15 Jobs in Content Marketing

Companies are increasingly using content marketing to market themselves to customers. Content marketing is where companies provide relevant and useful information to consumers and potential customers in order to win their trust and attention. Therefore, it can be useful to learn about the various roles available in content marketing if you are interested in a career in this field. This article will explain the basics of content marketing and offer 15 career options in this field.

What’s content marketing?

A type of marketing that provides useful information to its clients or customers as a way of marketing their services instead of promoting their products or services. Content marketing is not overt marketing. For example, a company may post blog posts relevant to its target audience, create educational videos and podcasts, or develop other content to help them reach its customers. While some companies are experts in content marketing for clients, others have their own content marketing teams.

15 Content marketing jobs

The following opportunities are available for content marketing professionals:

1.  Production Assistant

Average national income: $33,657/year

An administrative professional who makes sure the rest of the content marketing team has what they need in order to do their jobs. A production assistant can also be called a production manager. As a production assistant, you might coordinate writers and graphic designers, provide data to analysts, and track scheduled content. Producing assistants can work in many industries. Professionals who are interested in content marketing will be able to search for positions as part of a team that includes production assistants.

2. Graphic designer

Average national income: $47.793 per annum

Graphic designers are creative professionals who use art and design to create engaging content. Graphic designers can work in many industries. They are not only a part of content marketing teams, but they also have the ability to create compelling content. For example, content marketers might use graphic designers to create infographics, visuals, and art for websites or create animations for videos.

3. Content Specialist

Average national income: $55,519 per annum

A content specialist is a professional in content marketing who manages many aspects of the content marketing process depending on the company’s needs. While some content specialists are responsible for creating and maintaining the software and systems that allow the content to reach the general public, others create the content. Potential applicants can find out more information about a particular role by looking at job descriptions.

4. Content Editor

Average national income: $54,569/year

A content editor is a professional in content editing who reviews and revises the work of others. Content editors are usually part of larger content marketing teams. They ensure that the content created by writers is accurate and efficient. To ensure consistency, they also make sure that the content adheres to the style guidelines of the client or company.

5. SEO expert

Average national income: $51,808 annually

An SEO specialist (search engine optimization) is a content marketing professional specializing in optimizing content for positive results on search engines. They work with websites that rank high on search engine results pages. Although they may not create the content, they will review existing content to ensure it is SEO-friendly.

6. Copywriter

Average national income: $57 518 per annum

A copywriter is a professional in marketing who creates written content to be used in marketing projects. Copywriters can work in advertising and other forms of marketing. Others work in content marketing, where their content is more informative than it is targeted at sales. Copywriters can write white papers, infographic texts, newsletters, website texts, and many other types of copy.

7. Social media strategist

Average national income: $58,022 annually

Social media strategists are content marketing professionals who specialize in creating social media campaigns. For example, a social media strategist may create a plan to use social media to reach the goals of their client or employer. They also might develop a calendar and schedule for planned content and draft that content. The skills of social media strategists will be required to understand the basics of both visual and written marketing.

8. Content manager

Average national income: $58,762 annually

A content manager is a content marketing professional who manages content creation for their employer or client. For example, a content manager may manage a team that includes copywriters, social media specialists, and graphic designers. In smaller teams, a content manager might also be responsible for creating content.

9. Advertising Manager

Average national income: $65,191 per annum

Advertising managers are marketing professionals who specialize in managing advertising teams. An advertising manager might manage a large group of people or create the ads themselves with the assistance of one or two others. Advertising managers oversee a type of content known as advertisements. This is what most people associate with marketing. These could be digital or print advertisements and may include still images and text as well as audio or video.

10. Brand manager

Average national income: $63,352 annually

A brand manager is a marketing professional who specializes in creating a brand’s image. Brand managers often create marketing plans and campaigns for their employers rather than for clients. They focus on making sure that the brand’s image is consistent and flattering. This might include creating content, facilitating press coverage, or managing social media posts.

11.  Marketing Research Analyst

Average national income: $65,346/year

Marketing research analysts are marketing professionals who specialize in the management of marketing data. Although they aren’t usually involved in the creation of the content, marketing research analysts analyze data to assist everyone involved with understanding how the content is performing and what other content might be more relevant. They might also do market research and analyze the results.

12. Marketing Manager

Average national income: $66,260/year

Marketing managers are marketing professionals who oversee other members of the team and ensure that all marketing plans are implemented effectively. Depending on the size and responsibility of the team, the marketing manager might be responsible for creating content or just managing those who create it. In addition, marketing managers may meet with clients and other managers to discuss any marketing initiatives.

13. Content strategist

Average national income: $72,466/year

Content strategists are content marketing professionals who plan and create content. Although content strategists might share some responsibilities with other members of a content marketing team, they also look at the overall goals and objectives of clients or projects to determine how to create content that is relevant. As a result, many aspects of a content strategy plan are managed by content strategists.

14. Videographer

Average national income: $73,739/year

A videographer is a professional filmmaker who uses video recording equipment to create many different types of videos. Video editors and videographers can be part of a content marketing team. They create high-quality video content that may be scripted by others. In addition, videographers ensure that the lighting, sound, and equipment are in order.

15. Vice President of digital marketing

Average national income: $171.956 per annum

A vice president of digital marketing is a marketing executive that specializes in digital marketing. This includes website content and social networking. This role often involves overseeing teams and managing the process from an executive level. They might meet with key stakeholders to discuss goals and objectives, provide information to their direct report and develop plans to reach marketing goals.


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