Best band for Fitbit Flex and how to clean it

A band for Fitbit flex, or any Fitbit band, gets dirty with sweat during daily use, not to mention bacteria that can lead to unpleasant odors and irritation. A study showed that some Fitbit bracelets contained 8.3 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Leather and Plastic bands were the nastiest, with superior bacteria levels compared to other materials.

One in four Fitbit band users never clean their smartwatch, and one in five does so every 5 months, more or less.Since Fitbit smartwatches accumulate more dust than their competition, it’s crucial to keep them dirt-free. So take care of them after each training session and give them a more “in-depth cleanse” at least once every two weeks. Thus, they will shine like a star. Furthermore, they’ll stay as good as new for longer, so you can wear them for as long as possible.

Next, I will share the best replacement bands for popular Fitbits. After that, I will guide you to learn how to give your Fitbit band a proper profound cleaning.

When should I start looking for replacement bands?

If you are a lover of physical activities, then now is the time to start looking for a Fitbit band if you don’t already own one.

As for replacement straps, there are two main reasons to look for an accessory band for Fitbit fitness trackers:

  • The wrist band is damaged and beyond repair because of wear and tear. Unfortunately, no item can last forever, and Fitbit bands are no exception.
  • The straps, especially in the case of a silicone band, become too loose that the device doesn’t function well anymore (giving wrong stats, wrong heart rate readings during exercise, for instance).

Discover our list of popular Fitbit fitness trackers, what they offer to serious fitness fanatics and a wide range of replacement bands for each model for when you absolutely need to change it.

1. Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

This is not a magic bracelet; it’s a cutting-edge technology attached to your wrist that helps you monitor your level of activity or inactivity. Thanks to permanently active sensors and Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy communication, Fitbit Flex can inform your iPhone app (or other compatible devices) about your physical activity during the day and your sleep tracking at night.

This information is integrated into a mobile app that provides statistics and activity progress to improve your habits and try to exercise even if you lead a relatively sedentary life.

Fitbit Flex also helps you keep track of your diet with calorie counters. All this shows you a proper balance to help you live a healthier and more fulfilled life. In addition, this band allows heart rate monitoring via a mobile app. It is suitable for hiking and swimming.


  • A strong band strap that does not unclasp on its own.
  • Waterproof.
  • No distracting phone calls and notifications.
  • Long battery life.


  • It looks like a fitness tracker, not ideally suited to be worn for other occasions.
  • It does not include a watch.

Accessory band for Fitbit Flex

VOMA is particularly designed as an accessory band for Fitbit Flex (2016).

2. Fitbit Flex 2

The bracelet has a relatively thin design, black (although there are other colors), and with some grooves that give it a certain elegance. It also features transparent dots to see the activity tracker’s LEDs through it. Oddly, it is similar to the original Jawbone Up, a Fitbit competitor that fought for the throne of quantizer bracelets three years ago. However, the Fitbit Flex 2 is water-resistant, and we can use it while swimming because it can quantify this activity. This is perhaps the most relevant novelty of Fitbit Flex 2.

The activity tracker can collect information throughout the day and night and determine (automatically) if we are doing any exercise (walking, running, swimming, etc.) It is also possible, through the app, to activate the mobile phone’s GPS to associate a specific route with the activity you are doing.

It is perfect for runners and hikers as it provides automatic heart rate data.


  • Durable band for a good price.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lots of option for customizing the band.
  • You get smart notifications.
  • Battery life is up to 5 days.


  • It does not automatically provide the current status on the screen without having to enter the app.
  • Tracks basic activity.

Accessory band for Fitbit Flex 2

Greeninsync is a silicone replacement wristband for Fitbit Flex 2. Besides its excellent silicone construction, this interchangeable band offers many color options.

3. Fitbit versa 2

best heart rate monitor for peloton

The Fitbit Versa 2 is an excellent smartwatch for the most active users and those who prioritize monitoring their health.

This bracelet has sensors and components like a three-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate tracking/monitor, altimeter, ambient light sensor, relative SpO2 sensor, and a built-in microphone.

The memory of this intelligent wrist band stores all movement data for seven days, minute by minute. It records automatic heart rate data at one-second intervals during exercise monitoring, and the rest of the time, it does so at five-second intervals.


  • Durability and Good price.
  • Aesthetic Clean Design.
  • Amazon Alexa Built-In.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking.
  • AMOLED Screen With Always-On Display.
  • Up to 5 days on a single charge.


  • Does not have a built-in GPS.
  • Lack Of Always-On Customization.

Accessory for Fitbit versa 2 band

The Neitooh Fitbit Versa extra bands are great replacement straps for this bracelet. This accessory band personalizes your Fitbit Versa 2 to match your daily style for all-day activity occasions, creating a personal style and making you stand out from the crowd. Although this accessory band isn’t included with your Versa 2 purchase, you can get it for an additional cost. For the product’s quality, I believe they are reasonably priced. Also, the Actual product packaging includes extra 2 pins.

4. Fitbit Charge 2

fitbit charge 2 review 2023

This Fitbit model is geared towards those who want to be physically active and receive up-to-date reports of their steps, heart rate readings during exercise, meters walked, etc.

Its design is fantastic; you will fall in love with it at first glance. In the box, you’ll find the user manual and the quick installation guide, which invites you to their website to download the Fitbit app that will accompany you during the entire installation process.

Always design-wise, we see a large OLED display that helps keep the user connected with various notifications. Thus, we can see who is calling us, sending us a text message and what activity is about to happen through calendar notifications. In addition, the band is resistant and has good finishes; it is a high-end product that highlights the expertise of the Fitbit brand.

Charge 2 is a good choice for runners regarding exercise tracking. Many users were satisfied with the heart rate readings during exercise that this device can offer. Feel free to check our other guide on the best heart rate monitor. Also, if you want the most accurate heart rate monitoring device and don’t mind wearing a chest strap, then this best peloton heart rate monitor guide is for you.


  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Overall health/wellness features such as guided breathing.
  • User friendly app.
  • 5 days battery life.


  • No built-in GPS.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Heart rate tracking not great for high intensity workouts.

Accessory band for Fitbit Charge 2

My top choice for finding an accessory band for Fitbit Charge 2 is POY. These replacement straps are attractive with metal clasps on both ends, which locks securely. However, this silicone replacement wristband is not free; you can get it for an additional cost, of course. Furthermore, you can choose between a classic band or a special edition exclusive wrist band. POY’s alternate strap comes in a variety of colors.

5. Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze has a menu that can be navigated by sliding your finger on the screen or simply with physical buttons, but I can confirm that it is more comfortable to use the screen.

Its clock screen, watch face, or watch theme is active, and, as a user, you can interact with the screen:

  • Pop mode lets you tap the screen and digitally display the steps you have taken, beats per minute, and accurate calorie burn.
  • Zone mode changes the background color according to the number of keystrokes.
  • The original mode allows you to change the lower numeric value to check any value among those recorded by the smartwatch.


  • Good fitness-tracking features.
  • Vibrant color display.
  • Effective workout guidance.
  • Accurate heart rate, sleep, and step monitoring.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Awkward design; feels cheap.
  • Lacks built-in GPS.
  • Not waterproof.

Accessory band for Fitbit Blaze

SIMPEAK sports bracelet is an accessory band, which compatible with Fitbit Blaze. It’s a flexible band that protects your Fitbit blaze from scratches while allowing extended wear. In addition, this accessory band perfectly protects your activity tracker during outdoor sports or daily work.

6. Fitbit Charge HR

Continuous heart rate tracking is available on various wrist-based Fitbit devices thanks to PurePulse Technology; Fitbit Charge HR is one of them.

This advanced activity tracking wristband offers us the following advantages: discreet, light, and comfortable to wear for long periods. In addition, the strap has a reinforced clasp, like classic watches. The solution is so well implemented that it should be mandatory for all other bracelets with a more simple clasp.

The Fitbit Charge HR model only improves the adjustable design even more; this makes it perfect for comfortable extended wear.

The Fitbit Charge HR’s screen is always visible indoors, a little less outdoors, and not always on. To see daily stats, activity progress, or time of day, you must navigate the screen by either pressing the button on the left side or touching the screen.

Thanks to its PurePulse Heart Rate, you get automatic, wrist-based, continuous heart rate monitoring. In addition, PurePulse Heart Rate allows you to see simplified heart zones with no uncomfortable chest strap.

Thus, this advanced activity wristband offers you 24/7 heart rate signals to maximize training, maintain exercise intensity, and measure calorie burn.


  • Continuous, optical heart rate monitor built in.
  • Slim design & Reasonable price.
  • Excellent app and website.
  • Compatible with practically every OS.
  • Beautiful and sharp OLED display.


  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof.
  • No smartwatch functionality beyond caller ID.
  • No idle alerts.

Accessory band for Fitbit Charge hr

Sophili is an excellent alternate strap for your Fitbit Charge Hr. This durable silicone replacement wristband is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Sophili is not compatible with Charge HR 1. So, you can check this accessory band from Wizvv, which is compatible with both Fitbit Charge Hr and Charge HR 1.

7. Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

The design and materials used in Fitbit Surge remind us of Fitbit Charge HR; both devices use a stainless-steel buckle, have metal buttons on the sides, and have a rough surface on the outside made with a durable elastomer material.

Fitbit Surge has an activity monitor that allows us to keep a Continuous heart rate record day and night, thanks to its optical heart rate sensor. In addition, it offers information on the steps we take, the calories we burn, the floors we climb, and the quality and quantity of our sleep. Furthermore, Fitbit Surge helps you record races or bike rides using GPS, showing on a larger screen the pace at which you are going and the distance you traveled.


  • Continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Excellent app and easy syncing.
  • Supports incoming texts and call notifications.
  • Comfortable, Secure fit & Accurate.


  • Quite bulky.
  • Limited push notifications.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Below average battery life with GPS enabled.
  • Few users reported syncing issues 2 to 3 years after purchace.

Accessory band for Fitbit Surge

Wizvv is an alternate Silicone sport band for Fitbit SURGE. The silicone construction and stainless-steel buckle design of these genuine wristband straps provide long-lasting protection.

How to clean that dirty band for Fitbit Flex and other Fitbits?

If you don’t keep your Fitbit band clean, you should prepare yourself for some nasty smells building up over time. Even worst, this will cause a few skin issues that you wouldn’t like. To prevent both of these complications, follow the tips below on cleaning the different bands for Fitbit, whether you have a silicone, metal, or genuine leather strap.

1. How to Clean Silicone and Elastomer Fitbit Bands

A silicone or elastomer band is very durable and designed for intense workouts, but you need to clean them to maintain good hygiene and reduce irritation.

Clean them consistently

The manufacturer recommends regularly rinsing your wrist and smart bracelet after training sessions. Fitbit guys suggest using only water or soap-free cleaners on the bracelet. It is not recommended to use soaps (body soap and dish soap included) or cleansers that could get lodged under the bracelet and potentially irritate your skin. Of course, you will also need to thoroughly dry the strip before you put it back in place. 

Avoid oils and lotions

If you’ve worn sunblock or some lotion that could rub off on the band, you should use soap-free cleaners; don’t forget to dry it very well. 

Get rid of stains

If you notice any stains, do not use soap (again, body soap and dish soap are also restricted in this case). Instead, use a damp toothbrush, but it’s up to you. Some Fitbit fans shared success stories of using a magic eraser like those used to clean walls when everything else failed. If you want to try it, make sure to rinse it well when you’re done.

2. How to Clean Leather Fitbit Bands

These bracelets won’t stand up to your hard workouts and won’t take sweat or water;  trust me, many made the mistake of trying. After all, they were designed to track activities and make the user look chic.

However, it will get dirty with general use like any watch band. A trick that will work for cleaning leather Bands is a “non-abrasive, lint-free cloth“; just dampen it lightly with water. When you’re done, let it air dry indoors, at room temperature, before using it again. High temperatures and direct sunlight exposure will damage and discolor it.

3. How to Clean Metal Fitbit Bands

The same goes for metal bracelets; they are not water or sweat-resistant, so you do not soak them. You should clean them only with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth, which you can dampen a bit if necessary. Dry them very well with a second cloth before using them again. Also, these types of smart bracelets are not fans of direct sunlight exposure or high temperatures.

4. How to Clean Nylon Fitbit Bands

While they’re still not designed for intense workouts, Fitbit does allow you to hand wash its own nylon straps. You can rinse them in cold water with mild soap, as long as you rinse them very well, and air-dry them afterward. Be careful, though, as direct exposure to the sun can cause discoloration and damage.

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