Christian Movies on Netflix: 29 Powerful Titles to Watch Now

With platforms like Netflix bringing lots of new shows, finding something interesting to watch is super easy. If you’re in the mood for a good tear-jerking romantic comedy or want to enjoy some family-friendly movies, Netflix has a bunch of choices that you’ll definitely like. Sure, you might have your favorites like Love Is Blind and spooky ghost ship movies like Ghost Ship (2002), but sometimes, after a tough week, all you crave is a heartwarming faith-based or inspiring Christian movies on Netflix.

No matter if you’re looking for a movie to boost your faith or one that’s directly inspired by Bible stories, Netflix has plenty of options. And guess what? These movies are really good quality — some even have famous actors like Richard Gere, Mark Wahlberg, Phylicia Rashad, and Alyssa Milano in them.

Now, some films like Tyler Perry’s A Fall from Grace are more for grown-ups, but don’t worry, there are also kid-friendly movies like Dog Gone. So, grab your popcorn and get cozy on the couch, because this list of the best Christian movies on Netflix will keep both your watchlist and your heart happy for many days to come.

1 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘Dog Gone’ (2023)

Fielding is in his last year of college. He just got dumped and feels a big emptiness inside him. He starts searching for something to fill that hole. And then, it hits him: He needs a dog to make things better. Even though his best friend doesn’t agree, Fielding decides to adopt Gonker. Before long, the furry friend is happily running around the college campus, following Fielding everywhere he goes.

But things change. Fielding, who is the only one among his friends without a job after graduating, moves back home with his parents, John and Ginny (played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley). His dad isn’t too pleased about his son not having a clear path in life. But everything changes when they both have to join forces. You see, Gonker goes missing while they’re hiking along the Appalachian Trail. They don’t have much time to find him because Gonker needs medicine to stay healthy.

This heartwarming movie is based on a true story. It’s all about having faith and staying hopeful. The story follows a dad and his son as they team up to search for Gonker. It’s a story that will leave you feeling good and believing in the power of hope.


2 of 29: ‘Father Stu’ (2022)

christian movies on netflix

This movie, Father Stu, is based on a true story. It’s a touching and hopeful drama that’s also funny and very honest. The story is about a guy who feels lost but ends up discovering his purpose in the most unexpected way.

Stuart Long is the main character. He’s an amateur boxer, and when he gets hurt, his boxing dreams are shattered. So, he moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a star. But life is tough, and he has to work as a clerk in a supermarket just to make ends meet. One day, he meets Carmen, who teaches Sunday school at a Catholic church. Even though Stuart has a bit of a bad-boy vibe, Carmen isn’t easily swayed by that. He really wants to impress her, so he starts going to church, even though he’s never been much of a believer.

Then, something terrible happens – Stuart has a really bad motorcycle accident. After surviving, he starts to wonder if he should do something meaningful with his second chance at life. He begins to realize that he’s meant to be a Catholic priest, even though he never imagined that path for himself. With a lot of courage and kindness, he follows this calling and becomes a priest. His journey not only inspires those close to him, like Carmen, but also many other people he meets along the way.

So, this movie is all about finding purpose when you least expect it. It’s a story that will warm your heart and show you how even tough situations can lead to something truly meaningful.


3 of 29: ‘Rescued by Ruby’ (2022)

Dan is a state trooper, played by Grant Gustin. He really wants to be part of the K-9 Search & Rescue team, but nobody is giving him the opportunity. Then there’s Ruby, a dog in a shelter. Ruby dreams of having a home, but her hope is fading away. One day, by chance, Dan and Ruby’s paths cross. Their strong connection becomes a source of strength as they take on a big challenge together. This story is actually based on something that really happened.


4 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘The Man of God’ (2022)

christian movies on netflex

St. Nektarios of Aegina had a tough life. He was unfairly sent away, accused without proof, and spoken badly of for no reason. He was a regular priest who cared about normal people, and this made some important religious leaders in Alexandria jealous. They took away his title as a priest and made him leave Egypt.

But unlike those so-called “better” religious leaders, Nektarios showed kindness to the poor. He taught girls from the countryside how to read and write, and he even did things that seemed like miracles. When he was about to leave this world, he used that moment to help someone else. As he passed away, his piece of clothing fell onto a man who couldn’t move, and that man suddenly stood up and walked.

Just like that, we hope the movie “MAN OF GOD” will inspire people all over the world and help them find their faith again.


5 of 29: ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ (2019)

christian movies on netflex

Here’s a heartwarming movie called “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” based on a true story. It’s about William Kamkwamba, a 13-year-old from Malawi, Africa. Once, when he was fourteen, a really bad drought struck his village, and everyone was struggling to find enough food.

William was a smart student and loved learning about physics. He came up with a plan to help his village. He knew that something needed to change. So, he went to the library and found books about physics. He read and learned a lot from those books. Then, a bright idea popped into his head: he wanted to make a wind generator. This special machine could make electricity using the power of the wind, and it could bring light and energy to his family and the village.


6 of 29: ‘7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story’ (2021)

christian movies on netflix

“7 YARDS” is a special documentary that tells the amazing story of Chris Norton. Back in October 2010, when Chris was just 18 years old, something really tough happened. While playing college football, he hurt his spine badly. The doctors didn’t have much hope – they said he had only a tiny 3 percent chance of ever moving again. But Chris didn’t let that prediction stop him.

He worked really hard for years, doing exercises and training to get better. Then, in 2015, something incredible happened. Chris walked across the stage at his college graduation, and his fiancée Emily was right there beside him, helping him. This moment was caught on video, and it spread all over the world. More than 300 million people watched Chris getting his diploma while walking.

After that, Chris and Emily set a big goal for themselves: they wanted to walk together, side by side, for seven yards down the aisle at their wedding. The movie shows us their emotional interviews, scenes that show what happened, and real footage from their wedding in 2018.

This documentary is a story about strength and coming back from tough times. It’s about Chris, who went from being a college athlete to a medical miracle to someone who inspired millions. And now, he’s also a dad through adoption.


7 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘The Wait’ (2021)

'The Wait' (2021) christian movie
‘The Wait’ (2021) was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

Based on the heartwarming book “God’s Waiting Room,” The Wait tells a touching story about different families and how they face the challenges and joys of life while waiting for their dreams to come true. The main focus of the movie is on a doctor named Nara, who helps bring babies into the world. Through her job, she sees how hard it can be for moms and dads. This inspires her to start a group where women can talk about their problems and get support.

In the group, we meet Nkechi. She’s a nice architect who always sees the bright side of things. But she’s had a tough time becoming a mom. Even though her husband is there for her, she still feels a lot of pressure.

Then there’s Bayo. His joining the group shakes things up a bit. He’s a man, and that’s something new for the group.

Even though Nara is a source of hope for pregnant women, she has her own struggles. She’s just been through a divorce with a guy who tricked her. On top of that, her mom and society don’t always understand the choices she makes.


8 of 29: ‘The Dreamseller’ (2016)

'The Dreamseller' (2016)

Júlio César, a psychologist, went through a really tough time and even tried to end his own life. But something amazing happened: he started to become friends with someone unexpected who ended up saving him. This person changed how Júlio saw things and showed him a different way to live.

As time went on, Júlio learned more about this new way of living and it started to become a big part of who he was. He wanted to share this with the world, so he tried to tell everyone about his new ideas. But this got him into trouble with a company that didn’t like what he was doing. They tried to make things hard for him and put him in a difficult situation.


9 of 29: ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ (2009)

There’s another movie that’s based on a real story, and it’s called Hachi. It’s about a guy named Parker Wilson, who’s a college teacher, and he finds a lonely dog at a train station. He brings the dog home, but his wife Cate isn’t so happy about it. Parker promises to find the dog’s owner, and although Cate is unsure at first, she changes her mind when she sees the special friendship growing between Parker and the dog they name Hachi.

Every single day, Hachi waits at the train station for Parker to come back from work. This movie, which you can watch on Netflix, is about the strong connection between a person and their furry friend. Even when sad things happen, the bond between them stays strong, and they always remember that “you should always keep the people you love in your heart.”


10 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘Forgiven’ (2016)

'Forgiven' (2016) christian movie
‘The Wait’ (2021) was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

In this Christian movie on Netflix from 2016, something really important is on the line: faith and kindness. The story follows a pastor’s daughter who tries her best to rescue the person who’s taken her father’s church hostage. It’s a real test of how strong her beliefs and goodness can be. 


11 of 29: ‘Little Boy’ (2015)

Christian Movies on Netflix

Meet a young boy called “Little Boy,” whose real name is Pepper Flynt Busbee. He’s only eight years old and lives a happy life in a place called O’Hare, California, before World War II. Pepper is really close to his dad, James, and their bond is really special. But things take a sad turn when the war starts, and Pepper’s dad has to go and fight against the Japanese.

Now, Pepper is all on his own, and he feels really lonely and sad. But he decides to do something brave: he sets out on a tough journey to bring his dad back. He believes that if he does good things, he can make a difference. And even when things seem impossible, Pepper learns that when you have faith, amazing things can happen.


12 of 29: ‘Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story’ (2008)

'Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story' (2008)

Once upon a time, there was a cricket champion: Hansie Cronje from South Africa. He was really, really good at what he did and everyone looked up to him. The whole country admired him, and he was one of the finest players in the game.

But then, something terrible happened. He got caught up in a bad situation where people tricked him into cheating during matches. This made him a part of a scandal that was known by everyone. All the support, respect, and fame he had worked so hard for seemed to crumble.

In this true story movie that’s really inspiring, you get to see how Cronje tries to find his way back. He works hard to make things right, to find forgiveness, and to make amends for what he did. It’s a journey towards finding grace and a second chance, where he learns about God’s forgiveness and the power of redemption.


13 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘The Lost Husband’ (2020)

christian movies on netflix
A christian movie still available on Netflix last time we checked

In the year 2020, a really touching and romantic drama called “The Lost Husband” was brought to life by Vicky Wight. It’s based on a book with the same name by Katherine Center. This story is all about Libby. She’s been through a lot of sad things in her life, but she decides it’s time to make a fresh start. So, she takes her two kids and goes to live on her aunt’s goat farm in a quiet part of Texas.

Over there, she starts to put the pieces of her life back together. The little community around her becomes like family, and she begins to feel like she belongs there. As she faces challenges and makes new friends, she finds something really special – chances to heal, to grow, and to fall in love unexpectedly.

This movie is all about important things like family, discovering who you are, and how sometimes, happiness can come from places you never thought possible.


14 of 29: ‘A Fall from Grace’ (2020)

christian movies on netflex

Back in 2020, a thrilling movie called “A Fall from Grace” was brought to life by Tyler Perry. Even though it’s not exactly labeled as a “Christian movie,” it has parts that deal with faith and what’s right and wrong. The story is all about Grace Waters, a woman who gets caught up in a really tough situation – she’s accused of doing something terrible to her husband.

A young lawyer steps in to help her out and starts to uncover all sorts of hidden truths and lies. It’s like peeling back layers of a really complicated puzzle. The movie talks about important stuff like forgiving, finding a way to make things better, and how there’s this ongoing struggle between good things and bad things. These ideas might really connect with people who believe in Christianity. But be ready, because the movie also has parts that can make you feel tense and excited, like in a thriller.


15 of 29: ‘All Together Now’ (2020)

Christian Movies on Netflix 6

This 2020 movies by Brett Haley is all about a high school student named Amber Appleton, and she’s got a gift – she can sing really beautifully. But her life isn’t all smooth sailing. She faces so many hard things, like not having a place to live. But you know what’s amazing? Amber keeps on being hopeful, and she never gives up on her love for music.

She’s got friends and teachers who are like family, and they’re always there to cheer her on. This movie is like a journey where you see how strong you can be when times are tough. It’s about friendship, being strong, and how music can be a really powerful thing, especially when things are hard. Amber learns so much as she deals with all these challenges, and she discovers that when you have people who care about you, you can get through anything, even the hardest stuff.


16 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘A Week Away’ (2021)

christian movies on netflix

In 2021, Roman White created the musical movie “A Week Away”. It’s all about a teenager named Will Hawkins, who’s been going through some tough times because of some bad choices he made. He’s at a point where he has to choose a better path. To avoid getting into even more trouble, he goes to a Christian summer camp named “Aweegaway.” At first, he feels like he doesn’t quite belong there.

But as the week goes by, something really special happens. Will makes new friends, and he starts to change in a good way. He has to face his past and what’s happening now, and it’s not easy. This movie is like a mix of music, love, and finding out more about yourself. Will learns some really important things – like how to love and forgive, and how faith and having people around you who care can make a big difference.


17 of 29: ‘Blue Miracle’ (2021)

Christian Movies on Netflix

“Blue Miracle” is a touching movie from 2021 that’s based on a real story. It’s all about Casa Hogar, a special home for kids in Mexico. This home is really struggling because of money problems, and it might have to close down. But then something amazing happens.

The person in charge of the home, Papa Omar, doesn’t want to give up. He gets a big idea to join a fancy fishing contest called the Bisbee’s Black & Blue. This is their last chance to save the home. But there’s a twist – Papa Omar needs help, so he asks a guy named Wade. Now, Wade used to be a good fisherman, but he’s lost his spark and doesn’t believe in himself anymore.

Papa Omar and Wade, together with a bunch of kids who live in the home, decide to go for it. They want to win the contest to get a lot of money and keep the home open. The movie shows us how they work together and how they face problems and other really good fishermen. It’s not just about fishing, though. It’s about not giving up when things are tough, having hope, and finding friends in unexpected places.

“Blue Miracle” is all about showing that people can do amazing things when they stick together, even if they come from different worlds.


18 of 29: ‘You Are My Home’ (2020)

'You Are My Home' (2020)

“You Are My Home” is a heartfelt movie from 2020 about love and romance. It’s about a couple who go through tough times together. Some unexpected things happen, and suddenly, they’re in a situation that makes them think about what’s really important and what having a home really means.

In the movie, you’ll see how love is tested and how people can forgive each other. It’s like a journey, where the couple has to figure out where they truly belong. They learn a lot about love, forgiveness, and what it means to have a real home.

As the couple faces challenges, you’ll see them change and grow. It’s like they’re finding themselves while dealing with all the good and bad moments. And when you watch the movie, you’ll feel their emotions too. You’ll see how they struggle and how they find happiness, all while realizing that love and being close to each other is what really makes a home.


19 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘2 Hearts’ (2020)

christian movies on netflix

“2 Hearts” is a movie from 2020 that’s all about love and feelings. It’s a romantic drama and it’s based on a true story. The film is like two love stories happening at the same time, but they’re set in different times. So, you see how love can connect people across different moments.

As the characters’ lives go on, something special happens – their stories come together unexpectedly. This shows us how love, fate, and being connected are really important. The movie talks about love and destiny, and how people being close is strong and good.

The characters in the movie face tough times and good times, like in real life. The story is all about how love can bring people together, no matter the challenges or situations. It’s like a reminder that love is super powerful and can make things happen that you never thought would.


20 of 29: ‘Holy Expectations’ (2019)

'Holy Expectations' (2019)

Imagine a young girl who doesn’t have much time left to live. But she’s really strong because she believes in good things and has a big imagination. Even though life is tough for her, she doesn’t give up. Instead, she makes up a special story that touches the hearts of everyone she meets.


21 of 29: ‘Good Sam’ (2019)

'Good Sam' (2019)

“Good Sam” is a movie from 2019 that’s both funny and touching. It’s about a hardworking journalist who discovers something really special. She’s determined and doesn’t give up easily.

What she finds is amazing – someone who’s like a secret helper has been leaving bags of money for people in New York. This mystery person just wants to do good things for others. The journalist is curious and starts looking into it. She wants to know who this secret helper, or “Good Sam,” really is and why they’re doing this.

The movie is all about being kind and doing good things for others. It shows how even small actions can make a big difference in people’s lives. As the journalist tries to solve the mystery, she also learns a lot about herself and the world around her. She faces some tough moments in her own life, but these challenges make her see things in a new way.


22 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘Walk. Ride. Rodeo.’ (2019)

christian movies on netflix

The movie “Walk. Ride. Rodeo.”, made in 2019, is all about a real person named Amberley Snyder. She went through a big change in her life after a bad accident. This movie tells her story and it’s really inspiring.

Amberley was really good at riding horses and racing barrels in rodeos. But then, something really sad happened – a car crash that hurt her so badly she couldn’t move her legs anymore. It was really tough for her.

But here’s the thing: Amberley didn’t give up. Even though it was really hard and she had lots of problems, she still loved rodeo and horses. With her family and friends supporting her, she worked really hard to be independent again and to ride horses once more.

The movie is about how Amberley faced all the tough stuff, how she didn’t let the hard times stop her from following her dreams. It’s also about how strong people can be when life gets tough. And it teaches us that we can do anything if we really try, no matter what problems come our way.


23 of 29: ‘Rock My Heart’ (2019)

christian movies on netflix

“Rock My Heart” is a movie from 2019 made in Germany. It’s all about a girl named Jana who’s young. She has a heart problem that stops her from doing lots of physical stuff and hanging out with people. But even with her heart issue, Jana really wants to live her life fully. She loves riding horses and won’t give that up. Even though her doctors and parents worry, she gets close to a wild horse that’s just like her – untamed and rebellious. They start to learn from each other while they practice. This friendship they build shows how strong they both are. The movie is about having good friends, being strong inside, and how going after what you love can really change things, even when it’s hard. 


24 of 29: ‘Nothing to Lose 2’ (2019)

christian movies on netflix

“Nothing to Lose 2” is a movie from 2019 made in Brazil. It’s all about a real person named Edir Macedo. He’s a big leader in Brazil for religion and business. The movie tells us more about his life. He tries really hard to make his church strong and spread his beliefs. But it’s not easy – he has to deal with lots of problems and things that get in his way. The movie talks about his tough times, the things he does that people argue about, and how his church grows even when things are tough. It’s a story about believing in something, working hard, and how things can get tricky when religion and business come together.


25 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘God Calling’ (2018)

christian movies on netflix

‘God Calling’ is a movie from 2018 in Nigeria. It’s about a girl named Sade. She’s young and dealing with lots of tough stuff and feeling really sad. Bad things happen one after another, and her life starts to change in ways she didn’t expect. All these things make her think about what she believes and the choices she’s made. When she’s really down, something surprising happens – she gets phone calls from God. God talks to her and helps her understand what’s going on in her life. While Sade listens to these talks, she starts to learn more about herself and gets better from the tough stuff she’s been through. The movie is about having faith, changing inside yourself, and how having a strong connection to something bigger can really change your life. 


26 of 29: ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone’ (2017)

'The Resurrection of Gavin Stone' (2017)

Gavin messed up and got into some trouble with the law. Now, he has to do community service at a church nearby. The church is busy getting ready for a special play about Easter called the Passion Play. Instead of doing his assigned job of cleaning floors, Gavin pretends like he’s a really religious person. He even tries out for the main role of Jesus in the play. As he gets more involved with the church and the play, something starts to change inside him. The movie is all about how Gavin learns and grows. He figures out what faith really means, makes friends, and becomes a better person. The movie mixes funny parts with serious ones. It’s about getting another chance, becoming a different person, and how what you do can affect others.


27 of 29: ‘Nothing to Lose’ (2018)

‘Nothing to Lose’ (2018)

“Nothing to Lose” is a movie from 2018 all the way from Brazil. It’s not just any movie; it’s about a real person named Edir Macedo. He’s a big deal in Brazil because he started a church called the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

This movie is like a storybook about Edir Macedo’s life. It shows how he started out as a regular young guy with a dream. But guess what? He became really important and kind of a big deal in the religious world.

In the movie, you get to see all the hard stuff he went through. He had a lot of problems and faced some mean people who didn’t believe in what he was doing. But he didn’t give up. He kept going even when things were tough. He wanted to make his church and his beliefs known to everyone.

The movie also talks about his personal life, like the things he did when he wasn’t being a religious leader. It tells us why he did what he did and how his church grew bigger and bigger.


28 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflix: ‘Come Sunday’ (2018)

christian movies on netflex

‘Come Sunday’ is a touching movie from 2018 about a real person named Carlton Pearson. He was a preacher who spoke with a lot of passion and energy in his church. The story is all about how his beliefs changed over time. At first, people really liked what he said, and he was well-respected. But then he started to question some of the important ideas in his religion.

Imagine this: he began to tell everyone that maybe there isn’t a place like hell where people go if they’re bad. This surprised a lot of his church members and other preachers. They were not happy with what he was saying. They felt like he was going against what they had always believed.

In the movie, you get to see how hard it was for Pearson. He had to deal with problems in his personal life and also at his job as a preacher. It wasn’t easy for him to figure out what he truly believed and how that fit with what everyone else believed.


29 of 29 Christian Movies on Netflex: ‘The Young Messiah’ (2016)

christian movies on netflix

“The Young Messiah” is a movie from 2016 about the early years of Jesus Christ. It’s like a story that didn’t really happen, but it’s based on a book called “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” by Anne Rice.

The movie shows Jesus when he was a little kid. It’s about him and his family coming back to their hometown, Nazareth, after being in Egypt. At that time, things were a bit tense because of politics. Even though they wanted to keep a low profile, something special started happening with young Jesus. He could do things that were really amazing, and he seemed to know he was different.

The movie is all about how Jesus was with his family and the people he met. It also talks about the hard parts he went through because he was meant for something big. He had to figure out who he really was and what he was supposed to do.

In “The Young Messiah,” they’re guessing about a part of Jesus’ life that we don’t know much about. It’s like they’re imagining what it was like for him and the people who were close to him. The movie is about believing in things, knowing who you are, and how tough it can be when you have a special role to play in the world.


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