Fruit Ninja VR Review

Fruit Ninja VR stays true to its promise. If you’ve had the joy of playing the wonderfully simple mobile game, then Fruit Ninja VR brings that very same idea to life, just with a twist – trading the touchscreen for two motion controllers. Oh, and don’t forget the virtual reality headset – that’s a must!

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Fruit Ninja, it’s one of those games that doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. Fire up any of the four modes, and you’ll find yourself standing in a vibrant cartoon dojo. Inevitably, your gaze falls to your hands, a common reaction in any VR encounter. Here, your view reveals expertly crafted katanas, and if you have a controller in each hand, you’ve got two of them.

While it might not roll off the tongue as smoothly, “Fruit Samurai” could have been an apt alternative. With a swift motion of your blades, you’ll effortlessly slice through a bounty of fruits, akin to strolling through a supermarket’s produce aisle.

For PlayStation VR – also available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift – the Move controller tracking is impressively responsive, mirroring your actions with no perceivable delay. This precision allows for delicate maneuvers. The joy of flipping the blades to juggle apples and pears before dicing them is truly satisfying. With the right timing and accuracy, you can even skewer fruit pieces, crafting a point-scoring kebab.

Across the four modes, distinct rules govern your experience. In Classic mode, you’ve got three lives, losing one for each missed fruit, and if you hit a bomb, the round ends. Arcade mode preserves a similar setup, but instead of lives, you’ve got 60 seconds to rack up as many points as you can. Special fruits offer temporary bonuses and extra playtime. Zen mode, as the name implies, is a more relaxed affair, where time matters, but bombs are non-existent. Then comes Survival, the new addition. While not a radical departure from the others, this mode has drones launching fruit directly at you. It’s undeniably the most challenging, demanding quick reflexes for a high score.

Regardless of your favorite mode, they’re all undeniably enjoyable. However, they lack depth. Once the initial thrill of chasing scores and earning trophies fades, there’s not much else to keep you engrossed. Nonetheless, like the original smartphone game, Fruit Ninja VR is perfect for short, engaging sessions. It’s an ideal warm-up game before delving into more intensive VR experiences.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Stepping into the dojo, I often felt that the fruit hovered too close, leading to swings at unseen objects. Despite the responsive tracking, there were times when my blade seemed to stray a tad from my hand’s true position. In aiming for authenticity, Halfbrick has inadvertently added some frustration. A slight angle to your katana might result in a piece of fruit being swatted instead of sliced. In the heat of an Arcade mode run, there’s nothing more disappointing than batting a succulent plum out of reach due to a minor wrist angle mishap.

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  • The motion controls are really satisfying.
  • It’s a blast juggling and spearing fruit pieces.
  • The game modes are enjoyable in their simplicity.


  • The game lacks depth overall.
  • It tends to rely heavily on chasing high scores.
  • There’s a tricky balance between slicing fruit and accidentally swatting it out of play.

Verdict: Score: 7/10

Fruit Ninja VR is an absolute blast. You can jump right in without any fuss, making it perfect for quick moments of free time or sharing the headset. It’s a bit disappointing, though, that Halfbrick didn’t add more to it – three out of the four modes are lifted straight from the original Fruit Ninja game. It is one of the best VR games.

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