Tunde Oyeneyin Teaching Her First Hiit Cardio Class On The Peloton Platform

Exciting news from Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin! She’s just spiced up her routine with a brand-new addition. Drumroll, please—her very first HIIT Cardio class hit the Peloton platform on a fabulous Friday, August 11 at 10:00 am ET.

Hold on to your handlebars because this 20-minute Pop HIIT Cardio class is now ready for action in the on-demand library, just waiting for members to jump in and break a sweat.

The buzz started a couple of weeks ago when Tunde, in her Instagram Story, dropped hints about filming a mystery class. She got members guessing, and voila! It turns out it was none other than Tunde’s debut HIIT Cardio content. And get this—it made its grand entrance straight into the on-demand library while Tunde was off conquering the City2Surf race in Australia.


But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Tunde’s already spilled the beans that more of this new, heart-pumping HIIT Cardio content is on the horizon. Get ready to sweat it out with Tunde!

Tunde is breaking new ground with her latest Peloton class—it’s not just her first Peloton HIIT Cardio session, but her very first cardio class of any kind that she’s ever taught!

Tunde’s journey with Peloton has been one of steady expansion into exciting new territories. Starting as a cycling instructor, she then conquered Bike Bootcamp and added upper body-specific strength to her repertoire. And just to keep things interesting, she officially became a full-blown strength instructor earlier this year.

Now, the burning question: Are you crossing your fingers to catch more of Tunde’s heart-pumping HIIT Cardio sessions in the future? The anticipation is real!

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