New Christian Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch

For those who love new Christian movies, the upcoming months will be exciting and heartwarming. In the lead-up to Christmas, a lineup of at least eight new movies with a strong faith focus will grace the big screen. Among them is a production from the same team behind Jesus Revolution, another from the studio that brought us Sound of Freedom, and a captivating tale that delves into the backstory of the Duck Dynasty.

For those passionate about musicals, there’s a treat in store. And if you’re in the mood for a light-hearted, family-friendly comedy that will tickle your funny bone, there’s one in that category, too. The latter half of 2023 is shaping up to be a whirlwind of cinematic inspiration.

Here are the eight new Christian movies that we’re eagerly looking forward to watching:

Best new Christian movies

1. *The Hill* (Aug. 25)

In an inspiring tale of determination, a brave young boy defies his physical challenges and confronts bullies to make his dream of becoming a professional baseball player come true. The movie narrates the real-life journey of Rickey Hill, who, as a child, wore leg braces but possessed an extraordinary talent for batting on the baseball field. Despite his father, a pastor, opposing his dream, Hill persevered. This heartwarming film features outstanding performances by Dennis Quaid (known for ‘Blue Miracle’) and Colin Ford (from ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Supernatural’). It’s suitable for all ages, with a PG rating due to its meaningful content, occasional language, and smoking scenes.

2. *Camp Hideout* (Sept. 15)

In a heartwarming story, Noah, a teenage boy burdened by his troubled past, ends up at a summer camp, though not by choice. Little does he know that this unexpected journey will lead to new friendships and a fresh start. This delightful movie combines the carefree spirit of summer camp tales with the goofy antics seen in ‘Home Alone.’ Watch as two comically inept “gang” members attempt to track down Noah, only to fall victim to his clever booby traps.

A producer known for their work on ‘The War with Grandma’ played a part in bringing this film to life. You’ll also spot the legendary Christopher Lloyd from the ‘Back to the Future’ series in the cast. This family-friendly movie has a PG rating due to its slapstick humor and the meaningful themes it explores.

3. *Route 60: The Biblical Highway*(Sept. 18 and 19)

Embarking on a remarkable journey, David Friedman, the ex-U.S. ambassador to Israel, and Mike Pompeo, the former U.S. Secretary of State, traverse a 146-mile road spanning Palestine, delving into its biblical treasures. In this captivating documentary, Pompeo, guided by his Christian beliefs, offers insightful commentary on the New Testament sites, while Friedman, an Orthodox Jew, shares his reflections on the Old Testament’s sacred locations.

The voyage commences in the historic city of Nazareth and concludes in the venerable Beersheba. This film is not only educational but also deeply inspiring, as it brings together two distinct perspectives on the rich biblical history of this land.

4. *Surprised by Oxford* (Sept. 27)

In a thought-provoking tale, a young woman who once turned away from her faith finds herself in a sea of Christians at her university, leading her to reevaluate her beliefs. This compelling film draws inspiration from both a true story and the book bearing the same title by Carolyn Weber.

The cast shines with talents like Rose Reid (known for ‘Finding You’ and ‘A Thousand Tomorrows’), Mark Williams (famous for ‘Father Brown’), and Phyllis Logan (from ‘Downton Abbey’). While it’s awaiting an official rating, it’s likely to be rated PG-13 for its deep themes and mild language.

5. *The Blind* (Sept. 28)

A remarkable journey unfolds as a man conquers his struggles with alcohol and anger to rise as one of America’s revered entrepreneurs. The movie unveils the genuine tale of Phil Robertson, the familiar face from Duck Dynasty, celebrated for his family values and unwavering faith despite the turbulent beginnings of his marriage. This narrative traces Robertson’s formative years as he wrestles with addiction and witnesses his family’s disarray before finding his path through unwavering faith in Christ. The talented Andrew Hyatt, known for directing “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” is at the helm of this heartwarming story. It carries a PG-13 rating, with its focus on meaningful themes and smoking scenes.

6. *Ordinary Angels* (Oct. 13)

In the heart of the 1990s, a hairstylist on a quest to find meaning in life ignites a tight-knit community’s spirit as they rally behind a widowed father whose young daughter battles a life-threatening illness. “Ordinary Angels,” a touching story rooted in real-life events, hails from the creators of “Jesus Revolution” and “I Can Only Imagine,” the Kingdom Story company. This emotional journey features stellar performances by Alan Ritchson and Hilary Swank. It carries a PG rating due to its profound themes, fleeting moments of intense images, and instances of smoking.

7. *Journey to Bethlehem* (Nov. 10)

This is the tale of Christ’s birth, presented as a “musical adventure.” The movie boasts a cast including Antonio Banderas, Joel Smallbone, Moriah Smallbone, and Lecrae. It was skillfully directed and co-written by Adam Anders, a renowned music producer with three Grammy nominations to his name. Producer Alan Powell expressed the film’s aim to share the well-known story of Mary, Joseph, and an envious king in a refreshing and modern way, offering a perspective like none before. As of now, the film has yet to receive a rating. Monarch Media and Affirm Films have brought this project to life.

8. *The Shift* (Dec. 1)

A regular guy dealing with challenges in both his work and personal life gets an unexpected offer of fame and extraordinary abilities when he crosses paths with a mysterious figure called the Benefactor. In this thrilling science fiction tale, ‘The Shift,’ you can expect to see a star-studded cast, and it’s all set to be brought to you by the same company, Angel Studios, that previously released ‘Sound of Freedom.’ The movie boasts actors like Neal McDonough, Kristoffer Polaha, Sean Astin, Elizabeth Tabish, Rose Reid, Jordan Walker Ross, and Paras Patel. As of now, it hasn’t received a rating.

2021 Faith Based Movies

1. *Respect* (Aug. 13)

A young girl named Aretha triumphs over numerous hardships to become a renowned singer. This biographical film delves into the life of Aretha Franklin, who achieved stardom in soul and gospel music by nurturing her talent as a young girl in the church. Jennifer Hudson (known for ‘Dreamgirls’) takes on the lead role, and Forest Whitaker (famous for ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Rogue One’) portrays her father, C.L. Franklin.

While this movie isn’t intended for children, it does feature robust biblical themes. It bookends with gospel music, and though it might not be a traditional ‘Christian film,’ it certainly incorporates enough Bible references to evoke enthusiastic ‘amens.’ The film carries a PG-13 rating due to its mature thematic content, strong language (including racial epithets), instances of violence, suggestive material, and smoking.

2. *Show Me the Father* (Sept. 10)

The initial documentary effort from Christian directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick, ‘Fatherhood,’ takes a deep dive into a significant biblical theme: paternal roles. Through a tapestry of heartwarming accounts of earthly fathers, like former NFL coach Sherman Smith and Jim Daly from Focus on the Family, the film intertwines these tales with profound insights about God’s role as a father.

This film carries an uplifting and motivating spirit and holds a couple of truly astonishing moments, which are rare in documentaries. It’s worth noting that ‘Fatherhood’ is not officially rated.

3. *The Jesus Music* (Oct. 1)

This captivating documentary traces the evolution of contemporary Christian music, from its roots in the 1960s countercultural movement to its journey through the 1990s and into the present day. The film offers a glimpse into this fascinating history through insightful interviews with numerous figures, including TobyMac, Kirk Franklin, Lauren Daigle, Amy Grant, Bill Gaither, Eddie DeGarmo, and Greg Laurie.

The directing duo of Jon and Andrew Erwin, both dedicated Christian filmmakers, helmed this project. Additionally, a companion book entitled ‘The Jesus Music: A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It,’ authored by Marshall Terrill, is set to complement the documentary.

4. *Courageous Legacy* (Oct. 15)

After a heartbreaking tragedy, a devoted sheriff’s deputy promises to become a more caring father. His determination inspires fellow police officers to follow his lead. “Courageous Legacy” emerges as a fresh and improved rendition of the 2011 blockbuster, commemorating its decade-long journey.

This revitalized version showcases brand-new moments, a fresh musical score, and an extended conclusion. Director Alex Kendrick, in a conversation with Crosswalk, discloses the future paths of the primary characters a decade later. It’s rated PG-13 for scenes of violence and drug-related content.

5. *American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story* (Dec. 10)

Once deemed a fading star, a quarterback’s remarkable journey takes him from stacking groceries to becoming a Super Bowl champion. “American Underdog” narrates the remarkable tale of Kurt Warner, a college football player at the University of Northern Iowa, who initially missed the NFL roster. He took on a job at a Hy-Vee grocery store before a second shot at professional football.

The film is skillfully directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin, known for their works like “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe.” As for its rating, it has yet to receive one.

6. *God’s Not Dead: We the People* (Fall)

In a stirring stand, a pastor steps forward to champion a group of homeschooling families facing unjust government scrutiny. His unwavering support led to a momentous call to testify before Congress in a historic hearing.

This remarkable narrative unfolds as the fourth installment in the God’s Not Dead series, featuring an ensemble cast including David A.R. White, Isaiah Washington, William Forsythe, Antonio Sabato Jr., Francesca Battistelli, and Judge Jeanine Pirro. “God’s Not Dead: We the People” is set to grace theaters from October 4 to 6, yet its official rating remains pending.

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