Dirt Bike Movie: Best 42 Films of All Time Ranked

Some folks believe that watching a dirt bike movie can be almost as thrilling as being at an actual dirt bike event. Although their perspective might change if they were actually riding the bike, there’s no denying that dirt bike movies are a fantastic way to boost your excitement.

For those who enjoy action and adventure in regular movies, you’re in for a real treat here. We’re saying this because the movies centered around motorcycles that we’re discussing today can truly provide a burst of high-energy entertainment for many.

Whether or not you’re a bike enthusiast, these films do an excellent job of introducing you to the exhilarating world of dirt biking.

They not only reveal the behind-the-scenes action of the sport but also shed light on the journeys of a few celebrated athletes who have risen to prominence in the realm of off-road bike racing.

So, grab a light snack, sit back, and prepare to thoroughly enjoy the heart-pounding adventure that these films guarantee.

42nd Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Motorcross Zombies from Hell* (2014)

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“Motorcross Zombies from Hell” tells the story of motocross riders who become zombies. If you’re into horror and action, this movie is definitely one you’ll enjoy.

41st: *Motocross Kids* (2004)

motocross movie

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“Motocross Kids” is a heartwarming family movie that follows a bunch of kids as they form their very own motocross team. If you’re someone who loves action and adventure, this film is a wonderful choice for you to watch.

40th: *Biker Boyz* (2003)

dirt bike movie

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“Biker Boyz” brings you the story of a crew of African American bikers who come together to create their own motorcycle club. So, if you’re a fan of action and the strong bonds of brotherhood, this movie is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

39th: *Free Style* (2008)

motocross movies

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“Free Style” follows the journey of a motocross rider who faces a tough decision between his career and his love for a special girl. If you’re into a mix of romance and action, this movie is a wonderful choice for you to enjoy.

38th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *The Pace that Thrills* (1952)

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“The Pace that Thrills” is a timeless film noir that delves into the story of a woman who gets entangled with a motorcycle gang. This movie takes a deep look at the shadowy aspects of the biker way of life and how it impacts those who become a part of it.

37th: *Winner Takes All* (1987)

dirt bike movie

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“Winner Takes All” spins the tale of a bunch of pals stepping into a motocross race. The stakes are high: the victor snags a brand-new motorcycle, while the defeated must surrender their bikes. Loaded with action, this movie delivers heaps of dirt bike racing excitement.

36th: *Supercross* (2005)

motocross movies

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“Supercross” is a captivating documentary that takes you into the realm of professional motorcycle racing. This film shadows multiple riders as they vie for supremacy in the thrilling Supercross championship.

35th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *The Great Escape* (1963)

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While not exactly a motorcycle movie, “The Great Escape” engraves itself in our hearts as Steve McQueen leaps over a fence on a motorcycle, and for me, that’s more than good enough.

34th: *Ghost Rider* (2007)

dirt bike movie

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“Ghost Rider” unfolds the tale of a man who makes a desperate pact with the devil to rescue his ailing father. This transforms him into the Ghost Rider, a blazing skeletal entity on a mission to dispense justice to the wicked. What sets this film apart is its extraordinary blend of horror, action, and supernatural intrigue.

33rd: *Torque* (2004)

motocross movies

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In the world of Torque, a close-knit biker gang betrays one of their own, leading to him being wrongly accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Now, he’s on a mission to prove his innocence by tracking down the true culprit, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the relentless police pursuit. So, if you’re someone who loves motorcycles and action-packed movies, this film is a real treat you won’t want to miss!

32nd Best Dirt Bike Movie: *A.X.L* (2018)

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This movie by Oliver Daly brings a fresh twist compared to the other films in our lineup. Unlike the others, it doesn’t solely revolve around motocross. However, its essence is beautifully woven into the storyline.

The plot follows Miles and his robotic combat companion, A.X.L. As their bond deepens, the story takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of A.X.L’s original creators.

Keep an eye out for the thrilling chase scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. Our main character’s love for his bike shines brightly, and you’ll catch him riding it for a good chunk of the film.

Although it’s not entirely centered on the sport, A-X-L has its unique way of embodying the spirit of a dirt bike project.

31st: *Silver Dream Racer* (1980)

Silver Dream Racer

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David Wickes is both the writer and director behind Silver Dream Racer, a motor-racing movie that showcases the talents of British pop icons David Essex and Beau Bridges in pivotal roles.

The tale traces the journey of a determined British motorcycle racer who finds himself facing off against a skilled American counterpart. With his brother’s 500cc prototype as support, he takes on the challenge.

Despite facing criticism and not performing well at the box office, this film holds a place for dedicated bike enthusiasts to give it a watch.

Furthermore, much like other racing films in our selection, Silver Dream Racer doesn’t hold back on using real racing footage to truly captivate its intended audience.

30th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Frezno Smooth* (1999)

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Get ready for a seriously cool action movie that follows the adventures of motocross icon Seth Enslow. He’s hit with a harsh blow when a corrupt judge bars him from an upcoming freestyle contest.

Driven by frustration from this unjust ban, Frezno finds himself tangled up in a chaotic series of fights, gatherings, and a whirlwind of crazy situations.

For the dedicated fans of the sport, Frezno Smooth promises an entertaining watch. The fantastic cast brings the story to life in multiple ways, and those who’ve faced trouble with the law while riding dirt bikes or skateboards might find a relatable connection here. 

29th: *Speed Is My Need* (2019)

speed is my need

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“Speed is My Need,” a documentary released in 2019, sheds light on the lives of daredevil dirt bike riders who willingly put their lives on the line for the exhilaration of speed and the accompanying rush of adrenaline.

The documentary delves into the competitive realm of motocross, while also delving into the psychological aspect of racing.

Moreover, the film incorporates breathtaking racing scenes and jaw-dropping crashes to amplify its impact.

Through this documentary, we are able to witness and perhaps grasp the ultimate driving force compelling these riders to push their limits. It also offers us a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the world of bike racing, learning a plethora of things along the way.

28th: *Deuces* (2016)

Dirt biking movies on Netflix

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Jamal Hill takes the director’s chair for this cinematic endeavor, crafting an action-packed film that’s a treat for both enthusiasts of crime thrillers and bike movies.

Featuring Larenz Tate, Meagan Good, Lance Gross, and Siya in prominent roles, “Deuces” weaves in elements of romance and rivalry into its storyline.

The movie follows the path of an undercover cop, determined to dismantle a notorious crime syndicate from within.

However, as time unfolds, he discovers himself being drawn towards the syndicate’s leader. As if that wasn’t enough, complications escalate when our undercover officer stumbles upon the double life of his immediate superior.

27th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *SGT. Will Gardner* (2019)

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Max Martini takes on the roles of both writer and director for this feature film, delivering a poignant tale centered around Will Gardner, a veteran of the Iraq War living with disabilities.

Opting to escape the burdens of his past, Will embarks on a motorcycle journey with the heartfelt goal of reuniting with his cherished son.

While “SGT. Will Gardner” may not be exclusively a dirt bike film, it certainly embraces a bike-centric theme wholeheartedly.

The movie not only captures the struggles of its central protagonist as he strives to find his place in society once more, but it also illuminates his cross-country ride, a powerful symbol of his quest to spend the remainder of his days alongside his loved ones.

26th: *Little Fauss And Big Halsy* (1970)

motocross movie

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Sidney J. Furie takes the helm for “Little Fauss and Big Halsy,” a film featuring notable actors such as Robert Redford, Michael J. Pollard, Lauren Hutton, Noah Beery, and Lucille Benson in significant roles.

The film follows the story of an easygoing and slower-thinking motorcycle racer, who unexpectedly forms a bond with an outspoken professional rider sidelined from the tracks.

Yet, their camaraderie faces a trial when they both develop feelings for the same young woman. The true highlight of this movie undeniably lies in the genuine and believable connection between Redford and Pollard.

25th: *Bennett’s War* (2019)

Dirt biking movies on Netflix

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“Bennett’s War” stands as a modestly enjoyable motocross film, weaving the tale of Marshall Bennett, a military veteran returning home scarred by injuries from an explosive incident overseas.

Despite his release from the hospital with a broken leg and back, Marshall makes the determined choice to enter the competitive world of motocross upon his return. His motivation is simple: to secure enough funds to support his family’s farm.

Crafted by the pen and direction of Alex Ranarivelo and featuring Michael Roark, Trace Adkins, Ali Afshar, and Allison Paige in pivotal roles, this blend of drama and sport places significant reliance on its awe-inspiring race sequences and daring stunts to leave a lasting impact.

24th: *Moto 7: The Movie* (2015)

dirt bike movie

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Moto 7: The Movie, skillfully captured on film, presents a diverse array of riders in action. This dirt bike feature brings to the forefront motocross enthusiasts executing some of the most audacious tricks ever seen on two wheels.

For avid followers of the extreme sport, the film promises an enticing experience that might even inspire them to hop on a bike themselves. The movie takes viewers to the most remote and remarkable locations ever touched by a motorcycle, adding a sense of adventure to the excitement.

This is a cinematic piece tailored to those who embrace the thrill of pushing boundaries and riding with unbridled passion. Inarguably, this dynamic and concise dirt bike production caters exclusively to the devoted fans of this exhilarating sport.

23rd: *Moto 9: The Movie* (2017)

dirt bike movie

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If you’re a fan of dirt bike racing, or simply bike racing in general, you’re likely well aware of the immense respect earned by iconic riders like Ryan Dungey and Brian Deegan.

In the captivating film, Moto 9: The Movie, these two legends come together to recount their adventures racing across some of the most demanding terrains across the globe.

As you might expect, the journey isn’t without its share of spills and injuries, as they relentlessly chase after victory. However, believe us when we tell you that by the time the movie concludes, you’ll be brimming with inspiration, ready to rev up your engine and hit the road – even if it’s not for a competitive race.

22nd Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Maniacs On Wheels* (1949)

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In Director Jack Lee’s film, “Maniacs on Wheels,” we follow the gripping tale of Bill Fox, a factory worker whose seemingly steady job takes an unexpected tumble. Before long, he embraces a daring new path as a motorbike racer.

But as his new pursuit consumes him, Bill encounters an even greater trial – his beloved wife’s ultimatum, urging him to regain his senses or risk losing everything they hold dear.

Credit must be duly bestowed upon the creators, especially the cameraman, for ingeniously utilizing the limited technology available at the time to compile captivating race footage for the film.

21st: *12 O’Clock Boys* (2013)

dirt bike movie

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“12 O’Clock Boys” takes us on a journey through the life of Pug, a young boy growing up in the urban landscape of Baltimore. Pug finds himself drawn to a daring crew of dirt-bike riders who tear through the city streets, becoming his unlikely heroes.

Lacking a strong role model in his life, Pug makes a pivotal decision – he will one day join the ranks of these thrilling bikers in his quest for identity and purpose.

This film not only treats us to insightful interviews with various urban dirt bike groups but also weaves a compelling narrative using a wealth of video clips that truly leave an impact.

For those who have a fondness for heart-pounding motocross stories, “12 O’Clock Boys” is undoubtedly a film worth watching.

20th: *Motocrossed* (2001)

motocross movies

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“Motocrossed,” a Disney Channel Original Movie, presents a humble reimagining of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” This story revolves around Andrea Carson, a young girl with a genuine passion for motocross racing.

Despite her enthusiasm, Andrea’s father isn’t exactly thrilled about her involvement in the sport. However, when her twin brother Andrew faces an unfortunate accident, Andrea takes a bold step and assumes his identity to compete in a race.

With a newfound opportunity within her reach, Andrea pours her heart into the challenge, giving it her all. What makes this film particularly impactful is that the clothing, motocross gear, and bikes showcased are authentically sourced from well-known extreme sports brands, adding an extra layer of realism to the story.

19th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Full Throttle* (1995)

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Tung-Shing Yee, both co-writer and director, teams up to create Full Throttle—a tale spun around a top-notch motorcycle racer from Hong Kong. This speedster meets misfortune as a grave injury beckons a heart-rending crossroads: continue the race or be with the woman he cherishes.

No doubt, the accident becomes a catalyst for soul-searching. But don’t be quick to label this one as just another road racing or dirt bike flick. It stretches its wings beyond the obvious.

Why, you ask? Because at its core, it’s less about the bikes and more about human connections. Yet, let’s give credit where it’s due. The film truly excels in delivering emotional punches. And yes, those racing sequences? Captured on screen with finesse.

18th: *This Is MOTO* (2019)

dirt bike movie

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“This is MOTO” steps into the realm of documentary, aiming to paint a vivid portrait of what it truly means to stand among the elite athletes in a demanding sport.

But it doesn’t merely stop at depicting the physical and mental trials these riders overcome on their path to excellence. It delves into the very fabric of their everyday lives, shedding light on the hurdles they confront.

What makes this documentary truly special is its power to pull the ordinary viewer into the shoes of these riders, fostering a potential for deep connection.

For those who revel in tales of real-life fortitude, persistence, and unbridled passion, this project is bound to capture their hearts from the very first glimpse.

17th: *Charm City Kings* (2020)

dirt bike movie

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Based on the 2013 documentary “12 O’Clock Boys” created by Lotfy Nathan, “Charm City Kings” becomes a drama movie under the direction of Angel Manuel Soto.

The tale traces the journey of Mouse, a 14-year-old boy who simply wants to join a notorious gang of daring dirt-bike riders.

Eventually, Mouse gets the nod from the gang’s leader to join their ranks. But as he becomes part of the crew, he begins to realize that the path he’s chosen might be more troublesome than he thought.

The movie stars Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Meek Mill, Will Catlett, and Teyonah Parris, all playing crucial roles. “Charm City Kings” made its debut on the world stage at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020.

In many ways, the film is a coming-of-age story that shines with its captivating performances and thoughtful direction.

16th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Nitro Circus: The Movie* (2012)

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This 3D action comedy reality movie was brought to life by the direction of Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle. It takes inspiration from the MTV reality comedy series with the same name.

Although it didn’t do well with critics or at the box office, the film dives headfirst into the thrilling racing escapades of Travis Pastrana and his incredibly talented group of friends.

Together, they’re on a mission to bring their outrageously hilarious escapades to the big screen, marking a first-time adventure. While they showcase their bike mastery, their wild events involving buses and trikes take the spotlight too.

The heart of the movie is all about those jaw-dropping stunts that defy death and the delightfully entertaining scenes they create. But, let’s be clear, this movie is tailored mainly for die-hard sports fans with a craving for adrenaline.

15th: *Spetters* (1980)


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“Spetters” weaves the tale of three young and brash Dutch amateur dirt bike racers who all fall head over heels for an ambitious girl.

Under the guidance of Paul Verhoeven, this movie truly captures how these Dutch teens come to grips with the stark contrast between their dreams and reality.

While it might stretch the truth here and there, “Spetters” manages to paint a rather honest picture of life’s quirks and absurdities.

When it hit theaters, the film faced its fair share of criticism for its intense scenes. However, it’s also a work that shines a spotlight on the immense pressures that young adults often find themselves crushed under.

14th: *Rad* (1986)


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“Rad,” guided by Director Hal Needham, brings to the forefront the talents of Bill Allen, Lori Loughlin, Talia Shire, and Ray Walston in roles of significance. Even the 1984 Olympic gymnastics champion, Bart Conner, graces the screen with a cameo.

The plot revolves around Cru Jones, a young man with his sights set on competing in a high-stakes race organized by a shady promoter, all set to be broadcast nationwide. The race in question is the BMX challenge known as Helltrack, and the movie paints a vivid picture of Cru’s determination and unyielding desire to triumph.

Upon its initial release, “Rad” unfortunately struggled to connect with audiences and critics alike, failing to make a significant impact at the box office.

Nonetheless, a different tale unfolds when you peek at its IMDb ratings. It’s clear that there exists a particular group of viewers who have embraced the film for what it is today.

13th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *The Wild One* (1953)

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Starring the Hollywood legend Marlon Brando, this film directed by Laslo Benedek is often seen as a trailblazer, being one of the earliest instances of motorcycles taking a prominent role in mainstream cinema.

“While On the Waterfront propelled Brando to stardom, The Wild One is the movie that cemented his status as a cultural icon of the 1950s.”

The narrative delves into the rivalry between two motorcycle gangs, whose actions plunge a small town into chaos after their leader gets incarcerated.

Even though it might not be strictly about dirt bikes, its significance lies in its profound influence on the popular culture of its time. This is why it rightfully earns its place on our list.

12th: *Road of Giants* (2018)

dirt bike movie

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“Road of Giants” might not be a household name, but it’s a movie worth knowing. It takes us along the journey of Tom Weeden, a 23-year-old motorcycle racer hailing from Kent, England.

Tom’s heart is set on conquering the most demanding road circuit known to riders worldwide—the Isle of Man TT.

As viewers, we get a front-row seat to Tom’s life as he prepares himself mentally and physically to take on the treacherous challenge and chase after victory.

We witness this young man as he scales mountains, brushes against curbs, and maneuvers through obstacles like stone walls and trees, all while hurtling at speeds exceeding 200mph. Yes, you read that right!

11th: *Coming to My Senses* (2017)

dirt bike movie

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“Coming to My Senses,” a creation by director Dominic Gill, holds a poignant narrative at its core. It revolves around Aaron Baker, who faces a life-altering event—a motocross accident that leaves him paralyzed.

Yet, after 16 years of relentless struggle to reclaim his mobility, he embarks on an extraordinary journey: crossing Death Valley unaided, on foot.

This documentary is worth your time because it beautifully captures the incredible distance a person can cover armed only with determination and resilience.

In more ways than one, “Coming to My Senses” invites us to reevaluate life itself. It emphasizes the importance of the journey towards our individual destinations, regardless of the uncertainties that lie ahead.

10th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Easy Rider* (1969)

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“Easy Rider” takes us along the ride of two free-spirited hippie bikers as they journey from Los Angeles to New Orleans, traversing open landscapes and desert expanses in a quest for not just truth, but something deeper.

Along the way, their path intersects with fellow travelers, each seeking an alternative way of living.

The movie stands as a revelation, unflinchingly showcasing drug use, communal living, the societal tapestry, and the socio-political undercurrents that defined the United States during the 1960s.

Given its cultural, historical, and artistic significance, it’s no wonder that this creation by director Dennis Hopper earned a spot in the Library of Congress’ preservation list.

While it may lean more towards a biker film rather than specifically a dirt bike story, “Easy Rider” managed to secure two Academy Award nominations: one for its compelling original screenplay and another for the captivating performance of the magnetic Jack Nicholson as a supporting actor.

9th: *Dust to Glory* (2005)

dirt bike movie

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Dana Brown, known for the acclaimed “Step Into Liquid,” brings us another documentary treat, “Dust to Glory,” focusing on the high-octane drama of the Baja 1000 race.

For those unfamiliar, the Baja 1000 is a yearly off-road race that roars to life in Baja, Mexico. It’s not just a test of hundreds of racers and their roaring machines but a magnetic pull for thousands of fervent fans, year after year.

Crafted with ambition using Adobe Premiere Pro, this documentary weaves an engaging and enlightening tale of the off-road motorsport spectacle unfurling on the Baja California Peninsula.

If you’re drawn to the yearly spectacle and the thrill of motorbikes, missing out on “Dust to Glory” would be quite the regret.

8th: *Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan* (2018)

dirt bike movie

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Get ready for a pulse-pounding ride with this documentary that delves into the extraordinary life and journey of motocross icon Brian Deegan, a true legend in the realm of action sports.

The film paints a vivid picture of Brian’s evolution from a rebellious spirit to a devoted father, passing down the torch to the up-and-coming generation of motorsports prodigies.

Titled “Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan,” this motocross documentary shines with its endorsement by the creators of the Emmy Award-winning documentary “Unchained.”

Thanks to this project, viewers are introduced to the world of freestyle dirt bike riding through the eyes of Brian Deegan. It’s a glimpse into the journey of a man who transformed into one of the most revered stars in the sport.

Kudos to the creators for crafting a narrative that not only showcases the journey of this remarkable star but also captures the essence of how he relentlessly pursued his childhood dreams.

7th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *Fastest* (2011) 

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Fastest, a sports documentary created by Mark Neale, takes you on a journey into the world of MotoGP racing. It’s not just for hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts; it’s designed to captivate everyone.

The documentary primarily looks at Valentino Rossi’s career, but what makes it truly gripping is its ability to engage even those who aren’t into motorcycles. It’s a film that doesn’t let go of your attention.

Fastest succeeds in showing the highs and lows of MotoGP in a rapid and impressive way. The struggles, the challenges, and the eventual triumphs are all depicted with heart.

Narrated by Ewan McGregor, the documentary brings in voices from various riders, offering a well-rounded perspective. You’ll witness interviews, practice sessions, intense races, and even heart-stopping crashes.

So, get ready for a film that not only informs but also grabs you with its human stories and adrenaline-pumping action.

6th: *On Any Sunday* (1971)

On Any Sunday

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This motorcycle sport documentary, directed by Bruce Brown, brings to the forefront names like Steve McQueen, Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith, and Paul Carruthers.

McQueen’s involvement is grounded in his genuine experience as a racer, lending authenticity to the film.

The film’s aim is to showcase how distinct skills find their place in diverse racing forms. Alongside, it dedicates ample screen time to portray these varied racing categories.

Moreover, the documentary takes care to shed light on both the serious, business-driven side of racing and the more carefree approaches, striking a balanced view.

Regarded as one of the most significant motorcycle documentaries ever made, On Any Sunday features an impressive lineup of bikes from renowned brands like Triumph, Husqvarna, Montesa, Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, BSA, Suzuki, Bultaco, CZ, and Hodaka. It’s a ride through the essence of motorcycling.

5th: *Engaged to Death* (1957)

dirt bike movie

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Directed by Romolo Marcellini, Engaged to Death unfolds a story of love, rivalry, and fervor, all set in the electric 50s, within the world of seemingly endless motorcycle speed races.

The narrative follows the path of a motorcycle racer who finds himself entangled in a doomed romance with the daughter of his former boss.

As fate would have it, this entanglement leads to his unfortunate loss in a crucial race. Yet, post-retirement, he embarks on a journey to craft an experimental bike, with a resolute intention to challenge his previous employer once more.

Notably, the film features a cameo by the esteemed German actor, Hans Albers, adding a touch of vintage charm to this Italian sports drama.

4th Best Dirt Bike Movie: *The World’s Fastest Indian* (2005)

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Directed by Roger Donaldson, this biographical sports drama brings to life the captivating tale of Burt Munro, a speed bike racer from Invercargill, New Zealand, and his incredible transformation of a 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle.

In the spotlight, you’ll find Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, and Aaron James Murphy, all playing pivotal roles that add depth to the story.

The film takes us on a journey alongside Burt Munro, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast from New Zealand, who dedicates years to meticulously rebuilding and refining his 1920 Indian motorcycle. Fueled by determination, he takes a daring leap, putting it all on the line as he aims to set a world record for land speed.

While The World’s Fastest Indian radiates the heartwarming sensation of a feel-good movie, it’s important to remember that it’s rooted in the remarkable true story of an indomitable spirit.

Furthermore, the supporting cast in this film leaves their mark, contributing to the overall impact of the narrative.

3rd: *Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross* (2016)

dirt bike movie

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This incredible documentary stands as a heartfelt effort from its creators to uncover the roots of one of the most thrilling sports worldwide: Freestyle Motocross.

The pulse-pounding narrative serves as a worthy homage to the courage, agility, and expertise of today’s modern gladiators – the daring dirt bike racers.

As it unfolds the beginnings and the explosive rise of the sport, it also delves deeply into the unyielding trials confronted by these motocross champions.

Guided by the voice of actor Josh Brolin, the documentary introduces us to real-life motocross heroes like Brian Deegan, Carey Hart, Seth Enslow, Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, and Mike Metzger giving us an up-close view of their remarkable journeys.

2nd: *TT3D: Closer to The Edge* (2011)

dirt bike movie

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Get ready for an exhilarating ride with this British documentary directed by the fresh talent Richard de Aragues and brought to life by the familiar voice of popular actor Jared Leto.

The spotlight is on the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, an annual event that’s the heart of this film. Watch as determined bikers take on the treacherous race, all vying to claim the title of the King of the Mountain.

The 2010 race takes center stage in the film, highlighting the daring riders, especially Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson.

TT3D: Closer to the Edge didn’t just make waves, it made a splash, capturing hearts with its gripping human drama that resonates with just about everyone.

So, buckle up, because your heart is about to race as you witness countless heart-stopping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The #1 Dirt Bike Movie: *Hitting the Apex* (2015)

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Presented with the warm and familiar voice of Hollywood sensation Brad Pitt, let me introduce you to “Hitting the Apex,” a documentary that’s all about six of the fastest motorcycle racers the world has ever laid eyes on. This film sets out on a journey to share their stories, taking you through their ups and downs when they were ruling the racetracks.

As you dive into the world of these six incredible MotoGP riders, you’ll witness an intense battle for the top spot. Also, get ready for a front-row view of heart-pounding racing moments and exclusive chats with the riders themselves.

For anyone out there who lives and breathes Moto sports, this documentary is a true gem. It’s not just about the high-speed races; it’s a glimpse into the courage and determination of these riders as they chase their dreams, even if it means putting their lives on the line. And don’t think it’s all smooth riding – you’ll also uncover the grit and determination it takes for these top-tier racers to bounce back from injuries and keep the wheels spinning in the competitive world of bike racing.

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