Peloton Hubby Gets His Real Girlfriend A Peloton Bike!

In an attempt to bring art closer to reality, the actor who portrayed the Peloton husband made a decision to emulate his on-screen role, presenting his real-life girlfriend with an Xmas surprise – a Peloton bike!

Having faced the wrath of social media critics who tore him apart for his role in the ad featuring a husband gifting his wife (aka Peloton Girl) an exercise bike, Sean Hunter decided to take a bold stance. Peloton, although defending the advertisement’s intention of promoting health, eventually removed the commercial.

hot peloton husband

With a sense of hope, Sean remarked, “Let’s hope this time it is received better… Merry Christmas to my actual girlfriend (pls don’t leave me).”

His girlfriend, Cassidy Baras, appeared content, just like Sean’s fictional wife in the ad.

Reflecting on the backlash from the advertisement, Sean expressed that he has been dealing with the negative feedback associated solely with his face during his brief 5 seconds of airtime.

Sean Hunter

In contrast, the actress from the same commercial has had a much smoother journey, securing a high-profile commercial and even landing a role in a soap opera.

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