15 Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Exploring the Greek islands is like choosing from a treasure trove of over 200 gems scattered across the sparkling Aegean and Ionian Seas. When searching for the best places to visit in Greece for couples, the options are abundant. Each island is rich in myth and natural beauty and possesses a distinct romantic allure.

Picture yourself on these islands, where you’ll find stunning beaches, charming whitewashed villages, and luxurious hotels that make them a dream destination for a honeymoon. The Greek islands set the scene for your perfect romantic getaway.

As the sun dips below the horizon, you’ll witness breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in hues of gold and pink. The locals will warmly welcome you, sharing their stories and culture, adding depth to your experience. These islands are steeped in history, allowing you to immerse yourself in ancient myths and legends and perhaps even create your own love story to become a part of Greece’s remarkable history.

When’s the best time for couples to visit Greece? 

When to visit greece
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For couples who crave the sun, summertime is the prime moment to explore Greece. During June, July, and August, temperatures soar into the mid-30s. Even in May and September, you’ll bask in the warmth with highs exceeding 20 degrees, creating the sensation of an eternal summer on the Greek islands.

If a tranquil retreat with your loved one is what you desire, consider the quieter seasons stretching from September to February. Clear blue skies prevail during these months, and temperatures typically hover above 10 degrees. Early spring and autumn emerge as the ideal windows for a peaceful getaway as a couple.

Which is the most romantic Greek island?

Santorini frequently receives acclaim for being the epitome of romance among the Greek islands. This reputation is owed to its famous sunsets, which paint the caldera and the sea with breathtaking hues as the day fades away. Moreover, the island offers a splendid array of lavish hotels tailored for couples, perched high up, featuring private pools and charming terraces that set the scene for romance. To complete the experience, there are chic restaurants and bars where you can spend your evenings in style.

Romantic experiences in Greece

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15 Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples 

1. *Santorini*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Santorini stands as one of Greece’s most iconic islands, beckoning travelers with its picture-perfect sunsets that cast an enchanting glow upon the white and blue Cycladic-style houses. Gazing at the sun’s descent over the caldera from the charming northern village of Oia is a heart-stopping experience in all the right ways.

Whether you’re wandering the delightful streets of Fira, Imerovigli, or Oia, unwinding on the beaches, or savoring local cuisine with a view, Santorini’s allure is undeniable. It’s no wonder that this destination ranks high among the world’s top honeymoon spots. The cobblestone streets lined with cafes, boutique shops, and art galleries set against the cliffside backdrop will sweep you off your feet.

To witness Santorini from a fresh perspective, embark on a romantic catamaran journey through the caldera and Volcano Island. Here, you and your partner can revel in the sea, basking in the serenity of Santorini’s beauty.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Akrotiri Ruins is a must. These ruins date back to 1627 B.C., concealed beneath layers of ash from the Theran eruption. This site preserves well-preserved remnants of frescoes, residences, and shops. Don’t forget to visit the lighthouse here, offering one of the island’s most breathtaking vistas.

If a day at the beach beckons make your way to the lively black sands of Perivolos. Here, you can take a refreshing dip, admire the volcanic landscapes, or frolic in the waters.

For active couples, hiking from Oia to Fira is an unmissable adventure. Along the way, relish magnificent vistas and explore the tiny villages and blue-domed churches scattered in between. Regardless of your preferences, Santorini offers a multitude of romantic experiences, solidifying its status as one of the top Greek islands for couples.

2. *Mykonos*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Mykonos, the enchanting Greek island, sets the stage for an idyllic romantic escape. Feel like a star in this cosmopolitan haven, where the backdrop is straight out of a Cycladic Greek dream – pristine white architecture, vibrant bougainvillea, iconic windmills, and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

When it comes to culinary delights, Mykonos stands as a top contender among the Greek Islands. For a touch of romance, why not tantalize your taste buds with the local fare? Seafood takes center stage, accompanied by the fiery allure of Louza (spicy pork) and the fresh flavors of Horiatiki with creamy feta (Greek salad).

For beach-loving duos, the island unfolds an array of sandy havens. With approximately 25 beaches, each offering a unique ambiance and size, there’s something to suit every mood. From the seclusion of remote coves to the bustling hubs of watersports, the choice is yours. Elia Beach, Kalafatis Beach, and Ornos Beach are just a glimpse of the dazzling options.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

For an extra dash of history, consider island-hopping to the uninhabited neighboring land of Delos. Explore ancient Greek ruins and delve into the mythological and sacred significance of this island in the Cyclades’ history.

To double the romance quotient, venture to Little Venice on the West Coast, where Greek and Italian influences harmonize in a picturesque waterside setting. Charming old houses, bars, and restaurants line this enchanting neighborhood, making it perhaps the most romantic spot on the island. A sunset stroll or a leisurely drink along the Aegean Sea’s edge in this enchanting enclave may steal your breath.

3. *Tinos*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Just a stone’s throw away from Mykonos, you’ll discover the lovely island of Tinos. It’s brimming with the charm you’d anticipate from the Cyclades Islands, but it escapes the bustling crowds found in Mykonos. Tinos hasn’t undergone the same level of development as its neighbor, allowing it to preserve much of its original allure and natural beauty. Additionally, it’s a mere 20-minute ferry ride away, making it exceptionally convenient for a two-stop Greek island vacation.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

With a more relaxed atmosphere, Tinos is perfect for couples seeking quality time together. The best way to explore the island is by renting a car and visiting some of its most beautiful locations. My personal highlights in Tinos included strolling through the picturesque white mountain villages of Kardiani and Pyrgos, savoring fresh seafood by the waterfront in Panormos, and indulging in wine tasting in Volax.

4. *Crete*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Crete stands out as one of the finest Greek Islands for couples seeking a romantic escape brimming with breathtaking beaches, natural marvels, and a rich cultural tapestry.

When it comes to romantic relaxation in Crete, beach-hopping is the name of the game. The village of Agioi Apostoloi boasts three tranquil cove-like beaches, providing an idyllic setting for soaking up the sun and savoring the sand. Chania’s Balos Lagoon is a must-see destination, and when you fancy a break from the beach, the village is teeming with historical gems like the British Commonwealth War Cemetery and numerous neoclassical mansions.

For couples who thrive in the great outdoors, Crete offers a multitude of exciting trails, canyons, and lagoons to explore. The famous Samaria Gorge, known for its awe-inspiring “iron gates” or towering cliffs along the trail, is a top pick.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Another fascinating journey takes you through Zakros Gorge, aptly nicknamed the “Gorge of the Dead.” As you meander amidst towering rock walls, you’ll pass by caves once used as tombs during the Minoan Era, lending the gorge its intriguing name.

For those seeking a real endurance challenge, embarking on a trek up Mount Ida rewards you with sweeping panoramic views and the honor of conquering the tallest peak in the Greek islands. Water sports and SCUBA diving are also immensely popular activities in and around the island, adding to the adventure and romance of Crete.

5. *Corfu*

best places to visit in Greece for couples
Corfu’s Canal d’Amour

Love thrives in the Ionian Islands, and Corfu, in particular, offers a captivating blend of beach, culture, and history. Nestled just off the west coast of the mainland, it’s a genuine treasure waiting to be explored. With its old town designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the iconic hills that lend the island its name, Corfu delivers a remarkable array of activities in one destination.

A journey through Corfu’s Old Town is like stepping back in time. Meander along charming cobblestone streets and marvel at the Venetian influence that traces its roots back to the 8th century. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Liston Promenade, soak in the vibrant ambiance of Spianada Square, or pay a visit to one of the many museums.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

For an extra dose of grandeur, ascend the two medieval fortresses perched upon the island’s hills. In addition to delving into the island’s rich history, you’ll be treated to sweeping panoramic vistas spanning mainland Greece, Corfu, and the glistening sea beyond.

No visit to Corfu is complete without savoring its pristine beaches. Head to the highly acclaimed Glyfada Beach, where the sheltered lagoon ensures calm waters, perfect for a leisurely swim.

After a blissful and romantic day in the sun, sate your appetite with freshly caught seafood and cool cocktails. If adventure beckons, explore the trio of small caves and grottoes in St. Spiridon Bay by boat. This will add an extra layer of excitement to your Corfu adventure.

6. *Zakynthos*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Zakynthos, another precious gem in the Ionian Sea, is the epitome of a Mediterranean beach paradise. Here, you can immerse yourself in tourist hotspots on one side of the island or lose yourself in the tranquility of more remote areas on the other.

Nestled on the northwest coast, the secluded Shipwreck Beach stands out as one of Greece’s most renowned landmarks. Its stunning beauty within Smuggler’s Cove lures countless visitors. To touch the sands, though, you’ll need to approach by boat, offering a unique and memorable experience.

Delve into the underwater wonders surrounding the island through activities like snorkeling, swimming, and the potential thrill of encountering sea turtles. A quick trip to the nearby Marathonisi Island National Marine Park might bring you face-to-face with native loggerhead turtles.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Embark on a hike to the summit of Skopos Hill, hailed as one of Greece’s finest trails. Your effort is handsomely rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the island’s landscape and the azure waters that embrace it. Share a heartfelt moment with your loved one by holding hands at the summit.

Take time to explore the city with its historic squares, such as Solomos Square and Aghios Markos Square, and visit charming churches like Aghios Dionysios and Aghios Nikolaos. Don’t forget to explore the nearby Venetian Castle, perched above the city, which stands as a remarkable historical attraction waiting to be discovered.

7. *Hydra*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Hydra, a favored retreat for artists, sailors, and yachting enthusiasts, is renowned for its sophisticated and cultured ambiance. The island derives its name from the natural springs that grace its landscape. What sets Hydra apart is its unique ban on cars; here, you’ll only find boats, donkeys, and pedestrian traffic.

The stage for romance is beautifully set on Hydra, one of the finest Greek Islands for couples. With its stone houses, grand mansions, and charming squares, along with over 300 charming churches perched along the Argosaronic Gulf, love blooms effortlessly in this enchanting place.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

The combination of beaches and history adds to Hydra’s allure. A refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of Vlichos Beach beckons while local tavernas stand ready to quench your thirst. For a more dramatic cliffside swim, don’t miss the chance to experience Hydroneta, a fantastic spot embedded in the rock wall with an incredible view.

When the Mediterranean sun becomes too intense, explore the town’s numerous museums or meander through its restaurants and shops to discover the finest Greek souvenirs. In this car-free paradise, where pedestrians rule, romance is sure to find you.

8. *Rhodes*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

As you embark on a journey through the ancient ruins and charming villages of Rhodes, you’ll find yourself transported to a Greek fairytale. Known as the “Knight’s Island,” Rhodes boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, historical relics, and monuments that offer a captivating glimpse into the past.

Explore the remarkable Acropolis of Lindos, some parts of which trace their origins back to the 4th century. You’ll be filled with wonder as you wander through the ancient theater, stadium, and temples. Other noteworthy historical sites to visit include the old port of Mandraki, the Palace of the Grand Master, and Kallithea Springs.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

For a romantic outing on the island, venture to the Valley of Butterflies on the western side. This tranquil outdoor sanctuary features easy walking paths adorned with wooden bridges and waterfalls. Visit between May and September to witness the resident butterflies in their full glory.

For an added touch of romance, indulge in a dip in a hot spring. In the village of Kallithea, a waterfront spa beckons, ready to soothe and rejuvenate you with its mineral-rich waters, creating the perfect setting for a romantic escape.

9. *Kefalonia*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Nestled amidst the sparkling Ionian Sea, Kefalonia unfolds as an enchanting island paradise, making it an ideal Greek destination for couples. It’s where you’ll think you’ve stepped onto the set of a breathtaking movie. It has stunning landscapes, charming beaches, and authentic coastal villages to explore.

Strolling through the narrow streets of the capital, Argostoli, located in a picturesque harbor teeming with life, you’ll discover a bustling scene of restaurants, cozy cafes, and quaint shops. A leisurely walk along the promenade, serenaded by local musicians playing traditional tunes, epitomizes the romance that Greece is known for.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Kefalonia boasts some of the most captivating stretches of shoreline, yet it remains an underrated gem for honeymooners in Greece. Myrtos Beach beckons with its crystal-clear waters, pristine sands, and dramatic white cliffs.

Kefalonia offers a network of natural caves for those seeking adventure. Venture to the Drogarati Caves with your beloved, where you can feel like a true explorer as you encounter stalactites stalagmites and experience their remarkable acoustics.

10. *Kythira*

romantic getaways in Greece

Kythira just had to be on our list of the best places to visit in Greece for couples. You might not have encountered this lesser-explored Greek island, but it carries a deep romantic legacy. It’s the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, so you could say Kythira has romance ingrained in its very history!

Unlike its livelier neighbors, Kythira isn’t a hub of revelry. It’s the destination for unhurried luxury and intimate romance. I’d describe it as one of the finest Greek islands for mature couples or those who relish life at a leisurely pace.

romantic getaways in Greece

Venturing through this island is an absolute delight. Each village on Kythira holds its unique history, culture, and personality. It’s a treasury of local delights, from handcrafted rugs to homegrown olive oil and sea salt. At every corner, you’ll uncover captivating architecture and breathtaking vistas. The island is adorned with the remnants of medieval castles, narrating the story of invasions by the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans.

When you’ve had your fill of shopping and exploration, the immaculate sands and turquoise waters of the beaches beckon – an ideal setting for savoring a sunset with your beloved. What more could you desire? Kythira’s enchantment, allure, and serene seclusion establish it as one of the premier Greek islands for couples.

11. *Paros*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Paros stands as one of the most captivating and beloved Greek islands within the Cyclades. It boasts lush mountains, perched villages on cliffs, and sandy white beaches. The island’s beaches steal the spotlight, gracing you with glistening, crystal-clear waters and warm golden sands. Plus, they offer some of the prime conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing in the Greek Isles.

People often label Paros as a top pick for young couples, but, truth be told, it has something to offer everyone. Whether you seek serene beachside relaxation, vibrant nightlife, or a glimpse into captivating culture and history, this charming Greek haven has it all.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

For an authentic taste of Greek warmth, make your way to Parikia and Naoussa, the island’s two main hubs. Here, you’ll encounter traditional Greek taverns serving up local delicacies and lively bars and clubs where you can dance the night away.

If you crave a more peaceful escape, venture towards the picturesque traditional villages of Lefkes and Marpissa. Meander through ancient cobbled streets and admire the glistening whitewashed architecture. And if you’re on the lookout for a truly romantic destination to explore with your partner, Paros is an excellent choice.

12. *Karpathos*

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Arguably one of the most stunning gems in the Dodecanese, Karpathos serves as a haven for couples in search of respite from the rigors of everyday life. Positioned perfectly in the Aegean Sea, nestled between Rhodes and Crete, this Greek island’s idyllic beauty remains unspoiled and secluded. It is free from the excesses of its more prominent neighbors. Just take a look at this beach – it’s a vision, isn’t it?!

Although this island lies somewhat off the beaten tourist path, it offers an abundance of activities. Quaint villages, perched precariously on steep hillsides, are tucked into some of the most exquisite scenery to be found among the Greek isles.

romantic getaways in Greece

The people of Karpathos take great pride in their distinct traditions and local culture. Numerous small local festivals unfold throughout the year, allowing you to savor traditional delights, music, and folk dancing. Karpathos is also an excellent place to delve into the world of scuba diving. The crystal-clear waters enveloping the island teem with marine life and host historic shipwrecks.

For an ideal getaway with your partner, the north and east coasts of Karpathos offer an array of hotels, charming guesthouses, and everything you desire for a luxurious holiday.

However, if you yearn to explore the island’s wilder side, I’d recommend renting a car and making your way to the south. Here, you’ll encounter deserted beaches and untamed natural landscapes. It’s not hard to see why, when you glimpse the photos, Karpathos is considered one of the finest Greek islands for couples!

13. *Andros*

romantic getaways in Greece

Andros is a paradise for adventurous couples who relish outdoor thrills. Nestled in the Cyclades Islands, it’s a green gem adorned with abundant natural springs and rivers. This unique landscape sets it apart from its island peers.

For couples seeking excitement, river trekking is the name of the game. An adrenaline-pumping journey through lush forests leads to a mesmerizing waterfall, inviting you to plunge into its revitalizing embrace.

best places to visit in Greece for couples

Exploring Andros’s capital, Chora is another must-do. This picturesque white town gracefully graces a peninsula where charming buildings meet the shimmering turquoise Aegean Sea. Crowned by an iconic lighthouse perched atop a rugged rock, it’s a sight to behold.

Andros is readily accessible for couples embarking on their holiday adventure from Athens. Simply catch a ferry from Rafina Port, and you’ll be on your way to this enchanting island.

14. *Kos*


Kos stands out as an ideal Greek destination for couples, seamlessly blending stunning beaches with charming towns and distinct architecture. Strolling through the tranquil streets of Kos Town, you’ll be captivated by Venetian and Ottoman architectural wonders, traditional taverns, and lively bars. The port showcases opulent yachts and chic restaurants serving the freshest seafood you can imagine.

The island boasts many beaches, some of the finest in Greece, offering thrilling watersports. History enthusiasts will find ancient sites to explore, providing a glimpse into Greece’s captivating past. With numerous lavish hotels and resorts scattered across the island, you’re perfectly poised to embark on adventures like the Antimachia Fortress and the Ancient Agora excavation site.

Notably, Kos is home to one of our preferred all-inclusive havens in Greece, the exquisite Ikos Aria. Tailored for couples seeking ultimate luxury and relaxation, this resort boasts the ‘Infinite Lifestyle’ all-inclusive package. Indulge in delectable cuisine crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, savor top-shelf spirits, the finest wines, and round-the-clock room service, ensuring your quality time together takes precedence.


Active couples will relish the plethora of activities included in their stay and the extra options available. The resort offers scuba diving, water skiing, catamaran cruises, windsurfing, canoeing, yoga, mountain biking, and more. Whatever your idea of a romantic getaway, this hotel guarantees an extraordinary experience.

“Ikos Aria graces the most enchanting part of the island. Swim out to the church of Kastri and ring the bell – they say it brings good fortune! In addition, there are two archaeological sites near the hotel to explore, along with a selection of 300 wine labels to savor!” – Jasmine, Travel Specialist

15. *Naxos*


Naxos, the largest gem in the Cyclades necklace, offers an unspoiled haven for couples seeking a Greek island getaway. Unlike the bustling Mykonos, Santorini, or Paros, Naxos retains its authentic charm. Here, you’ll uncover genuine Greek villages, idyllic beaches, ancient relics, and countless hiking trails.

The island’s primary hub, Chora (also known as “Naxos Town”), is a splendid launching point to explore the island’s treasures. Stroll through the enchanting Old Town district, where narrow stone pathways lead to traditional waterfront tavernas. Don’t forget to explore the Old Market, a trove of local souvenirs.

For beach enthusiasts, Naxos offers quick access to its sandy shores, most a short drive from town. Plaka Beach, a personal favorite, tempts with soft sands, crystalline waters, and various dining and bar options. Agios Prokopios Beach and Mikri Vilga Beach also beckon sun-seekers.


History buffs will find Naxos rich in ancient sites, including the Temple of Demeter and the Temple of Apollo. The latter, known as “Portara,” stands just a brief walk from Naxos Town. This unfinished marvel, gazing towards Delos, harks back to the 6th century and provides a romantic setting for sunset gazing.

Naxos, in our view, ranks high for couples who relish hiking. The most celebrated trail leads to the pinnacle of Mount Zas (Zeus), marking the Cyclades’ highest point and the legendary childhood haunt of Zeus in Greek mythology.

During your stay in Naxos, explore the charming Cycladic towns nestled among the island’s mountains. Our top three picks are Filoti, Chalkio (or Halki or Chalki), and Apeiranthos, each offering a taste of traditional Cycladic life.

10 Tips for Perfectly Planning A Couples’ Holiday to Greece

Tips for Perfectly Planning A Couples' Holiday to Greece
  1. Opt for Greece during its quieter seasons. To secure serene moments by a tranquil cove or have a mountain trail all to yourselves, consider a visit in the less crowded months of spring (April/May) or autumn (September/October).
  2. Time your journey around a meaningful milestone. Elevate your vacation’s significance by aligning it with an anniversary or another special date on your calendar.
  3. Seek out secluded havens. Strive for a balanced itinerary that combines bustling cities or popular islands with more remote getaways. Sometimes, it’s as simple as spending a night or two at a well-visited day trip locale, like Meteora, to savor the area without the crowds.
  4. Arrange key logistics in advance, such as airport transfers. Take care of these basics before warding off potential travel headaches and conflicts down the road.
  5. Secure your lodging well ahead, especially when traveling in the warmer months.
  6. Elevate your accommodations. Upgrading from a standard room to a suite can transform your stay from wonderful to truly spectacular.
  7. Embrace a mix of activities catering to both your interests and your partner’s. Select destinations that blend cultural experiences, historical sites, outdoor adventures, and relaxation.
  8. Consider renting a car. This provides flexibility and allows you to explore independently, offering more quality time together.
  9. Reserve tables at restaurants for special meals. Adding a couple of unforgettable dining experiences to your itinerary ensures you always have something to anticipate.
  10. Indulge in a few special experiences. Hire a photographer for a day or invest a bit more in a private tour – there’s no better way to create lasting memories with your partner in Greece.

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