Peloton’s New Partnership With The YMCA Chicago is Official

Peloton and the YMCA in Chicago, Illinois, have exciting news to share! In a recent press release, the dynamic duo announced a fantastic new partnership. This collaboration is all about boosting community health and wellness, making top-notch fitness programs more accessible to members and the community, and bridging gaps in health and opportunities.

What’s really cool is that selected YMCA spots in the Chicago metro area will now be home to Peloton equipment and offer access to their awesome content. Imagine hitting the gym and getting to use Peloton gear at the same time—talk about a win-win! The Lake View YMCA, in particular, is stepping up its game by providing free Peloton App workouts for its members.

But that’s not all—the Fry Family, McCormick, Sage, and South Side YMCA locations are taking things up a notch. They’ve got a total of 12 Peloton Bikes ready for action. Word on the street is that these spots are like the pioneers of the partnership, testing the waters to see how things go. If all goes well (fingers crossed!), we might see this fantastic collaboration spreading its wings to even more locations. Exciting times for fitness enthusiasts in Chicago!

A Peloton representative shared their excitement about teaming up with the YMCA of Metro Chicago. Greg Hybl, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Commercial and Corporate Wellness at Peloton, expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “We’re thrilled to join forces with the YMCA of Metro Chicago to keep making fitness more accessible and be there for you at every step of your fitness journey. Peloton and the YMCA both aim to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives, creating active, supportive communities that empower members. We’re all about efficient, impactful, entertaining, and community-driven workout experiences tailored to your needs.”

Don’t forget, Chicago is gearing up to be a part of Peloton On Tour! It’s the exciting alternative to their usual Homecoming event, which they spilled the beans about earlier this summer. Mark your calendars because Peloton on Tour Chicago is set to rock the city from October 5-7, 2023. Get ready for some fitness fun!

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