surface and plenty of storage to enhance their artistic experience.

10. *Monitor Calibrator*

Monitor Calibrator

Ensuring the accuracy of colors and brightness on an artist’s display is crucial for digital artwork. A monitor calibrator plays a key role in achieving this by guaranteeing that the colors remain consistent and lifelike throughout the creative process.

11. *3D Printer*

gifts for digital artists

For artists, especially those working digitally, a 3D printer makes a fantastic gift. They come in various shapes and sizes and for a budding artist or someone new to 3D printing, a 3D printer pen could also be a delightful choice.

Final Thoughts About the Gifts for Digital Artists

We trust you’ve discovered the ideal presents for digital artists that truly capture their individuality. The carefully chosen gifts mentioned earlier will bring joy to any digital artist, enhancing their creative journey. Which gift are you thinking of giving? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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