A football trip to Liverpool will remain in your memory for a long time

Watching a Liverpool FC game at Anfield is an experience you won’t soon forget. This legendary stadium can seat 54,074 spectators. This makes it the seventh-largest stadium in England. There are plans to expand the capacity to 61,000 seats. Feel the goosebumps on your back when the club anthem “You’ll never walk alone” sounds. You can see Jurgen Klopp live in action at Liverpool FC. Games to look forward to, in particular, including the derby against Everton, also known as the Merseyside derby, and against arch-rivals Manchester United.

Liverpool is also an ideal weekend destination. It’s the hometown of the Beatles and still has a big music scene. You can relax with drinks in the hip district of “The Baltic Area.” And “Camp and Furnace” on Greenland Street is also highly recommended!

Everything you need to know about your football trip to Liverpool FC.

To ensure that your football trip to Liverpool FC runs as smoothly as possible, we have summarized our best tips for you here, from content tips about Anfield football stadium to nice tips for exploring the stunning city of Liverpool.

  • Anfield information, directions, and tips
  • Information about Liverpool FC
  • What to do in Liverpool

Anfield, home of The Reds

Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 and played all of its home games at the legendary Anfield Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 53,394 seats. It is located in northwest Liverpool in the Anfield district of the same name. The stadium is in the middle of a residential area, which certainly adds to the atmosphere. There is a unique atmosphere at Anfield. Just sing along to “You’ll never walk alone” at the top of your lungs.

At Liverpool FC, it is recommended to be at the seat at least 45 minutes before kick-off.

How to get to Anfield

The stadium is in the middle of a residential area. Parking is very difficult here. Therefore, we recommend that you travel by public transport. Incidentally, public transport in Liverpool is excellently organized.

Address Anfield

Anfield Rd, Anfield,

Liverpool L4 0TH, England

By bus

In the center, you can take the express bus 917. On match days, it runs every ten minutes. Departure is from St George Street on Lime Street. Buses 17 and 26 also depart from here. The buses go to the stadium three and a half hours before the game.

You can also take bus routes 26 and 27 from Liverpool ONE station. Then, you drive directly to the stadium.

Bus number 17 goes directly to the stadium from Queen Square bus station.

After the game, you can also dial 501 directly back to Lime Street Station.

By taxi 

In general, it is very easy to take a taxi to the stadium. There are numerous taxi stops near the stadium. Depending on your location in the city, the cost will range from £6 to £20.

By train

The rail network in Liverpool is called Merseyrail. On match days, you can take any train to Sandhill Stadium. There you board the special “Soccer Bus” that will take you the last stretch to the stadium.

With the wheel!

Want to get around the Dutch way on your Liverpool football trip? If you rent a bike, you can park it for free and under surveillance at the stadium. This service is offered in the Stanley parking lot, which is a few minutes walk from the stadium.

Stadium map Anfield

Do you want to know which tickets to buy for the best seats at Anfield during your football trip? The stadium is divided into four sides and six different categories of football tickets.

The sides at Anfield Stadium are:

  • The main stand, the largest block on the sidelines. It was newly opened in 2016 and offers seating for 20,500 people. The VIP grandstands are located in the middle.
  • The Kop, on the east side behind the target. Construction of this block began in 1906 after the club won the national championship for a second time. The name was derived from a hill in South Africa where many men fought during the Boer War. In 1994, it was converted into a seating grandstand. This is also where the hard core of the fans is based.  
  • Anfield Road, on the side of the road opposite The Kop. Here you can find the fans of the away team.
  • Centenary Stand, better known as the Kenny Dalglish Stand. The name, of course, comes from the legendary player and coach. Here are also the VIP grandstands.

Liverpool FC football tickets. How do you know where you are sitting?

You have booked the football trip and have the tickets in your pocket. Here is a brief explanation of how Liverpool FC tickets are structured.

Under the specified playing time, you will first see which of the four sides you are sitting on. Each additional page is divided into a higher (upper) and lower (lower) page.

Note in advance which entrances (turnstile) you have to go through. The entrances are indicated with an entrance letter and numbers that you can use to enter the stadium.

This is followed by the specification of your block. This can be both numbers and digits. Both are dependent on your seat. The following information refers to the row and the seat.

SoccerTrip does not sell individual tickets for a game. However, you can always book a complete football trip to Liverpool with us.

Stadium Tour Anfield

You can take a guided tour of the stadium to complete your football trip to Liverpool. You can choose from various options.

The LFC Stadium Tour, Museum & Trophy Exhibition

This is the tour we recommend! On this tour, you will see the four major trophies won by Liverpool FC. These are the Premier League, the 18/19 UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Then visit the new museum called “The Boom Room: The Epic Story of Jürgen Klopp’s Dream Team.” The focus of this exhibition is the team from 19/20. A sheer abundance of memorabilia from the sports world is a must for any Reds fan.

Then head to the top of the Main Stand for views of the city and pitch. You can also visit the locker room where the Reds change. Next, enter the players’ tunnel under the well-known “This is Anfield” sign. You can take a photo at the seat on the field where Klopp usually sits. You can also visit the interactive Liverpool Museum as part of this tour.

The cost of this walking tour is £20 for an adult. Are you a student or retired? Then the price is £15. The price for children is £12.

The Anfield Origins Tour, Museum & Trophy Exhibition

This tour focuses more on the history of the club and mostly takes place outside the stadium. You’ll pass the big trophies and The Boom Room here, but not the changing rooms, player tunnels, etc.

The guide will tell you all about the founder, John Houlding, and the place that used to house the team. These attractions can be found in the vicinity of the stadium. The tour ends with a glass of beer at The Sandon, where the team was formed.

Snacks and drinks near Anfield

Before attending a Liverpool FC game, don’t miss out on a light meal and drink in the Anfield area. We have prepared some recommendations for you.

The Sandon

This pub was overwhelmingly voted the favorite bar for the game by the fans. Liverpool Football Club was founded here in 1892. The pub (and hotel) was established a few hundred yards from the stadium. A truly classic English pub decorated entirely in Liverpool FC style. It is a very large pub with several halls. You shouldn’t miss it on your football trip.

The King Charles

This pub is a little further from the stadium but still in the same area. A cozy little pub where you can have a quiet pint before the game. The pub is designed entirely in the style of Liverpool FC.

The Albert

Another very large pub is located just behind The Kop grandstand. One big party is held here on a match day. Enjoy a cold beer and just sing along!

The park

This pub is opposite The Albert. Here you can enjoy the view of the stadium with a glass of beer. There is also a lot of singing in this pub. So, if that’s what you’re after, The Park is definitely worth a visit.

Information about Liverpool FC

Throughout history, Liverpool FC has proven to be the most successful English team. The club won the national title 19 times and the highest European title six times. The club was founded in 1892 by John Houlding. Everton previously played at Anfield. John Houlding was the owner of the property, and after a dispute, Everton relocated, and John founded Liverpool FC.

A club with great international appeal. Liverpool FC has more than 200 fan clubs in more than 50 countries.

Unfortunately, the club has endured two major disasters in the past. The first was the Heysel drama at the 1985 game against Juventus, in which part of the stadium collapsed, and 39 people died. This accident was caused by fans of Liverpool FC, who rioted violently. Following this event, Liverpool was banned from all European events for five years.

After being banned from European games, the focus shifted to domestic games. After a few successful years with two English titles and an FA Cup, another stroke of fate struck. In the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest, there were too many fans in the stadium, and 96 people were crushed to death in the huge crowd.

Fortunately, Liverpool FC has been spared such events in recent years.

Liverpool FC logo

The FC crest has changed a lot over the years. This will probably remain the case in the future. Normally, Liverpool FC changes its crest regularly after an event. Only the mythical bird “Liver Bird” survived the times. Below are the achievements over the years.

Interesting detail: On the occasion of the club’s 100th anniversary, the title of the club’s anthem, “You’ll never walk alone,” was included in the coat of arms. The last update was in 2017 on the occasion of the 125th birthday. At that time, the years 1892 and 2017 were also added.

Liverpool FC team kit

The club plays in red color, hence the name “the Reds.” The color was introduced by legendary coach Bill Shankly in 1964. Before that, players wore white shorts.

What to do in Liverpool

Even without football, Liverpool is a stunning city that is worth at least a weekend trip.

Baltic triangle

Here you can have a drink in the bar from the well-known series “Peaky Blinders.” A hip district with many nice restaurants that invite you to eat and drink.

LFC City Explorer

A bus ride on a classic English coach to all of Liverpool’s hotspots, including Anfield. The ideal way to see a large part of the city.

Royal Albert Dock

A historic area of ​​Liverpool with numerous bars and restaurants. Here you will also find the Beatles Museum.

Liver Building

This building is one of the “Three Graces” that make up Liverpool’s harborfront. Here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the city.


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