Pump Up The Volume 8 Peloton Strength Collection (Program)

Peloton just dropped Pump Up The Volume 8, the freshest addition to their strength training series aimed at helping members improve gradually.

This edition stars Jess Sims, Selena Samuela, and Matty Maggiacomo. Keep in mind, the classes roll out week by week, so right now, only the first week is up for grabs. Don’t fret, though – a new week’s worth of classes will unlock each week for the next three weeks. We’ll keep you updated with the full list of program classes in our article as they drop each week.

This edition of Pump Up The Volume focuses on full-body strength training classes every week.

If you’re curious about more collections, Peloton offers seven other collections, and you can access them all through the Collections tab on your app or device. Each collection features 12 classes designed to span four weeks, with instruction from various strength trainers. What sets these apart from Peloton’s ‘programs’ is that you don’t have to follow a specific order to unlock the next class.

Pump Up The Volume initially kicked off in September 2022, exclusively for Peloton Guide users. However, the good news is that now these collections are open to all members, even on the launch day, just like Pump Up The Volume 8.

Pump Up The Volume 8 Peloton Strength Collection (Program)

Program Overview

Program Description

The official collection description goes like this: In the span of 4 weeks, our amazing instructors will guide you through a series of upper-body workouts. You’ll start with manageable reps, weights, and intensity, and as the weeks roll by, we’ll dial up the challenge. For a deeper workout experience, be sure to take these classes with our Guide, which provides you with extra metrics to track your progress.

So, what’s all the buzz about this collection? Well, Peloton’s Pump Up The Volume 8 Strength Collection is all about building strength through a special training plan called progressive overload. Every week, your instructors will guide you to lift heavier weights, work out more often, and do more reps. It’s all to push your body and make you even stronger as time goes on.

Program Badges

This program is a bit different from the usual ones you might know. Instead of those bronze, silver, or gold badges, it keeps things simple. When you take any class from the Pump Up the Volume collection, whether it’s this one or any of the previous seven, you earn a special badge just by completing that single class. There’s no need to collect more badges after that – one is all you get.


Meet the awesome Peloton coaches who will be guiding you through this program:

How to Join

Joining Pump Up The Volume isn’t a thing because it’s more like a group of classes. To see the class list, you can check it out below or find it in the collection on Peloton’s website.

Pump Up The Volume 8 Peloton Strength Collection (Program)

Class List & Schedule

Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t a formal program, so there’s no strict schedule you have to stick to. But, it’s crafted in a way where each week’s classes build on the previous ones. So, it’s a good idea to try and complete all three classes in a week before moving on to the next week for the best experience.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

You can look forward to Week 2 of Pump Up The Volume 8 because the classes are coming your way on August 14, 2023.

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

Mark your calendars! Week 3 of Pump Up The Volume 8 is set to drop on August 21, 2023.

4th Week Class List & Schedule

Get ready to kick off Week 4 of Pump Up The Volume 8 because the classes are coming your way on August 28, 2023.

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