Declan Rice Granted Permission for Medical Checkup and Personal Terms Finalization with Arsenal

Declan Rice is all set to breeze through a medical checkup and sort out the nitty-gritty of his deal with Arsenal. West Ham United and Arsenal have sealed the deal, marking the way for the English midfielder’s upcoming shift across London.

CityRyde reported last Wednesday that the clubs had sorted out the financial details, settling on a hefty transfer fee of £105 million and haggling over how the payments would be made. Fast forward to today, an agreement is in place. The moolah will be handed over in three chunks spread across 24 months. Rice is now gearing up for a medical checkup, paving the way for what could be a groundbreaking Premier League record fee for a British player.

After Arsenal upped the ante with a revised bid of £100 million plus an extra £5 million in add-ons, Manchester City gracefully bowed out of the competition to sign Rice.

Initially, City matched Arsenal’s £90 million proposal, sweetening the pot with a higher upfront sum. However, both offers faced rejection. Not one to back down, Arsenal bounced back last Tuesday evening with an improved offer, determined to secure manager Mikel Arteta’s top pick for the summer.

Despite having a year left on his West Ham deal, Rice’s departure seemed inevitable. In the glow of the club’s Europa Conference League triumph, Chairman David Sullivan foresaw the end of the road for the English international at West Ham, stating that Rice “wanted to go.”

Since his debut in 2017, Rice has left an indelible mark on West Ham, making 245 appearances for the club.

Why Rice transfer is vital for Arsenal

Arsenal’s readiness to splash the cash on Rice might raise eyebrows for some, but snagging the West Ham captain in this transfer window is a must for the club.

Why? Well, a couple of factors stand out as the club’s recruitment strategy has unfolded over the last two summers. Transitioning from ‘Project Youth 2.0’ in the 2021-22 season to securing seasoned players in their mid-twenties around this time last year was pivotal in elevating Arsenal’s game.

Rice kicked off all 12 of England’s games in the last two major tournaments. He’s been a driving force, starting 93 percent (190) of his 204 league appearances for West Ham and contributing significantly to their triumph in the Europa Conference League final just last month.

Adding to his versatility, Rice is a player whose skills make him suitable for more than one role. However, with the imminent signing of Kai Havertz from Chelsea, who is likely to take on the left-sided No. 8 role for Arteta, Rice is anticipated to fit in as a No. 6.

Rice: an elite ball-winner

Rice doesn’t rush into challenges at the first hint of trouble. Instead, he gracefully patrols the midfield, maintaining solid positional discipline and strategically choosing when to execute his defensive moves.

These nuances are mirrored in the stats. Rice’s figure of 4.2 “true” tackles per 1,000 opponent touches, encompassing tackles, challenges lost, and fouls committed, positions him at the 62nd spot among a group of 69 defensive and central midfielders who played over 900 minutes in the Premier League last season.

What sets him apart is that, when he does commit, his technique often ensures he emerges victorious. Among that same group of 69 players, no one boasts a better “true” tackle win rate than Rice, standing at an impressive 70 percent.


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