15 Best Accessories for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great activity to get your blood pumping and your muscles working. However, it can be difficult to ride if you don’t have the right accessories. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best mountain bike accessories that will help you have a great time on your rides!

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#1 Best Mountain Biking Helmets

A mountain biking helmet is an important piece of gear for anyone who rides bikes for outdoor adventure. They protect your head from bumps and bruises.

It can also help you stay safe in the event of a crash. There are plenty of great mountain biking helmets on the market, but which is the best for you? Here are five of the best options:

  • The Giro Savant is one of the market’s most popular mountain biking helmets. It features a comfortable fit and a low-profile design that keeps your head cool and protected in hot weather conditions.
  • BELL Spark MIPS  Mountain Bike Helmet is another popular option. It’s made from high-quality materials, has a depth adjustment system, and comes with a chin strap for added security.
  • BASE CAMP Mountain Bike Helmet is a top pick for trail riders who want maximum coverage. It includes an air-flow system that helps to keep your head cool, as well as a sun visor that shades your eyes in bright sunlight.
  • EASTINEAR Goggle Cycling Helmet is perfect for riders who love performance. They’re made from high-quality materials and have adjustable ventilation systems. This comfortable helmet includes a built-in goggle lens to help you protect your eyes from wind and dust on the way.

Keep in mind:

The visor is the primary distinctive feature of a professional mountain bike helmet over a road helmet. This feature can be seen in many mountain bike helmets. There are two reasons for it:

  • The first is to shield the eyes from the sun and improve visibility.
  • The second is so you can shield your face from falling leaves, twigs, and other debris.

The Swedish “brain protection” business MIPS is at the forefront of efforts to establish an industry-wide testing standard. In more than a hundred different makes and models, its liner is called MIPS (for “Multiple Impact Protection System”).

Full-face helmets, though, are not popular among mountain bike helmets.

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#2 Best Mountain Biking Shoes

If you’re looking for the best mountain biking shoes to help you stay safe and comfortable during your rides, here are some of our favorites:

The Tommaso Vertice

The Tommaso Vertice is a great option if you’re looking for a versatile, all-around shoe that can handle both hardpack trails and sand. It has a tough construction that makes it durable, and the rubber outsole provides good traction on all types of rough terrain.

Giro Ranger Mountain Bike Shoes

The Giro Ranger Mountain Bike Shoes are a great option if you’re looking for something with more support. Its advanced construction offers protection against drops and rocks, as well as flexible ankle support that helps keep your ankles stable while riding.

Five Ten Trailcross LT Mountain Bike Shoes

The Five Ten Trailcross LT Mountain Bike Shoes are a great option if you’re looking for something with more breathability and flexibility. It’s made with lightweight and compressible materials, which helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during extended rides.

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#3 Best Mountain Biking Mini-Pump

Getting a flat tire is a common problem when mountain biking. Almost anything—a rock, a stump, a bump, a stick, a twig—can spark an event. Lacking a fuel pump, you’ll be unable to move out of neutral. There is a wide range of mini pumps we can recommend:

UpNord Mountain Bike Mini Pump

Unlike a floor pump, this mini pump is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for carrying around on your bike. It also has a built-in gauge to help you keep track of your air pressure, and it comes with a durable carrying case.

GIYO Mini Bike Pump

This mini pump is a great choice if you want something that’s both lightweight and powerful in its price range. It has a built-in gauge and an adjustable nozzle, making it easy to get the air pressure you need.

Lezyne Mini Pump

If you’re looking for a high-quality mini pump that can handle some serious air pressure, the Lezyne is perfect for you. It has a durable construction and comes with a built-in gauge to ensure you get the air pressure you need every time.

BV Mini Bike Pump

The BV mini pump is by far the most popular option on this list, thanks to its reliable performance and impressive features list. It has a built-in gauge and an adjustable nozzle, making it easy to get the air pressure you need without having to fuss with any knobs or buttons.

Keep in mind:

You may take the smallest pump possible, but be prepared to spend a long time attempting to inflate your tire if you have a flat. Alternatively, if you obtain the largest one, the tire will be inflated more quickly, but it will be much more cumbersome to transport. So, we went with the key sizes of 20 cm in length.

It’s not too cumbersome to carry about, yet large enough to fill with air rapidly. Unless you’re using a tubeless tire, this is the single most important thing to have on your mountain bike.

#4 Spare Inner Tube

If you have to flat-out, this is your first line of defense. Since replacing an inner tube is as expensive as buying a cup of coffee, there’s really no point in bothering with a patch kit. Instead, pick up the flat, pop the tube, and install a new tire.

After going tubeless, we still make sure to have a spare on hand since we may be ten or twenty miles from the closest road in the event of an emergency.

#5 Mountain Biking Water Bottles

accessories for mountain biking top

Water is the next most critical item to pack after a mini pump and a replacement inner tube. It may be a beautiful day, but as soon as you start cycling on a sweaty ride, you’ll realize you need a drink. And being dehydrated is the single largest drain on your strength. So bring a bottle of something, please.

You may also invest in a water bottle like the Camelbak Water Bottle if you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking. While water is always a healthy choice, longer rides call for something more, including the replacement of electrolytes. Because of your exertion, you will sweat and lose electrolytes and minerals, including sodium, potassium, and magnesium. An electrolyte drink can quickly fix this problem.

#6 Mountain Biking Backpack

Even if you haven’t picked up on it yet, there is a common thread among the essential pieces of a mountain bike. Is it only going to be an hour-long journey, or do you have more time? We’re on the cautious side, so we always carry a backpack. Simply said, it’s the obvious choice.

Everything you need is conveniently located in one spot, so there’s no need to do any sleuthing. So, you may go out for a ride whenever you choose. Without much trouble, simply said, there will be no bother.

Above, we said that the Camelbak MULE hydration pack is our preferred backpack. Since its start in 1996, it has consistently been among the top ten in terms of viewership. It’s lightweight, compact, and functionally complete.

The 9 liters of storage space are neatly partitioned so that you can conveniently arrange your equipment, and the bladder can hold more than 100 ounces of fluid. Despite what we’ve heard, we haven’t had any problems as long as you place it in a perfect position.

#7 Frame Bag and Water Bottle (Alternatives to Backpack)

I’m aware that there are those who don’t sweat much and for whom a single water bottle would be enough. However, it’s also possible that the thought of carrying a backpack while hiking is simply not appealing to you.

Many of our buddies get around this problem by mounting a compact pack, like the DaKine Gripper Biking Frame Bag or Evoc Hip Pack, to the bike frame itself, where they can easily reach their essential piece of gear.

They also use a waist pack with a Velcro strap for longer rides. The Osprey Seral 7, for example, comes with a water bladder that can be filled so that you may bring along additional beverages and food.

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#8 Windbreaker

Even though summertime is often more pleasant, beginner riders never know what the weather will be like while they’re out on their bike. Therefore, a bulky puffy is unnecessary; a windbreaker, such as the Arsuxeo Cycling Jacket, would suffice.

Just like suitable mountain bike shorts, the importance of a windbreaker cannot be overstated. It minimizes complexity, maximizes durability, and minimizes weight.

If a storm were to come through, you’d be pleased you had it. To avoid overheating or chilling when out on a ride in the autumn or early spring, it’s advisable to wear layers.

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Other Accessories Worth Mentioning

top mountain bike gloves

Besides the must-have accessories we have outlined above, you should also consider the following:

best accessories for mountain biking

Final Thoughts

When mountain biking, it can be very cold and windy out there. To keep your body warm and dry, you’ll need some good mountain bike accessories.

We hope this buying guide is helpful for you. Also, let us know if you have your own personal recommendation from certain bike shops!


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