Garmin forerunner 15 vs 25 vs 35 : Our full comparison

​Are you looking for an in-depth comparison between Garmin Forerunner 15, 25, and 35? This guide will show you the differences between the three Garmin forerunner models.

Garmin has been in the business for about 30 years, specializing in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries. Their success in fitness devices doesn’t fall short as well. With loads of fitness watches in their line, serious physical enthusiasts are decked out in something from them. It would not be a surprise. After all, they have the most comprehensive collection of watches that are among the best that you can buy on the market now.

What they have are robust and accurate tracking devices at reasonable prices. Three of their most popular models in the market today are put in the spotlight to help you narrow down your choice for the next Garmin watch you’ll pick up!

Detailed Comparison: Garmin Forerunner 15 vs. 25 vs. 35

Activity Monitoring Between Runs

Forerunner 15

Forerunner 15 doesn’t just count your workout but other activities, too. With a separate activity tracking device, it counts your steps and the calories you burn all day. Your overall fitness goal and trend uploaded in Garmin Connect can be monitored. Forerunner® 15 notifies you when you have been idle for too long.

Forerunner 25

Fitness progress doesn’t just happen when you run. So, Forerunner® 25 keeps track of your other activities, like your daily step count. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoor or outdoor. 

Forerunner 35

Wear your Forerunner® 35 even when you are not working out. Its activity tracking runs all day and night, giving you no reason not to wear it. Its activity tracking features include steps, calories, distance, sleep, and intensity minutes. In addition, it sounds an alarm when its senses inactivity signaling you to move.

Getting Connected

Forerunner 15

​It can be connected to Mac® or PC, so you can upload your activities to online fitness communities like Garmin Connect. The details of your run on a map can be reviewed, and a daily summary of your activities. Enjoy a workout with online challenges and earn virtual badges for motivation.

Forerunner 25

Pair with compatible smartphones or computers to upload your workout activities to online fitness communities like Garmin Connect. Share the details of your run on the map with your friends. Join online challenges and earn virtual badges for the motivation you need to work out. An additional feature allows your family and friends to do live tracking so they can follow you in real-time.

Forerunner 35

Automatically upload your workout details, stats, and runs to Garmin Connect with Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS watch. Review your progress and share it on social media. All can be done via your computer or your smartphone via Garmin Connect

Understanding Movement

Forerunner 15

It features an auto lap function that automatically alerts you when you complete a mile. Shows you a summary of how you did, including your total time, distance, pace, and calories.

Forerunner 25

​Train within your heart rate zones with its Heart Rate Compatibility. You will be alerted when to push hard or when to rest.

Forerunner 35

The Move IQ® feature captures data ​from your walking, running, and other activities. No more switching out your watch for a new activity; it instantly recognizes when your movement changes.

My Favorite Pick

The three watches are undoubtedly some of the market’s most popular fitness watches from Garmin. However, while all three are feature-packed, only one prevails as the best. If I were to pick among the three, it is what I am going to choose.

Garmin Forerunner 35 is chosen by most fitness enthusiasts for the same reasons we think. It is dustproof and water/sweat resistant. In addition, its battery life is 5 hours longer than Forerunner® 15, it has vibrating and led alerts, and it is lighter than the other two.

It is also complete with GPS, heart rate monitors, accelerometer, and cadence sensor. The only feature that we miss is its capability to monitor blood oxygenation levels. Nevertheless, the watch serves its purpose.

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Garmin has been tagged as an Apple Watch alternative. This doesn’t come as a surprise. In reality, I would pick a Garmin watch over an Apple Watch, especially if it can deliver the same amount of features at a more considerable amount.