What are the best bikes for beginners?

This guide is dedicated to beginners. We will be discussing mechanics in this article and answering a question we often get about which bikes are best for beginners.

Therefore, we will take into consideration many factors to give you the best answer. Are you looking for something new? Japanese or European/American? Is it a Roadster or a Trail? What about a Twin, 3 or 4-cylinder engine? We’ll briefly cover the options.

We hope you get some great insights if you grab a pencil and a notepad.

1. Information for readers

The differences between motorcycles are more than that between cars. They are often found within the same brand. Your riding style will dictate the type and type of motorcycle you choose. A long-distance rider will be centered around a trail bike or cruiser, while a racer will be centered around a sportbike or roadster.

You won’t know if you have ridden more than a thousand miles on your first motorcycle. You don’t know how to tell if you love long trips abroad.

Requirements to purchase your first motorcycle

For young bikers (16 and older), the article serves as a guideline for reflection (categoryA1).

Keep in mind that learner drivers above 18 years old must get a motorcycle with a maximum power output of 35 kW. They must repeat their practical test after two years to validate the unrestricted B category.

You should also ensure that your vehicle’s maximum power is limited to 35 kW. Not all vehicles offer this option. The cost of this operation will vary depending on which make or model you choose. Ask your local dealer for details.

Let’s get to it and examine each of these criteria.

2. You are looking for a brand-new or used motorcycle

A motorcycle is mostly a story of taste and style. As the old saying goes, the heart has its reasons which the mind overlooks. There is a temptation to buy the dream motorcycle. Of course, if you have the funds!

Dealers can also receive great bonuses and a 0% lease, among other things. They will do anything to generate sales. You have to learn everything you can about any new activity. You are more likely to fall, especially during exercise routines like gymkhana. An overturned motorbike is more expensive than other vehicles. This is especially true for bodywork such as brake levers or clutches, fairings, and fuel tanks.

A bike with over 1,000 kilometers on its odometer is more likely to be dropped than one that has had a lot of use. The “run-in” factor is also important. If it’s not done correctly, it can impact the vehicle’s durability.

It’s also a good idea to buy a used motorcycle.

Buy a motorcycle with just a few km on the odometer. If you feel confident, you may even be able to take it for a ride. You’ll be able to recognize the differences in the models better.

However, if the new model is appealing to you and you have a great experience with the dealer, your first motorcycle should cost between CHF 8-10,000. The budget section explains more.

3. is it new or old?

Manufacturers have massively invested in technological innovations in safety and driver assistance, such as ABS, ESP, etc., over the past 10 years.

Motorcycling can be dangerous. These guides will help you if you have little to no idea of what might happen.

Learning to ride a motorcycle alone means you have to also learn the basics: load transfer, positioning, and brake metering. These skills will prove to be a great asset in the future.

We can only avoid doing the reverse without transition. Although it is possible to start on an electronic bike and then move to a custom bike with drum brakes, it can be difficult.

4. What budget should be set?

This is a difficult spot to quantify. Are you looking for something new? Lease or cash purchase? How much? This is not an easy decision. Do you want a small displacement or a dream motorcycle? How much are taxes, maintenance, insurance, and hidden costs?

For your first motorcycle, we suggest not going for the lowest price. Instead, wait a while and save money to buy a motorcycle where there is virtually nothing to do. Search online directories like Motoscout24 to search by bike type and mileage. Filter the results by ascending prices to move up.

It seems that a budget between CHF 2500 and CHF 6000 for a bike is reasonable regardless of the displacement.

You should limit your budget if you want to purchase a new bicycle. The equipment, and especially the helmet, will take you farther. A full-face fiberglass helmet with fiberglass helmet will provide a greater level of comfort than an entry-level helmet. This is why you’ll be able to recognize it no matter your driving level.

5. Type of motorcycle: roadster, trail, sporty, chopper, etc.

Many people might feel tempted to buy a dream bicycle. However, if you’re only interested in American choppers, it might not be a good idea to buy a 300-kg bike.

It is more important to pay attention to the following factors, regardless of what motorcycle you are riding.

  • Weight
  • Handling and radius of turning
  • Seat height and position

Low-speed maneuverability will be a part of your basic courses. These include slaloms, emergency braking, 8, etc. A light, maneuverable vehicle can help you gain confidence quickly. Your seat position is dependent on the height of your saddle. It is important that your feet touch the ground in a comfortable chair.

Good sitting posture is synonymous with comfort. For example, you might find yourself leaning forward on a bike with your entire weight on your wrists. This can make it difficult to drive for long periods of time.

However, we are not denying that some people can pass the practical driving test on big choppers or sporty motorcycles. However, that isn’t the norm. Some bikers have more experience with specific bikes than others, while others are more skilled.

The keys to a long-lasting biker are humility and being aware of your limits. Don’t be afraid to take a chance! Chances are, if you ski, you haven’t learned it on a black slope. The same is true for motorcycles.

6. What about the little bikers?

Here are some bikes that are suitable for smaller riders.

  • Honda CB 300 & CB 500
  • Honda Rebel 500
  • Kawasaki Z650
  • Moto Guzzi V9
  • Suzuki SV650
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XRx low

You must be able to feel the vehicle’s vibrations. The dynamic behavior and mass distribution of the engine, including torque, will also have an impact on the ride.

It is worth noting, too, that some manufacturers offer factory versions at a lower price, such as the B. Triumph has a standard version, but you can also choose to customize your saddle.

7. Engine architecture

Another important consideration is the engine architecture. An experienced biker will be able to tell the difference between a mono-, twin-, or 4-cylinder engine in terms of ride feel.

We can make fun of it by saying that at low speeds, you don’t need to change the gears as often with a mono or twin motorcycle, especially in the city. To be specific, the author of this article is an English motorcycle, a Triumph Tiger. This bike can pull away in 2nd, or even 3rd, while a 4 Cylinder tends to stall quickly, so it’s worth noting.

This is a vulgarization. It can feel different depending on how you use it. In fact, engineers can use modern electronics (injection or ride-by-wire) to improve engine performance.

Driving on roads with 4 cylinders is illegal under road safety regulations. It’s equivalent to having your driver’s license suspended for the next four generations. Therefore, you’ll be searching for an alternative that offers many sensations while not violating the Road Traffic Act.

However, engines with high torque will be preferred to return to the original question. Learning will be a lot easier if you do slow-speed exercises (Gymkhana). You’ll be able to use the selector lever less and have more control of the clutch.

8. Japanese, European, American?

This question is difficult to answer because it all depends upon your personal taste.

Because everyone is different, it is nearly impossible to answer the question. The author started out with a Japanese mid-range engine, a 1998 Honda CB600 that had 45,000 kilometers.

High mileage should not be a problem if the maintenance manual is current. High-mileage bikes that have been serviced frequently are better than those that have been left in a garage for more than 3 years (stationary damages). However, major services such as tire and battery changes will be required. These additional costs can add up.

We also recommend that you start with Japanese models. They are more reliable and last longer. You will also get longer service intervals. If the vehicle has been maintained regularly, it is no problem.

Every trade magazine publishes every used buying guide. It contains valuable information, such as the prices of spare parts and known weaknesses, maintenance intervals, or how long it takes to replace them. This provides an approximate estimate of how much your motorcycle will cost each year.

9. What are the main criteria to consider when buying your first bike?

Our guide to buying your motorcycle. These are just a few ideas. Your driving experience, budget, and preferences will all play a part in your final decision. It’s not surprising that you will get 15 different answers if you ask 10 people in a biker forum. Ask your fellow bikers, but be sure to consider these things before you make a decision.

Prefer used automobiles, but no wrecks that require pre-maintenance.

Do not necessarily start with your dream bicycle. It could disappoint you and cost you a lot of cash if it is lost (which most likely will happen eventually).

Instead, think about the following: WeightHandlingand Seating Position (riding/feeling). It is important to sit on a motorcycle before you buy it online.

Prefer high-torque engines and relatively smooth engines (preferably twins or triples).

The average time you will keep your first bike is 2-3 years. Then your needs may change. You shouldn’t buy your 2nd pillar as your first purchase.

Keep in mind that the equipment you need (helmets, jackets, boots, etc.) must also be purchased. Therefore, you can save money by choosing a lower-cost bike to have high-quality gear that will last you a long time.

10. List of potential candidates

Roadsters are a great compromise between style, handling, and driving pleasure. If your bike doesn’t appear on the list, don’t be surprised. The list isn’t exhaustive. We are just trying to get you thinking. We don’t care what brands/models or models you choose. It is important to consider weight, handling, driving experience, and other criteria for your decision. There is no right answer. More options would be a good fit.

Roadster, chopper or neo-return

  • Benelli Leoncino 500
  • Benelli 502C or 752S
  • BMW R310R or F900R
  • BMW R nine T pure (A2)
  • Brixton Crossfire 500x
  • Ducati Monster 696
  • Honda CB 300 or CB 500
  • Honda Rebel 500
  • Husqvarna Svartpilen (401) or Vitpilen (701)
  • Kawasaki Z300 or Z650
  • KTM Duke 390
  • Mash Two Fifty (250cc), Five Hundred (400cc) or Six Hundred (650cc)
  • Suzuki SV650
  • Triumph Street Triple A2
  • Triumph Trident 660
  • Triumph neo-retros: Street Twin, Street Cup, Bonneville T100, etc.
  • Yamaha MT-03, MT-07, MT-09
  • Yamaha XSR700 or XSR900

A mid-size trail bike could also be an option.

  • Aprilia Tuareg 660
  • Benelli TRK 502
  • BMW R310GS
  • BMW F750GS or F800GS
  • Kawasaki Versys 650
  • Moto Guzzi V85
  • Suzuki V Strom 650
  • Triumph Tiger 660 or Tiger 850
  • Yamaha MT-07 Tracers

What do you think about Indian and Chinese brands?

Chinese manufacturers have offered solid alternatives for years that are often less expensive than Japanese counterparts. We can, for example. Enumerate Zontes, CF Moto, Cyclone, etc.

Royal Enfield is an iconic marque. Although it was established by the British, the marque has been relocated to India since the 1950s. Their mono cylinder is unbreakable are the hallmarks of this brand. The brand also has new models available for European markets that comply with the new emission standards. BSA and Jawa can also be mentioned.

Furthermore, European brands like Mash, Brixton, and others are increasingly being produced in China. In order to lower production costs, many vehicles are being manufactured in China. Aren’t these candidates more serious?

Getting a car for less than the manufacturer’s warranty is possible.

We can also use the statistics compiled by MotoSuisse to gain valuable insight. For example, Zontes was able to sell more than 800 bikes in 2021. This represents a 520% increase. It also tends to show that Zontes is attractive to a large portion of the biker clientele.

Are American/European brands made in Europe/USA?

It is evident that there has been a move towards global standardization of production. Many big European brands have sent all or part of their models from Europe to Thailand, such as Triumph (except TFC models) and Ducati with its Scramblers. BMW makes its “little” 310 in India. Harley Davidson also produces its Street Rod or KTM and its 125- and 390-horsepower Dukes. Honda, for instance, produces some models in Italy for the European market, such as the Africa Twin. Are these models less reliable than the originals? It is difficult to say. However, manufacturers can assure us that strict specifications are being followed. The increase in delivery times in recent years is an indication of the increasing complexity of the production process.


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