‘Husband’ in controversial Peloton ad speaks out

The actor who portrayed the husband in the infamous Peloton commercial is now addressing the aftermath of the social media firestorm and the “dark path” that followed. As the Internet tore apart the newly-released holiday ad featuring a husband giving his wife (aka Peloton Girl) a Peloton for Christmas, opinions emerged from all directions.

On one hand, some critics labeled the ad as sexist, suggesting that the husband aimed to push his wife to lose weight. On the other hand, there were those who dismissed the offended reaction as being overly sensitive.

Sean Hunter

For Sean Hunter, an actor and teacher from Vancouver, the extent of the reaction was surprising. Despite having only one line in the 30-second commercial, saying, “OK, are you ready?” he found himself at the center of something rather unpleasant.

As the ad went viral, negativity spread rapidly, with people using the opportunity to create any narrative they desired. To counter this perception, Sean penned an article in Psychology Today, asserting that both he and the character he portrayed had positive intentions. He emphasized that the husband in the ad simply wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle and expressed disappointment that his image had been wrongly associated with sexism, patriarchy, and abuse.

hot peloton husband

The entire experience left Sean contemplating the influence of social media on society. He acknowledged its significance in everyone’s lives, including his own, and pondered on how it shapes public perception and responses. Considering the impact, he found himself wondering about his future steps amidst this digital landscape.

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