Peloton has informed its subscribers that it will no longer utilize any new music by Kanye West in its classes

The Peloton company is reportedly telling worried members that its teachers are no longer to use West’s songs in “new production classes,” and that it is not suggesting previously produced exercise classes on its hardware or software that use his music. 

A spokeswoman for Peloton stated that the company is communicating with members who approach them regarding West’s music using the aforementioned message.

Just this week, renowned teacher Alex Toussaint made a public statement on the matter in one of his courses, saying, “I would like to make sure that everybody feels comfortable in my surroundings and my classrooms.” I’m not really even going to say much more about it since you already know where I stand with you, and you won’t be exposed to that musician in any way at all in my class… In no way, shape, or form I will endorse hate speech.

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But what will become of the already existing courses?

A search conducted on the Peloton website reveals that his music has been used in about 1,800 different lessons previously. These courses won’t be removed from the site, but the company’s recommendation system won’t point customers in their direction anymore.

The songs of Kanye West have not been removed from any other outlets. Spotify has said that it won’t delete his songs until his record company specifically requests that it be done so. The request for clarification that CNN Business made to Apple Songs about his music was not immediately met with a response.

It is the most recent business to sever its connections with the singer, joining the ranks of Adidas, Foot Locker, TJ Maxx, and Gap.

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