Peloton Offered 60 Day Free Trial During October

For a short time during the month of October, Peloton will provide users of the Peloton App with a free trial period that is prolonged to 60 days, which is twice the regular period of 30 days. The website of Peloton has indeed been redesigned with a single banner and picture that both connect to a page where users may sign up for a free trial for 60 days.

In addition, Peloton advertised the deal in an email that was sent to prospective new members:

Peloton’s on-demand workouts are available at your fingertips, so you can easily crush your objectives. Join the Peloton App Community and take your workouts to the next level, whether you’re in the gym or on the road. In addition, we will pay for your first two months of service.

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The promotion started on the first of October and will continue through the 31st of October in 2022. A new help page that includes additional information has been launched by Peloton. The following are examples of significant information that are included:

  • You need to sign up for the Peloton App as a new member.
  • If you do not cancel your subscription before the renewal date, you will be subject to a cost of $12.99 monthly for the app after the first free trial period of sixty days has expired.
  • This deal cannot be transferred to another person.
  • You can enjoy all of Peloton’s contents with only the Peloton App, even if you don’t have a Bike, Guide or Tread device. This encompasses a wide variety of programs that do not call for the use of any specific apparatus, such as boxing, bodyweight strengthening, outdoor jogging and walk, stretching, high-intensity interval training, and meditation.

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